48 comments on “Danger under the Crown: ISIS Threat on Miss Universe in Manila?

  1. When their is rumors the truth is there,but with our team works we must destroy ISIS & ISIS is a group inside muslim but not all muslim worship belief in ISIS or as a member to this group but within their wicked & selfish manners or ideas how a responsable human being will like to kill,this Islam state (ISIS)forget about something you cannot do & stop threat MissUniverse pls I use the name of God from above beggar you & am not scared about your threat if you ISIS like do your evils because you love do envy things & what is your business in hosting MissUniverse 2017 in #philippines & Queen Alonzo #PiaWurtzbach #MissUniverse2015 will crowned the winner in Manila why you ISIS be jealous & envyness to my/our queen #Pia, to whom it may concern pls kindly stay away from your threat MissUniverse arena or thing concerning violence is against the woman right. Stop trouble & trouble will free you from in prison or you death gone soon. Careful becareful be friend & be a peace person & we must works as a team works with civilians(private bodies) & government(join task force). #InGodWeTrust.I greets the Philippines #PresidentDuterte for his kind & support in the host of MissUniverese & I will U.S #PresidentObama to give us support because I know he s kind & fashionable & handsome president will support us in trouble about ISIS & also our President to be #ClintonKaine2016 & we know there in election time which coming up November will put assistance in this ISIS threating point to MissUniverese. Help #TeamUSA #MissUSA #MissTeenUSA #Military #MilitaryCom #OliviaJordanUSA & Miss #Caymanisland & all MissUniverse in #univrerse pls join your hands together for stronger & great. #Piamike

  2. I have faith with our AFP!

    AFP taking measures to counter possible ISIS threats to upcoming Miss Universe Pageant
    by Philippine News Agency
    August 12, 2016

    While it is still trying to verify the authenticity of the ISIS video threatening to sabotage the upcoming Miss Universe Pageant in the country next January, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) said on Friday it is already taking measures to counter the threat.

    “That notwithstanding, we are taking the threat seriously. As in any threats, whether verified or not, it behooves the AFP — in coordination with the PNP and other counterpart agencies — to take appropriate measures to counter the threats,” AFP public affairs office chief Col. Edgard Arevalo told the Philippines News Agency.

    With this development, AFP chief-of-staff Gen. Ricardo Visaya is calling on all Filipino citizens to remain calm, he said. “Threats that are intended to cause panic and chaos are the ends of terrorist groups like ISIS,” Arevalo stressed.

    The military official also reiterated that there are no ISIS cells in the country and instead what the Philippines has are groups claiming affiliation with the terrorist group in a bid to draw funds. Arevalo also said it is not farfetched for ISIS to claim to have cells in the Philippines to show global membership.

    “General Visaya nonetheless calls on our people to be vigilant, not only because of the threat, but more so because security is a concern for everybody not only of the security forces. (As the old adage goes), it’s better to err at the side of caution,” he added.

    Read more at http://www.mb.com.ph/afp-taking-measures-to-counter-possible-isis-threats-to-upcoming-miss-universe-pageant/#cbiCflKvSzhqhdso.99

  3. FYI to all: Bong is not me! I don’t have a duplicate or bogus account in this blog and I don’t need to….

    There were bombings in tourists spots in Thailand yesterday, 4 people were killed and dozens were injured, mainly targeting foreign tourists. Their government is still steadfast in going on and promoting their country.

    Bali had those bombings and the big one that killed hundreds, mostly Australian tourists, and yet Miss World was held there.

    PH possible sites for Miss U namely, Vigan, Metro Manila, Cebu, Palawan, Davao are peaceful with no terror attacks, no mass shootings for the last 8 to 10 years. Just yesterday, PNP Chief dela Rosa reported the crime rate has gone down by 50%!!!!! That’s a feat!

    • which bong are you? Are you the one that I talk to on a regular basis, The psychiatrist bong ?
      Or it’s the other one, The psychopathic Bong? Hihihi

  4. Kung matutuloy ang MU dito sa pinas with the ISIS threat, does this mean gagasta ang gobyerno para sa “extra security” ng mga candidates, the org itself and even the live audience? or will it be shouldered from the pockets of those sponsors? Any ideas po? Mga experts, i am in need of your opinions po. Thank you.

    • Hello Mae. Hindi po ako expert.

      Certainly gagastos for extra security. When you offer to host any international event, given na you go the extra mile to ensure the safety and comfort of your guests, regardless of whether or not a threat exists.

      And a little-discussed discussed possibility (at least in here anyway) is holding the pageant at some nice island, to simplify security arrangements.

      Philippines has plenty : Sibuyan, Balesin, Panglao, or any one of those comprising the Coron group (Palawan) or Batanes/Calayan group. DOT will profit from the exposure.

      Set aside Boracay for now.

