10 comments on “Sunday Specials: The Host in Angelee delos Reyes 

  1. Thank you so much Tito Norman. I’m glad how people appreciate me. Though we cannot please everybody, I’ll continue my quest in reaching my dreams, more goals in life and world’s positivity. All opinions are respected. Thank you everyone for the kind words and even for the challenges. God bless you! 😃

    • It’s a cheap ploy to try to raise someone’s bankabilty by promoting these lies. Teach her how to host.. Then maybe she’ll make it

    • Thanks for these video Marvin.
      Nagrequest ako b4 kaý Sir Norman to make an article about deliu kc very visible sya as security guard ni Digong 😄
      6 thumbs down agad from readers hi hi hi, sana umabot ng 100 dislikes para mas masaya ako😲lol

  2. Angelee de los Reyes whose beautiful mouth can go a mile by a minute is it girl, definitely. Another Miss Philippines-Earth beauty that I thought would go hosting especially on TV was Jeanne Harn. Why, Willie Revillame was impressed with her when she appeared on the defunct game show. Harn chose a corporate executive position,though.

    • Really really good. Excellent pa nga e. Her hosting lang ang nag linger sa memory; natabunan si Troy.

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