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    • Naka recover na katawan ni Pia. Di na sya gaanong payat. Video nalang post ko para di paisa isang photo:

      • OMG… Hello daw sabi ng boobs ni Pia! 😀
        Hi guys… beso beso… hahaha

      • Laila Yan, Bahamas na naman pala sa Bangladesh.
        Hindi ba talaga mapipigilan yang Bahamas na yan.
        Wala bang drainange system?
        Malulunod na naman ang mga gata salvahe.

  1. Guys dito ko nalang ikakabit mga ganap ha…

    Rave reviews for her Rose printed Sherri Hill gown

  2. Pasok si Andrea and Paul Renzo as expected!

    Sayang si Johaness… Kinulang sa gym.

    Hindi ko inexpect si Job kasi medyo kinulang sa sophistication… Well, he does have the most modelesque proportions… congrats!

    Bakit nanalo si Australia?!

    • If there will be no impediments, Johannes could join again next time, if and when he feels he is ready for a second shot. Kung si Queen P nga, nakatatlong try.. In the interim, magbabad na siya sa gym. All he needs is a sponsor. Naawa tuloy ako sa kanya, somehow. He is young. He just finished High School.

      Australia was the Chosen One of Hea Watches, one of the pageant sponsors. He also topped one of the fast-track competitions (forgot which one. Sorry po).

      I agree. Job can make a good model. Sophistication can be ingrained along the way; he will require a good trainor who will open his eyes to the twin realms of high-fashion and personal style. And besides, some of the world’s most successful fashion models, male or female, started out as proverbial Ugly Ducklings! If he will be given the opportunity to leave that pond of ducks na nakasanayan niya, he may discover the swan within!

      And mind you. Swans are brave birds. They do not hesitate to charge animals much bigger than themselves if they are annoyed or feel threatened, especially in defense of their young. And being bulky and temperamental beasts, they have been known to inflict damage. It is the ducks that are wimps.

      And we Filipinos, though poor, are not wimps. We are the brown-skinned swans. We SLAY!

      • I read on an FB post… Si Tito Norms mag train sa kanya… malayo-layo talaga ang kailangan nila lakbayin… Princess Diaries ang peg. Goodluck!

  3. Welcome back!!! Wow. A humble and golden heart blogger. You dont need to apologize norman but you did. Lalo ko mamahalin ang blog na to.
    Hinga muna malalim tito norm august na dame ka ipopost hihi. Excited na kame for our ist pageant intertionally. Also MWP yan nalang ang kulang.

  4. Congratulations to the inaugural Gents! As you embark on your respective campaigns abroad, never forget that you are REPRESENTING PHILIPPINES. Always put your best foot forward. And SLAY!

    To the clappers, may the pageant merely be the catalyst for positive change in your lives. Always remember that losing the battle does not mean you have lost the war. Carry on, dudes.

    To families, friends, and fans who stormed heaven with prayers and social media with professions of love and support, you are to be commended for your energy. Ultimately, you are the ones for which the global beauty pageant industry is meant for. You make all this possible. Obrigado!

  5. Mr Universal Ambassador: South Italy
    Mr Model International: Camarines Sur
    Mr Tourism International: London
    Mr Worldwide: Gold Coast, Australia
    Mr Tourism World: San Pablo
    Best Global Model: Cebu City
    Mr Teen International: North Italy
    1st runner-up: San Fernando
    2nd runner-up: Tagbilaran

  6. Gentlemen of the Philippines Top 15 Finalists

    South Italy
    San Pablo City
    Cebu City
    San Fernando
    North Italy
    Nueva Vizcaya
    Gold Coast, Australia
    Tagbilaran City
    Cabanatuan City


    Gentlemen of the Philippines Top 20

    1. Gentleman of London (Paul Renzo Velo) –Talent
    2. Gentleman of Gold Coast Australia (Jason Bruce Martin) -Best Advocacy Speech
    3. Gentleman of General Santos (Julius Ceazar Chio) – Online popularity
    4. Gentleman of Camsur (Job Abogado)-Fashion & Style
    5. Gentleman of Leyte (Gem Andrei Salvacion) -Best advocacy video
    6. Gentleman of Lucena (Mohammad Ali Imran)
    7. Gentleman of North Italy (Mark Joshua Marquez)
    8. Gentleman of Tagbilaran City (Rex Peter Calimbayan)
    9. Gentleman of Zamboanga City (Samuel Arnonobal)
    10. Gentleman of Quezon City (John Vincent Pua)
    11. Gentleman of Cebu (Christian Lumasag)
    12. Gentleman of Germany (Johannes Rissler)
    13. Gentleman of Ilocandia (Daniel Subagan Jr.)
    14. Gentleman of Bohol (Carlo Roy Roslinda)
    15. Gentleman of Isabela (Rayferdinand Chan Garcia)
    16. Gentleman of Cabanatuan (Roland William de Dios)
    17. Gentleman of Nueva Vizcaya (Sonu Singh)
    18. Gentleman of South Italy (Andrea Biondo)
    19. Gentleman of San Pablo City, Laguna (Kian Sumagui)
    20. Gentleman of Fernando City, Pampanga (Miguel Alexis Maliwat)