      Everything could be brought over to the island. For example, look at what the French production team did when that “Survivor” series was shot at the Caramoan Peninsula in Camarines Sur.

      Preliminaries could be conducted in a major urban area aside from the Big Three – Manila, Cebu, Davao. Why not Iloilo, Cagayan de Oro, or Laoag? Their airports are capable of taking big planes.

      There would be no shortage of LGU’s only too happy to provide lodging and host the ladies. Historical places like Tacloban, Lipa, Legaspi, or Bacolod.

      In the Zamboanga peninsula, Dipolog and Pagadian can co-host (like what Japan and Korea did the last time the World Cup was staged in Asia). And how symbolic it would be : holding the pageant in the ARMM, as a fitting slap to ISIS and an expression of support in Mindanao’s desire for long-term peace and stability.

      Just an idea. Perhaps not feasible. But hey, we are free to brainstorm..

  5. ISIS what do u have to do with our MissUniverse 2017 which will be hosted in #Philippines & crowned by #missuniverse2015 Queen Alonzo #PiaWurtzbach & in case government & civilians will join hands together for our stronger security’s against terrorist in Manila Filipino. And who is ISIS to measure or compare with our soldiers.I say fuck damn & go to hell & places ISIS & let our #military take controls #InGodWeTrust.And stop be afraid our MissUniverese don’t worry is fine.

  6. @unorthodox: Isn’t it stupidity if you conclude something without evidence or proof on the variables????

    FYI, there are more terrorist attacks in France, USA, UK, Germany than PH in the last five years.

    Okay, around Asia, the capital or major cities of this country did not have any attacks for the last 10 years compare that to KL (bombing at a bar), Bangkok blasts.

    PH has political stability. Our crime rate is going down. What are you trying to prove????? If someone calls me name, I will not budge of biting that one! I can meet and debate with you personally, too!

    • Sorry, but your reasoning is backwards. You were the one who jumped to conclusions without proof on the variables.

      “There were threats during APEC, but nothing happened THEREFORE Miss Universe will be perfectly fine.” HA! I’m the one who pointed out the flaw in your reasoning and you had NO INTELLIGENT RESPONSE whatsoever. Your only response was to come back and say I’m whining like a rat. Also, do you even know what antiquated means?

      Learn how to control your emotions and construct an argument with logic and then you’ll be worth having an intelligent conversation with. Have a nice day.

      • Don’t be another retard here.

        You are twisting your own statement.

        You concluded that PH should not host Miss U without solid proof or reasons!

        Anyway, your opinion does not matter at all!

        Your voice is negligible.

        Definitely, my beloved and this great country will hold the Miss Universe in January 2017.

        Keep barking!

      • @ bong, I had a classmate in college. his nickname is bong but his real name is victoriano. is it possible that you are responding to your own entry ? hihihiihi

      • steamy, Magkaiba c bong at Bong…C bong ay mayaman at c Bong ay hampaslupa…C bong englisera at c Bong ay vesaya 🙂 ha ha ha

      • @Bong, i get ur point. Bet ko itong si Bong na hampaslupa at bisaya, magkasinabot man mi duha ani kay bisaya pareho heheh

  7. @Victoriano: You concluded so hastily about the country’s capabilities in hosting international events.

    Just because there is a threat, it does not mean that the Philippines is incapable of hosting!
    What a shallow interpretation.

    The Tourism department is firm on the country’s commitment to make it successful for the 3rd time.

    “It cited the country’s successful hosting of Pope Francis last year, as well as world leaders for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, as proof that it was ready for the expected influx of visitors for Miss Universe.”

    Moreover, OKADA Manila, the newest and biggest entertainment complex in the country together with the richest conglomerate, Henry Sy, the largest TV network, billionaires of the country are ready to step in. If you don’t know, crime rate has significantly gone down under the strict leadership of the new President in just 39 days in office. I’m sure significant progress about the peace and order will be achieved in the coming months.

  8. Guys, the threat is always there.

    When APEC 2016 meeting was held in Manila attended by Presidents and Prime Minister including Obama, there were threats.

    When Pope visited the country, there were threats.

    Our security should be commended. NO untoward incidents happened.

    I’m sure they’ll do the same come Miss Universe in January 2017.

    • Foolish. Do you think other countries will send their top public official security forces and secret intelligence agents for their MU reps like they did for Presidents and Prime Ministers? The security for APEC participants did not fall solely on the Philippines because public officials like President Obama travel with their own massive security entourage. Miss Universe is another story.

      • Stupid analysis! why the hell are you here on this site? Instead of supporting the move of PH, you are acting like a crab!

      • You’re whining like a rat! You can’t do anything with your antiquated brain.

        It’s final, Miss U is going to be in PH and you can bark till the end! WTF.

