32 comments on “Sunday Specials: It’s in the genes of Michelle Dee

  1. She’s beautiful, tall and communicates well. I’ll be very glad if she becomes a Ms. Philippines-Universe in the future.
    The mom is a lot prettier though during her prime. Melanie’s beauty is universal.

    • Agreed. You do not become Miss International and represent New York in the Face of the Year modelling tilt (precursor to the SuperModel of the World contest) staged by the prestigious Elite Model Management, on nothing.

      We all know her humble start in life. A high-society columnist in the Philippine Daily Inquirer (note : I am NOT endorsing said publication, and am in NO way connected with them) said that she did not reply to his greeting her when he first met her as a young lass. Reason : she knew very little English at the time, and clammed up.

      Her “long-legged” have brought her far and wide. Good for her!

    • My sincerest apologies to all relevant parties. Please allow me to correct my mistakes.

      Ms. Marquez represented New York in the “Face of the Eighties”.

      It is not Elite, but the Ford Agency of New York.

      Tao lang po..

    • Totoo…hindi sya kagandahan and certainly could not hold a candle to her mother, a true pure Filipina beauty, at her prime.

      Prior to F4 phenomenon, hindi pinapansin man lang sa Pilipinas mga ganyang hitsura. Good luck to her if she joins. It would show the world the variety of Filipina beauties. She may have foreign blood but in demeanour and tindig, is 100% Filipina

  2. OT: Mga teh, convinced na ba kayo sa hosting ng pinas para sa MU or waley na hanash? Survey lang. Chos!

    • Yes

      Miss U – Colombia
      1st RU – Montenegro
      2nd RU – India
      Miss Friendship – Germany

      Bayad na tayo.

  3. A sweet and beautiful lady. She’s a jewel! I hope she joins the national pageant….

  4. She is one beautiful lady and I am sure may ii-improve pa ito once she is being handled by experts. At least we all know that, at an early stage, she is interested to join a national beauty pageant and her mom will be there to support her a hundred percent. Go, girl! We’ll wait to see you in the national and international stage.

  5. A and Q should take under its wings just like cousin Wyn Wyn. This girl is hot and she has her mom’s height and posture. Miss Universe or Miss International for this girl! I’m loving this woman!

    • Teh kung Miss International ang makukuha niya if she joins Binibini, sana nag – Miss World na lang siya. Lugi pa sa effort eh her caliber should only be Moss Universe or Miss World. 🙏😊🙏😊

  6. I am loving this girl Michelle ! Beauty is in her genes no doubt !
    How tall is she, Sir Norman ? A future MUP in the making ? 🙂

  7. She looks like the young, fresh and fierce looking version of Hongkong and Holywood star, Gong Li…

    • OMG, just because she is Chinese doesn’t mean she resembles every other actress of Chinese origin . C2f, you and history !!!!
      BTW , congrats . Your president or his mortal body is finally getting buried as a hero .
      Tse Hihihi

    • And going back to the subject , I do not see any resemblance at all … NOT AT ALL ! What u say , Bong ?

    • Wow! Stunning image of her.

      And to be compared with Gong Li is high praise. Sana hindi ma-pressure si Michelle. B urself, gurl!

      • That’s a picture of Gong Li… Hahaha 😀 But I’m glad that you see the resemblance. 😀

    • I agree….she is extremely Oriental looking though. With her chinese surname and looks, people might get confused when she wears a Philippines sash.

      Kung si Maxine Medina nga na pansin na medyo oriental looking sa mga latin, SEAsian, other non Western pageant boards/forums for a Miss Philippines eto pa kaya.

      Unfortunately Oriental looks hindi mabili overseas specially sa mga non Western Countries (middle east, South Asia, Latin America, Africa, our neighbourhood. Pero good luck na lang sa kanya if she joins.

  8. Pag ito ang miss universe Philippines…wala n question. Well deserved n. D n kailngan I explain, I appreciate,etc…mganda cya period…d nkaka doubt as Philippines ‘ bet. D k kalabasa,unlike…

  9. I want her for Miss World! Please isabak ang Diyosa sa Miss World – Philippines kasi baka mamaya ilagay siya ni Manang Stella sa lesser crowns. Huhuhuhu

  10. Mag start ng mag training now na… This girl can achieve or even surpass her mom’s achievements. And she has a lot of time, she is still young. We have another queen waiting in the wings, waiting for the right time.

    Mimilanie is one proud mom, you can tell.

  11. Kinakabahan ako, next na tyak nyan ang sisteraka nilang si Enchong Dee!

    Enchong Dee, 69, Felepens!

    • Type mo si enchong ? It would be nice if to see u being sandwiched by the 2 hunks. Buhay ka pa Kaya pagkatapos? Hihihi

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