15 comments on “A Presscon with the Bb. Pilipinas 2016 Queens

  1. Medyo nagkalaman si kylie… Just like janicel last year she bained a lil weight just before the miss intl contest. Is it a strategy? Do japanese prefer shapely curvaceous women than the stick thin modelesque type?

    • Perhaps.

      Aren’t Bea Rose Santiago and Precious Lara Quigaman – Alcaraz. of the same mold? The current titleholder Edymar Martinez is of similar form, if somewhat thin.

      The Japanese are still quite conservative in their aesthetic, apparently. They probably hold on to this ideal of a woman who always takes proper care of herself, avoids the elements, eats abundantly, becoming voluptuous in the process. In other words, she leads a relatively idle life.

      Would Japanese men’s interest in pornographic comics/anime betray this preference? For in these publications, the girls have rounded, doll-like facial features. The tits, hips, and asses are full. Is it possible that a good portion of the Miss International viewership consists of straight men?

      Contrast this with the toned and somewhat athletic bodies of those from USA, Australia, or Brazil, where an active outdoors-y lifestyle is encouraged. Sometimes chests are flat enough to serve as airplane runways. LOL.

  2. There are certain quarters in India’s pageant community suggesting that Sushmita Sen be a judge at, if not actually host, the MU pageant in 2017. They feel that the time is right for the MU Organization to recognize Sushmita, upon finding out that Philippines will be hosting again. They are hoping that the Filipino pageant community support them on this idea and help them in raising it to the organizers.

    And while we are at it, why not call for a reunion of that storied “Batch 1994” that, in one way or another, touched the lives of Filipinos in the following few years?

    The ladies being referred to, in addition to Sushmita, are Charlene Gonzales (Philippines, who knew exactly how many islands comprised the Philippines, both high- and low-tide. LOL), Michelle Van Eimeren (Australia, who became singer Ogie Alcasid’s first wife), Christelle Roelandts (Belgium, the “Crush ng Bayan”), and Viveca Babajee (Mauritius, who figured in the Metro Manila Film Festival scandal wherein actress Sharmaine Gutierrez, who herself became a Miss World Second Princess, was declared Best Actress despite the plum actually being intended for somebody else).

    Pabalikin na rin si Yari (nickname of Puerto Rico’s Dayanara Torres, Miss Universe 1993 who came to Manila to crown Sushmita)! The very humble Latina would eventually spend a few years in our country for show business. In fact, I still recall watching her dance on a variety show on ABS-CBN.

    What a sight it would be! No less than five (5) MU Queens together : Gloria Diaz (1969), Margarita Moran-Floirendo (1974), Torres, Sen, and Wurtzbach (2015). We have a basketball team. LOL.

    I believe Spain’s Amparo Munoz (1975, her country’s first and was crowned here in Manila as well) has passed on. God rest her soul.

    What do you think?

    • Viveka committed suicide few years back. She hang herself inside her apartment in Mumbai. Pwede kung multo nya ang darating sa reunion na sinasabi. Baklang to lol

      • Thank you for that update, Jeremi. God rest her soul. There are few things lonelier than to take your own life. May she be in a better place now…

  3. feeling ko lang… makukuha ng mga ‘to ung mga posisyon or rank n ndi p natin nakukuha sa mga pageants nila.
    1. Universe- 2nd runner up
    2. International- 1st runner up
    3. Intercontinental- Title
    4. Supranational- 1st/2nd runner up or Queen of Asia
    5. Grand- Title or at least 1st/2nd runner up
    6. Globe- runner up

  4. Parang ang maldita ni Nichole Manalo nung si Maxine na ang nagsalita based on the photo. Charot! Mema-issue lang.

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