      • @bong, how is Victoriano’s analysis stupid? i mean, you didn’t provide any rebuttal, you just attacked him personally. That’s ad hominem. So, how is his analysis stupid? care to explain further?

  9. Host it somewhere else. Philippines doesn’t have the security or intelligence infrastructure to circumvent it, let alone the rapid response protocol to respond to something of an attack does happen. Coupled with the fact that it would have a catastrophic impact on our community given the metropolis, dense nature of Manila should make this an easy decision. This is a no brainer.

    Any points about Colombian/Indonesian bloggers or instagrammeds is downright foolish and futile. A quick Google search will tell you that ISIS’ global threat has increased exponentially in just the past year alone. This is no joke or PR stunt.

    • You’re pessimistic. It is also no brainer that threats exist even in Las Vegas!!!!! so to speak.

      • Doesn’t look like you read my second sentence. Terrorist threats exist all over the world, the point is that the Philippines is ill-equipped to prevent or respond to one at the moment.

  10. Joshkoh dear readers☺
    Pinag-usapan na yang safety ng MU2016 noon pa kasama c Digong.
    Everytime may MU event, kasama yan sa kontrata.
    Nagtitraining na ang sasagupa sa ISIS na yan ke hoax or not.
    Anong ginagawa ng mga VekeWarriors ni Madam N na pinangungunahan ni Vekebasil at sa historian na si VekeC2F😆
    Accdg. to the historian na hind magagawa ng ISIS yan dahil inaabangan talaga nila ang MU2016 sa Pinas kc rarampa daw sila sa MOA during Finals night to support Maxing at kapag hindi raw manalo c Maxine ay alam nyo na ang mangyayari.
    Ang solusyon : dapat panalunin ng mga judges c Maxine kc bawat judge ay may 1 ISIS na bantay sa likod at kasabwat ang mga militar to ensure the successful crowning of Maxine as MU2016😃
    Kung ang China daw ay kayang manalo ng 2 korona sa MW na idinaos din sa China, ang Pinas can also win not only once but thrice (Susan Roces words + 1 nga lng) hihihihi😆
    C VekeFabian ay kasama nya ang mga afam na marines/armed forces from US kasi kasama ang MU event sa military exercises na gagawin nila sa Pinas😲
    Kaya No Worries mga Sis😊lol

  11. Last na, promise, for tonight.

    When Pope John Paul II was scheduled to come to Philippines, a plan to take his life was being hatched by Al-Qaeda elements here. Fortunately, their plot was foiled just in time, WITH THE HELP OF THE CIA. The same CIA that flew drones over Mamasapano and worked with the Brave 44/SAF 44, that led to the liquidation of Marwan..

    Point : Calma lang guys, CIA ang bahala. Tutulungan tayo ng America. After all, as Queen P said, “we were colonized by the Americans, we have their culture, we do not have a problem with that”.


    We should anticipate the arrival of Ms. Hidilyn Diaz from Rio de Janeiro.

    Mataray ang ateng natin!

    She bears with her the medal representing the weight of our nation’s collective fears and aspirations.

    Let us welcome this silver disc and turn it into gold. Miraculous? Only in Philippines!

      • Padede boy, talo ang Pinas sa medal standing compared to Colombia, Thailand and Indonesia 😄hi hi hi
        Sa boxing nga na inaasahan natin kahit 1 bronze ay wala😢😂
        I think there will be a big change on 2020 Olympics because of Digong’s full support to our athletes ☺

      • Isa lang ba medal natin? k na yun at least may silver keysa naman waleyy… So proud of her, ang lakas nya kaya nyang ihampas ng walang ka effort effort mga nega sa blog na ito…..

      • @steamy, masuerte pa rin tayo kc isa tayo sa kokonti lng ang athlete participants(more or less 13 athletes ) pero may medal😄
        Maraming countries ang nagbakasyon at nagsayang lng ng pera at umuwing walang medalya 😉
        Parang MU lng, paclapclapclap lng ang drama on and off stage sa katamihan ng contestants 👏hihihi

  12. Of course on the surface, this suggests a conspiracy between Indonesia and Colombia’s pageant communities against Philippines. But the DOT has decided to be discrete by taking the ISIS angle seriously. Of course, dapat lang naman. Kudos to them.

    But let us also not give in to malice. Let us tell these two great countries (colorful history and natural bounty exceeding that of our own) that they have no reason to feel that Filipinos would knowingly deny them the Crown if we felt that they truly deserved it. We are, after all, grazioso to the point of martyrdom.

    And if it is any consolation to Filipinos, the Indian pageant community anticipates the holding of the MU pageant in our country with optimism because, among other things, the girls who won on Philippines soil are the first from their countries. Both Sushmita and Amparo are the first from India and Spain, respectively. And why not? Don’t we Filipinos believe in giving everyone a chance?

