23 comments on “Photo-Blog: Gentlemen of the Philippines Finals

  1. Congratulations to the org for the successful coronation night. The same goes to all the first batch of winners.

    (I just wished they were two inches taller and look a bit more matured as dignified men more than cute boys next door type.)

    • Good AM/PM. That the Gents look more like boys than men has been noted many times.

      I will try to make this as light-hearted and fun(ny) as possible. Here goes another take on the matter.

      Mahilig ba kayo sa mga lalaking matambok ang puwit?

      Abstract : Gents, lose your asses ASAP and get proper butt(ock)s (more on this later)!

      Thanks (or no thanks?) to their tighty-white Pegarro Swim apparel, a blog notorious for its explicit images and foul comments produced a composite image of the bare-chested Gents in the regulation swimwear as they twist their torsos every which way, obviously to emphasize muscle tone.

      However, the blog labels the post in a most unflattering way. It describes the recent victory of the Gents as a “Bumper Crop” – a rich harvest as usually meant. But the accompanying text instead refers to what Fergie of the American Hip-Hop group Black Eyed Peas calls “humps”. The ones on the back, to be specific.

      For there it was, indeed, in full glory. The full, rounded, bubbly behinds of the Gents (with the exception of Job Abogado who chose a full frontal pose and so his was nowhere to be seen).

      Now, we all know that the full, curvaceous derriere (the “ass”) is the domain of women and youngsters. Even boys eventually acquire taut bottoms with minimal, if any, bulge (the “butt”) as they sail through puberty, the baby fat melting away with the unassailable surge of testosterone. It is Senyor Butt and Ms. Ass. Not the other way around.

      So if Signor Biondo and his crew wish to look more mature, it may be a good idea to target that specific area of their anatomy as they prepare for their respective campaigns.

      Otherwise, the only award they might bring home will be Rear of the Year.

      Happy lang.


      Particular attention must be paid to El Capitan Signor Biondo as he would be the first among the Gents to wage battle, in a little more than a month.

      A seemingly-sober and level-headed commentator on the above-mentioned blog also suggests more work on his thighs, presumably to improve muscle tone. But he/she also commends Signor Biondo for his well-proportioned torso.

      I agree, as one of the commentators of long-standing on THIS blog describe Signor Biondo as “napag-iwanan na ng upper body niya ang ibaba niya” (or something to that effect anyway).

  2. Nagbabagang balita : the inaugural Mister Supranational pageant will be held in Poland on December 3. Preliminaries start on November 23. This is the same group that stages Miss Supranational. They expect at least forty (40) countries to confirm participation, and are accepting proposals from potential national directors.

    But since Binibining Pilipinas Charities Incorporated already has the Philippines franchise for Miss Supranational, magpapa-pageant kaya si Madame Stella Marquez-Araneta? Or mag-a-appoint na lang siya, like what Ms. Cory Quirino does for Mister World?

    Or baka naman the organizer is still open to other groups in Philippines to send the rep. Mr. Tinio, baka puwede’ng kunin ng GCI ang franchise. Tapos, ipadala niyo either si Kapampangan or si Boholano. Mabuti na lang you have two “spare tires/reservas”. There’s still time.. But move now.

    • Nakuha na ng PEPPS

      Misters of Filipinas 2016

      From hundreds of applicants, only 35 returned during the grand callback held August 2. And from them, only 22 made it as official candidates of Misters of Filipinas 2016.

      This year’s roster included last year’s runner-up AR Dela Serna and Misters 2014 finalist Ichin Daclan. Mister Culture Asia World titleholder Bob Royo and Issa Janda, resigned Mister United Continents Philippines 2016, also made the cut. Other candidates are viral gasoline boy CJ Querol, policeman Chris Comicho, Fil-Iranian model Richard Moico, San Pablo’s Miguel Guia and proud Igorot Darryl Joshua Gomez.

      The 22 candidates will be joined by eight others from regional screenings and Filipino communities abroad. They will be officially presented to the members of the press on August 28.

      The Misters of Filipinas grand callback, organized by Prime Event Productions Foundation Inc (PEPPS) was held at House Manila in Remington Hotel, Resorts World Manila in Pasay City.

      The finals night is set for September 18 at the Newport Performing Arts Theater of Resorts World Manila. The winners will represent the country in Mister International, Manhunt International, Mister Supranational and Man of the World pageants. Representatives to Man of the Year, Mister Southeast Asia and Mister Globe competition will also be selected.

      • Ang bilis ng PEPPS! They probably were able to convince the Supranational organizers to award them the franchise. Their stock increases even more with this acquisition. They now have “Premium Brands” under their belt: Manhunt, International, and Supranational.

        Ok lang. If GCI plays their cards right and manage to CONSISTENTLY get their bets into the semis at the very least, they will attract the attention of “bigger fish”.

        It is nice to hear that the Boholano has given it one more shot. He is of manor-born, well-bred, and never tries too hard dahil natural ang kanyang appeal. His smile is shy, like that of an angelic boy. Nice skin. Well-groomed.

        And again, sana mag-back-to-back tayo sa Manhunt this November.

