26 comments on “Where will Miss Globe 2016 take place?

  1. it will definitely give PHILIPPINES a back-to-back victory in Miss Globe 2016 which will be held on Nov. 25 2016 at Albania. Goodluck Nicole Manalo, Miss Globe Philippines 2016. Bring home the crown again.

    • Hahaha…kinakawawa mo nman c jeremi😂
      Is it basil who said Fabian is from Tondo and vice versa 😂😲

  2. I think korona na lang ang naghihintay for Nichole. Sana matuloy ang pageant na itey. Nakakaiyak naman if hindi. Kung sabagay, may November pa naman if medyo male-late. I believe in you Nichole.

  3. Some unsolicited advise for Ms. Manalo :

    1. Learn French, as this is widely spoken in Canada as well. But be aware that French Canadian has some subtle differences with traditional French that may have negative connotations. Surely BPCI can ask the help of the Canada Embassy on this matter. Bon courage! Bon succes!

    2. Be a a little candid and spontaneous. Canadians are generally more down-to-earth than Americans. This was evident in the manner the 2015 pageant/show was done. It looked a bit disorganized. But Canadians are ok with that. For them, it is entertainment and therefore does not have to be dead serious or streamlined.

    3. Be sincere when interacting with the locals. They resent foreigners who take advantage of their kindness or behave as if they should be provided special treatment, or have a sense of entitlement. Be friendly. P.S. I AM NOT IMPLYING THAT MS. MANALO IS NOT FRIENDLY.

    Merci. Just my ten cents..

      • It would not hurt. Don’t foreigners take the trouble to learn a little Filipino when they are here?

        And besides :

        1. Filipinas is known for being PREPARED when it comes to pageantry. We even get the accent right!

        2. We are a nation that picks up other languages fast. This is one of our assets. We should take advantage of it.

        3. Skill in a foreign language increases anyone’s stock. Win or lose, Ms. Manalo will be richer in many ways if she learns even basic French. Imagine what doors would be opened to her, what distant shores she would reach. What lovers she would meet..

        She would not even have to enroll in formal French classes. Even online, there is no shortage of characters who gladly share their experiences as they relate humorous anecdotes on how they mangle communication with locals whenever they travel. There is much levity. It is never tense.

        And let us not give in to the convenience of the Interpreter on pageant night. It only results in complacency. The Interpreter is there to level the playing field, to assist the contestant as she bravely tries to find the right words to ensure that her point is accurately put across to the judges. Error, after all, could cost her the crown. And interpreters are only human, as well. They can, deliberately or otherwise, say more or less.

        This matters! World peace, y’all !

    • The (physical) crown looks exotic, like a serpent coiled around Ms. Colis’ head. Quite flattering.

    • I like the Miss Globe crown kc kakaiba cya sa mga crown ng Big 5☺
      Bagay kay Ms. Colis ☺
      Parang malaking headband lng pero bongga😄lol

  4. I have a feeling it will going to be held in the Philippines. I heard that the very talented and alluring Information Technology Expert, Ms. Mocha will be selected to be the host. I don’t see any problem with that at all.

  5. Sa balitang nagresign c Ariadna 🙂


    Thursday Aug. 4, 2016

    Ariadna Gutierrez denies having renounced the universal viceroyalty

    Through his Twitter account Colombia says “it all wrong” in their statements.
    Ariadna Gutiérrez came out to deny, through his Twitter account, publications that claimed he had renounced his title of universal virreina.

    “Because people always understand everything wrong? Who said renounces the Universal Viceroyalty? Do not put words in my mouth that are not,” said the beauty in a first message.

    She added: “I followed my life working every day to fulfill my dreams and goals, grateful for all the doors that have opened me”.

    Her remarks ended with the phrase: “I’m still your Miss Universe for 5 minutes”.

    Last week, in an interview with the program ‘Drop Soup’ of Telemundo, Colombia exseñorita said she felt detached from her role as universal as the organization virreina Miss unvierso did not have in mind to attend official events.

    • she can’t be OUR miss universe for 5 mins because she didn’t win the title at all… lol. Hindi parin maka get over. Pagbigyan na si ateng,

      • Takaw-Eksena talaga ang mga Colombian 🙂
        Tingin ko, mas low-profile pa ang mga venezuelan kesa mga impaktang colombian.
        Sana may reports tungkol sa samahan ng mga MU winners from Venezuela with Miss USA and Miss Teen USA. Ganun din sa Winner ng Columbia with Miss USA+Miss Teen USA kung talagang mga bruha o impakta talaga yang mga latina 🙂 lol

      • Bong. Paulina and Olivia bonded well. They only have good words for each other and they mean it.

    • If its in Motreal, need nya mag aral ng kaunting frendh dahil mostly dun ay French speaking nag mga tao at ung iba hindi marunong mag english.

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