  7. Good luck to Gentlemen Charities Incorporated on this inaugural male pageant. May it set a good precedent so that male beauty camps – think “Aces and Kings” or “Kagitingang Flores” – become necessary. Imagine that : grooming guys for beauty pageants ahead of time. That would certainly be the day, and possibly serve as good fodder for those who like to monitor the development of potential candidates.

    If this is done properly, the reputation of Philippines as a serious global pageant powerhouse would be amplified. Maybe even Ms. Julia Morley would consider asking the country to host a future edition of Mr. World (though it has traditionally been held in the United Kingdom, this male pageant is known for its unpredictability, as is evident in the non-usual competitions it dishes out to its contestants).

  8. Laila, anong balita from Colombia, India and Thailand ng malaman nilang sa Pinas gaganapin ang MU2016😄

    • Peace time tayo sa Thailand.
      Colombia bitter but…..not as bitter at the Indonesians who launched a campaign saying : We don’t want MU in the PH. Kaloka.

      • Eh Di sabihin nila kay Paula na sa Indonesia gaganapin ang MU2017 after Philippines MU2016 😄
        I think mangyayari din na maheld ang MU sa Indonesia at ok nman ang performance nila sa MU as semifinalist😊

      • I don’t think those Indonesians speak for the whole country.

        Generally, Indonesians are friendly towards Filipinos. I’ve visited Jakarta, Bandung and Bali three times and our group enjoyed our stay there.

      • Laila, my post about Indonesian fans is not to have an argument with you. I love your updates, photos and videos here. Cheers.

      • Bong keri lang. Indonesians who are not involved in pageantry are cool. Just like us. But….the ones on social media are vicious. Just today the current Ms Myanmar made patol on one IG page. The admin didn’t include them in the hot picks.they called Malaysia – malayshit in short inaaway nila lahat. Nakakaloka sila

    • Hinde ko nalang iisipin ang reactions nila. Ang saken kung sa pinas ganapin ang MU 2016. Ang iniisip ko is baka naman gaang d2 sa coronation night is umasal walanghiya ang mga sobrang bitter. Mag boo sila kay Pia or kay maxine. Second baka pumatol ang mga pinoy beki. Dapat cool pa rin mga beki natin. 3rd wag naman sana over cheering o sobrang ingay ang mga beki natin during mag peperform si maxine. Sana yung tama lang.
      Ineexpect ko bongga ang farewell walk nya dahil sa nangyari nung MU 2015. Expect ko din na may speech sya. D malabong mangyari yan. Sana she will define what is the essence of being a real Miss Universe. Ng may matutunan naman kahit papano ang mga bitter na nag sasabing basta maganda ka stunning ka MU ka na oo pero ang kokoronahan is higit pa sa pag kaka described nila sa Miss Universe.
      Excpect ko na aattend si Miss Bulgaria 2015, malaysia, israel and many more of course her bestie will surely come.
      I am expecting na more foreign blood ang judges. Kung may pinoy isa o 2 lang. Or wala.
      Kung si harry ang host ok lang. Im sure mas magiging mas transparent na ang MU.
      Kung may co host na pinay ann curtis nalang o KC concepcion or shamcey supsup or ariela arida.

  9. @bong haha di naman ako nawala, di lang ako nag-cocoment lately pero nagbabasa pa rin naman ako ng blog ni lola norms 😀

  10. Busy sa mga lalakeng halos panyolito na lang ang suot.
    Lumaki na ang ulo ang blogger.
    Tapos na ang mga araw na nakikipag-interact ang blogger sa mga readers.
    Tsk tsk tsk!

    • @basil , you are quick to judge.
      compared naman to the divas sarah regine and lani, mas approachable pa naman si norman.