    Mabuti pa para wala na’ng away-away, mag-withdraw na lang si 4M out of delicadeza. Dakila pa ang labas niya ngayon., dark armpits be damned! Para wal-ey na sila ma-say. Everybody happy na?

    • Hahahaha.. tawang tawa ako sayo mareng Andrew. Seryoso akong nagbasa nang biglang may “dark armpits be damned” sa ending. Seriously, huwag naman natin agad ibentang sa Colombia at Indonesia kung may ganyang mang threat ang ISIS sa Miss Universe next year. With or without Colombia and Indonesia, pwedeng gawin yan ng mga terorista. Remember ang mga terrorists ay mga irrational at wala silang pinipiling lugar. Ang mahalaga lang sa kanila they can wreak terror of massive proportion and impact to global community and Miss Universe pageant is a perfect target. Pero sana naman this is only a joke dahil kung hindi, ay tyak lagot yang mga ISIS na yan sa mga sisterettes natin di ba mga sis?

  13. Personally, hindi ako threatened at umaasa ako na ka-charutan lang iyan. Ang nakakapikon ay ang mga Indonesian na lagi naman under Terrorism at Colombia na infected ng Zika Virus. Kaloka ang mga itey, anong feel nila, sa kanila magpush ng pageant? No way! Sa may class at values lang pwede maghost andI believe that’s the Philippines.

  14. I am sure the Duterte government will going to say that there is no serious threat by the terrorist especially the ISIS,they might say this is just a hoax. The government will definitely say that we have strong a President . The military will going to defeat any attack by the group of terrorist and they wants to prove to the entire world, the universe rather that they can handle any terrorist threat. I can see now the supporters of Secretary Teo and other people are who are interested to bring Miss Universe pageant in Manila will definitely hire the service of Mocha who will informed to the Filipino people that the government will not spend any money. Who will shoulder the expenses for the thousands of military as security of the candidates and visitors? To me the threat must be taken seriously. Let us set aside our political differences. Let us consider the safety of everyone.

  15. Baka tactic lang iyan to mislead. I do not think ISIS would channel its resources to something as trivial as a beauty pageant. Even if it is MU.

    Enjoy na enjoy ang ISIS sa atin kasi nakikita nila tayong halos masiraan ng ulo sa beauty pageants. We would even go against our neighboring countries online kapag okrayan na ng kanya-kanyang bets. Pati maitim na kilikili ni 4M, pinagpepiyestahan (with all due respects to Ms. Medina)!

    There is a Quran-ic Injunction to “dispel darkness with light”. Every devout Moslem knows this. And it is time non-Moslems know it as well.

    If you want the MU pageant to push through as scheduled, then ask yourself what concrete act you can do to make it clear to ISIS that a beauty pageant is not merely a commodification of women (and men), but rather a celebration of the values that women (and men) around the world share : physical health, mental acuity, charisma, and the opening of opportunities to pretty/handsome individuals who are struggling with poverty and only want a way out of that poverty. And many more..



    Bahala sila. Gerahin sila ng mga beki. Iba’ng klase magalit ang mga paminta. Char! Laugh out loud.

    • Updates

      Miss U – Colombia
      1st RU – Indonesia
      2nd RU – Montenegro
      Photogenic – India
      Amity – Germany


  16. This was first leaked on IG by a Colombian account. Later, it was picked up by the Indonesian pageant watchers. Needless to say they had such a “blast” today milking the issue and reposting. Seriously, are there pageant gods out there I can pray to just so these two countries don’t make it to the semis next year? Just for next year lang naman?

    On GMA news, DOT issued a statement saying they are taking the threat seriously but that they will go on with hosting MU.

    My take: Fine if they still want it here. I’m sure the security arrangements of having the event here was one of the main issues tackled on the negotiating table. Before spending hundreds of millions for this event I’m SURE they considered this knowing our close relationship with the US and our proximity to Indonesia and Malaysia as well as our woes in the South.

    Fine if they want to have the pageant elsewhere. I mean hey, it would be nice to host MU bit is super expensive … yun nga lang: good luck finding a sunny, cheery, fiesta-ey venue outside sunny, cheery fiesta-ey Las Vegas. Good luck in agonizing over Pia’s super extended reign…

    • But if they will push MU anywhere the threat is still there. Pillin nalang ung mas safe na country. I dont think they have a threat dahil sa pinas gagawin yan. Kung lumipat ng hosting at wala ulit threat then for sure may 1 or 2 country na may pakana nan at may kontact sa isis binayaran dahil iniisip nila si maxine ang papanalunin pag sa pinas ginawa ang MU.

  17. serious na concern to but I’m sure the government and miss universe organization will do everything to secure everyone and yet scary pa din. wag na ituloy? bakit wala masyadong news sa activity ni Pia ngayong nandito uli sya at ang mga taga organization

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