12 comments on “Ganiel Krishnan: She claimed the Mutya ng Pilipinas crown. And she got it!

  1. Some people may say that the other candidates are prettier than her but a beauty pageant would always be a battle of beauty and BRAINS! You deserve the win Mutya ng Pilipinas Ganiel Akrisha Krishnan! Congratulations! You nailed it from the beginning until the end of the pageant. God bless!

  2. If she were only taller by four inches, she could be a shoo-in for MUP. I hope that science could provide a remedy in two or three years time for Ganiel.

    • @ana, I disagree hihihi
      I think the pageants in general are against really beautiful women . Thorlund and the 2 runners up are a lot prettier than the top 2.

  3. The Filipino-Indian bloodline mix is fertile ground for beauty pageant material. Ms. Krishnan is living proof of this. On the other side, there are Misses (Parul) Shah and (Maria Venus) Raj. I am in awe.

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