    • basil-yo anong feeling mo sa iyo lang dapat umikot ang mundo ni tito Norms? yung ikaliligaya mo lang ang dapat pagtuunan nya ng pansin? well hindi ganun sa totoong buhay. matulog ka na lang ulit at wag ng magising.

    • A gutter, tsk tsk tsk…..

      The blogger has apologized for his absence. You’re nobody here and your post is not needed. Norman’s blog is here to stay. He will continue to earn more money thru traffic and ads and you will remain in despair, skirting out of mud!

      • Excuse me Queen Bong… in fairness to Basil… sya at si Senyora ay iisa… laki na ng kinita nya promoting Du30… #alamna

      • @bong, I-try mo yung three Holywood copycats- regime lani m and Sarah G , lalo kang manggagalaiti. . Hindi man Lang marunong tumingin sa mata kahit kaharap Muna hihihihi
        @c2f , earning an Xtra buck does not make u any more special than the boy/girl next door… In fairness

      • @C2F: U mean Queen B and bong ay iisa…sa pagkakaalam ko, c Queen B at Mrs…… ay iisa dahil nabasa ko yung response nya kay Laila noong naging super palengke ang norman’s blog 🙂

      • @QueenBong

        Hindi kita pinagbibintangan… gusto lang kita tawaging Queen Bong… bagay naman diba? 😀

        Meanwhile, si Basil at si Senyora ay iisa sobrang obvious naman o….


        Oo naman!… ikaw ang pinaka special sa lahat… Kailangan mo yan… ganun ka ka-special… #specialneeds

      • @Closer2Fame
        Ano ang ikinukuda mo na ako si Senyora, tampalin kaya kita ng padakot, dikdikin, tadtarin , gawing corned beef at ipamudmod sa mga hampaslupang pinamumunuan ni Fabbie.
        Kaloka ka!

  11. it’s about time you hire people to write for you whenever things like this happen. imagine up to now you have no post about the biggest news in the pageant world! If you need help ask for it!

    • Yeah i vote for laila. Kahit walang sahod yan papatulan nya yan. Dba lai. San ka na? Anung say ng mga bitter sa MU 2016? Sa pinas daw laila eh.

      • Geoff…bet ng Latinos dito. Indonesians ang may smear campaign these days. Thais are ok. Supportive tayo. Love love love with Malaysia. Colombians are still palaban. Walang nagbago sa attitude.

    • Hahaha … bumebwelo lang ako. Busy busyhan tayo pag pageant season na….maiba ako: nasusundan nyo ba MI? Tragis nandun lahat ng mga magaganda!

  12. Happy to know you’re fine. Miss you but glad you are doing something you love. Can’t wait to read the results!

  13. Its, okay Tito Norms….kung si Miss Joyce Burton nga nagretire na….ikaw, may judging ka lang naman na gagawin mamaya…okay lang yun…pagbalik mo naman, ang dami mong ikukwento ulit…

  14. this blog is the first one i sought re MU 2017 in the Phil… good to hear you’re fine! Wishing GotPh all the best tonight…!!

  15. Tito Norms we miss you. You dont know how valuable you are in our daily lives!

    Looking fwd to reading your blog once again.

  16. Glad to hear you are okay Norman…! I thought somethin happen na to you.
    Oh yes dear, we miss you and of course your everyday chikka. 🙂

  17. We love u Madam N☺
    Bakit Top 6 at hindi Top 5 ang pinili last 1994 MU sa pinas. Dahil ba top 6 score c Charlene 😉
    I’m glad cgurado na ang Top 15 place ni Maxine(sinabi sa akin ni Paula kanina lng hihihi), paghahandaan nlang nya ang perfect figure at kabog na lakad for SS para pasok sa Top 10☺
    Ihanda na rin ang tinatagong gown ni Madam stella sa baol at pak na pak na sagot sa Q&A para pasok sa Top 5😯
    Sa Top 3, Thy will be done🙏🙈🙊💩

      • Kung sa Q&A fabian ay pasok c USA.
        Pero huwag nating maliitin c Maxine dahil hindi natin alam baka ilampaso nya ang mga latina at c USA’t India😃 (maganda ba c India, wala pa akong nabasa tungkol sa kanya hihihi .. sabagay, yung mga mukhang ewan after kay sushmeta sen noong mid90’s ay pasok pa rin sa finals or time lng nila noon).
        Kung sa ganda nman ay may laban nman c Maxine. Tingnan nyo nlang yung mga nilalait nyong past MUP winners ay pasok sa Finals. Hihihi

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