4 comments on “Justine Mae San Jose: The Mutya ng Pilipinas on my list right from the start

  1. Filipinos like “gran coronas”. We see this in similarly-grandiose headpieces worn by lasses representing Reyna Elena during Santacruzan.

    Westerners would scoff at this excess. They prefer more “modern” designs (like the current MU crown inspired by the Art-Deco skyscrapers of New York). Theirs reflect values like industry, innovation, dynamism, and affluence.

    Our crowns reflect tradition, romance, abundance, and faith (in a God, or maybe even a loyal lover).

    In other words, we crown ourselves with the things we hold dear. Our history. Our aspirations.

    When I see images of ladies crowned to represent their respective countries in this or that international beauty pageant, I am amazed at the sheer variety of crown designs. Creativity and diversity are in full display. Some look more like tiaras, more fitting for a princess than a queen.

    Precious metals, rare gems, perfect pearls. Luxurious organic materials like fine leather, premium silk, and even fragrant blooms and luscious sun-ripened fruits.

    Would it ever be possible to have a beauty pageant for these objects of fascination? Hmmm…

  2. I greets all the Queen’s in Mutya ng Pilipinas congrats to all of you good kuck ti you all & all the best in ur contest

  3. Ang lalaki ng crown 🙂
    In fairness, mas bongga ang crown ng Mutya kesa BbPilipinas.
    Kung ang MUP ay nasa Mutya Organization, mas maraming mag-aabang sa Mutya Coronation Night 🙂

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