        Speaking of which, saan na ngayon si June Macasaet?

  3. Honest and humble assessment lang po, Mr. Tinio. It only occurred to me today, now that I have had a second look at the photos you have posted here. My point : you should send taller guys next time.

    Could you take a look at the second photo? The one where the reigning Mister Universal Ambassador (he is from Costa Rica, no?) is standing next to our country’s rep, the Gent from South Italy?

    There is a significant height difference between the two men. And if I were a judge or at least part of the organizing committee of this Indonesia-based pageant, I would look at the Filipino (/Italian) and say to myself : would he be a visually-appealing successor to our current Latino titleholder?

    Aminin na natin. In many countries, tinitingala (literally and figuratively) ang matangkad. We have our own saying : “Iba na ang matangkad”. And especially in male pageants, height is might!

    Certainly there is nothing that could be done on a cosmetic standpoint as far as this “deficiency” is concerned. And it would be most unfair to our rep; after all, he is what he is (the same for all the other titlists, kasi judging from the line-up in the first photo, they are more or less the same height). I was not in attendance at pageant night, and from what I have read so far from the various comments here and in other blogs, deserving naman ‘yung mga nanalo. Good for them. Pero if you look at Miss Belmere 2016 on the left, she is even taller than the Gentlemen. Halos kapantay niya si Mr. Costa Rica. Of course, she is probably wearing high heels. But even then…

    But even the ladies are getting taller! There was an article posted on (beep!) of a study that involved the vital statistics of all the winners of the Miss Universe pageant, and one of the trends noted was that they have gotten taller over the years. Obviously, improved global human nutrition accounts for this. But when Philippines is concerned, it seems height is our “area for improvement”. Gloria Diaz was short. And even Queen P was the shortest in the Final Five line-up of the last Miss Universe pageant. Miss Universe-Thailand (who won Best NatCos for her tuk-tuk-inspired transformation) was tall. And if memory serves me well, no less than than one of your faithful commentators on your/this superb blog said that the current Miss Universe-Indonesia “ay ipinanalo lang dahil matangkad”. This is in reference to that photo comparison you did of the current titlists of Philippines and Indonesia.

    Perhaps the “strong mind” (Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach”s term) of the Filipino/Filipina would be more than enough to make up for what is lacking vertically. Sana nga. For in today’s issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, it was noted that the current crop of Mutyas were short (I suppose in comparison to the Binibinis), but were smart.

    Does anyone care for Growee or Cherifer? Or trip niyo ba ang Pilates, para mabanat ang mga limbs at spine niyo?

    This has gotten too long again. I’m sorry.

    P.S. I think it would do the South Italy Gent some good to check out his confirmed competitors online. But he will probably do this as part of his preparations. Know thy enemy, as the saying goes.

    Host country Indonesia’s bet looks tall. May dating ang loco! Guwapo. At prinsipe ang peg. LOL.

    But the Filipino-Italian must be reminded that these online photos are intended to intimidate rivals. Sindakan ng mga lalake. Pataasan ng ihi. He must, instead, take things into perspective and heed the advice of Queen P, who famously said : “Calma lang, guys. Ako’ng bahala. Babawi tayo sa Miss Universe”. Inner calm is an attribute any true gentleman possesses, and is an indispensable quality of anyone who wishes to become his country’s ambassador.

    So, chill lang, dude. Buona fortuna. In bonna al lupo.

      • Ang liliit?… matangkad/ malaki naman si Paul Renzo… potential candidate for Mr. World Philippines pa nga e

      • Thats my point.. si Paul na pinaka matangkad pero nataasan pa sya ng applebox heels ni Ms. Belmere..

    • That is also my sentiment. The height should be considered to be the top qualification. Yung looks pwede i-enhance, yung intelligence pwede pag-aralan, yung body pwede i-shape up, pati tamang paglalakad, good communication pwede aralin but not the height.

    • Tama.. si Santolan Sansinukob nga e parang pinatangkad pa na Ann Colis ang peg…. 5’8 na nga si Ann sa lagay na yan…

  4. In fairness… gwapo si job…. mukha lang dugyot… kailangan sya ipersonality make-over… medyo jologs kasi ang peg….

    as for Jayvee and Johaness… ang panget kasi ng mga katawan…. gymgym din kasi pag may time…

    Kay Andrea and Paul Renzo… konting gym nalang kailangan…. baka isa sa kanila mag uwi ng title.

  5. Ano ba yan puro shongit yung mga nanalo. Wala na bang mga pogi sa Pinas? Just a waste of time.

  6. Kaloka! Akala ko nag strike ang mga waiter sa restaurant, nandyan lang pala! Ibalik nyo ang mga Uniform! Kelangan sabay sabay bumili ng suka! # AllTeaAllShade

  7. Wow.. kailangan talaga naka Hermes na belt si Rein… Si Paul Renzo pa ata ang maguiwi ng international Title….

  8. How noble of you to have Spencer have a say in selecting his successor!

    May the Gent from North Italy SLAY at the next Mr. Teen International pageant.

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