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  1. It’s better to hold Miss U nga sa Pinas. If they hold it in Las Vegas the Colombians might ruin it for Pia’s, she’ll definitely get booed.

  2. We are all pageant lovers here but this is a waste of time and money for the government. It should be 100% privately funded. The government should not throw away money to serve the beautiful and rich when there are so many poor and starving. WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?

    • hold miss u to make every one happy including the poor and starving

      • Not what JESUS would do . Let’s get real people . It’s sheer hypocrisy for the govt to shoulder these expenses

      • Life is short Venus Rah
        Let’s have some fun in the Philippines . The poorest of the poor will survive and they will have fun too for a month or so with MU

    • This will be funded by private sectors not the Government. Just want you to know… And in return it will help with the Philippines’ Tourism, so the world will know that Philippines is beautiful.

  3. powerhouseph_President Rodrigo Duterte and staff with Department of Tourism during their meeting at Malacañang to discuss the plans of the Philippines hosting the #MissUniverse2016 or 65th Miss Universe pageant. 😊 #MissUniverse #RoadToMissUniverse2016

    • I’m starting to feel negative about this. Why does the President need to get involved?

      • Thanks Laila. I don’t know who’s pushing this but this better benefit the people. I don’t live there anymore but I don’t like Digong spending way too much time on an event that isn’t even considered relevant by most people.

    • Wow. Sure ako either 2016 or 2017 edition MU will be here. Kaya lang kung 2016 edition ok lang na january 2017 wag lang May 2017. Kawawa ang winner ilang months lang ang pagiging MU. Pero kung colombia manalo ok lang. Lol. cause im sure 2017 edition will be on dec 2017 din. Hinde naman pwede laging lampas na sa taon ang patimpalak.
      Kung hinde sa pinas ang 2016, anywhere wag lang las vegas pia will get booed. Possible yan also maxine. Sana bring MU somewhere na ban ang colombia lol. Haha. African or europe.
      If we host MU sana lang ok na ang lahat kay maxine. Sana lang ayusin ang mga dapat ayusin para naman if ever manalo sya o mapa top 5 eh kitang kita na deserving hinde dahil sa host country. She is beautifull and stunning pero nasa styles pa rin. So hoping na lahat ok na b4 the competition.
      Accept ko na na d2 ganapin ang MU. Basta dec or january. Basta safe ang mga candidates, phil arena sana ang coronation night. Palawan or cebu for activities. Never mind those bashers nalang. Pia won fair and square. Thats it.

  4. Medyo balanse na events ni Pia, 7 months na rin pero palagay ko abala talaga MUO na gamitin sya mag negotiate ng deal for MU to be helf here. May sosyalan, charity and photoshoots. Here’s the latest for Jealous21 with Fadil.

  5. Maxine Medina should dye her hair black.
    Look at Pia.
    Pinay beauty queens, Filipinos in general look best with black hair.

  6. Good morning my queen #pia ur effort as a Queen #MissUniverse2015 is a credit & blessing. Kept ur dreams up.#queenp7thmonthsarymu2015 #InGodWeTrust

  7. I wish to see more of her doing charitable works or cause-oriented activities, not these superficial glam shots. Haaays, asan na ang “both an honor and a responsibility” at ang “I will use my voice to influence the youth..”? Sorry if i am wanting for a more substantive and meaningful reign of her.

    • You really should pay more attention than make a conclusion based on a single blog article.

    • @eustaqia dont feel sorry. But do remember that she can only execute what the MUO authorises her to. Pats is right, you may want to check with MUO to know more about her charity engagements and to raise your concerns to them if you’re not satisfied with the volume. Good luck teh.😂

    • HIV AIDS pa lang tong ililista ko (in reverse chronological order):
      – Donation to LoveYourself, Inc. (PH) for HIV Awareness, Testing, and Education
      – Participation in National HIV Testing Day – Post reach of 38K
      – Representative to UNAIDS High-Level Meeting on Ending AIDS ~ Post reach of 77K
      – Award of Recognition from APICHA for efforts in speaking on HIV and AIDS awareness
      – Participation in AIDS Walk New York ~ Post reach of 50K
      – Madrina for the Latino Commission on AIDS Ball
      – Aid for AIDS Volunteer ~ Post reach of 50K

      There are others such as SmileTrain, Relief Operations in Ecuador with the Red Cross, yung PhilAM Paaralan Classroom Program, Women’s Health Awareness, etc.

      Kulang pa yan? Siguro kulang pa sa publicity.

      Ang tanong, dapat bang nguingudngod ni Pia sa lahat ang mga ito? Bakit hindi mo tanungin ang mga media outlets kung bakit di nila pinipick-up ang mga stories na ito, at imbes ay nakasubaybay lamang sila sa mga “superficial” stories?

      Moreover, if you really cared like you say you do, then why don’t you ask yourself why you don’t know more about these things?

      • Korek..mga bwisit na bading kasi sat sat nang sat sat na walang research…bwisit

      • @manny, pati sarili mo minamata mo, how do u expect othes to respect u ?

    • Mare naman,

      Pinapag halungkat mo naman ako ng prueba kada kukuda kayo ng ganito eh. Medyo mahirap ah, daming picture ni Pia. Hindi naman ako required mag post oo, pero kawawa naman yung isa na gumagalaw lang sa dikta ng MUO. O ayan. Pera pa nya ata yan. $10,000 for loveyourself.ph

      Ano pa ba gusto mo? Pero sige gets kita. Pia’s social media handler Renata Ribiero has been getting some negative feedback for mishandling MU’s social media account. She hardly posts Pia’s relevant events, focusing more onof Pia’s casual happenings. Nauuna pa mag post ng mga fan accounts kesa MU. So gets kita kung feel mong wala syang ginagawa. Pero nasa social media ka na rin lang, tingin tingin muna bago ka kumuda.

      loveyourself.ph”…I will use my voice to influence the youth and I would raise awareness to certain causes like HIV awareness that is timely and relevant to my country which is the Philippines…” Thank you @missuniverse @piawurtzbach and the Philippine Independence Day Council, Inc. for supporting LoveYourself, Inc. towards its HIV Awareness, Testing, and Education Advocacy. Your help strengthens our cause to serve our community better. As shown in the picture together with Miss Universe are LoveYourself Volunteers @gelocamaya and Chris Lagman (Co-Founder of LoveYourself). Maraming Salamat at Mabuhay po tayong lahat! #PushPH #LoveYourselfPH

    • Ang dami pala nyang ginagawang makabuluhang bagay ngunit bakit hindi, o bihira lang, ito napapanood o nababasa sa mainstream media? Yes I know several of these because i have access on the internet pero sa tingin nyo ba nakakarating ito sa general public? Sa tingin nyo ba naachieve nya ang kanyang layunin to “use my voice to influence the youth” kung iilan lang at mga privileged people lang ang nakakaalam nito? Come on guys, don’t be overreacting and don’t get me wrong. Wala po akong masamang hangarin kungdi sana maoptimize ng ating 3rd Miss Universe ang pagkakataon to be truly confidently beautiful with a heart. Ang daming kabataang tumitingala sa kanya ngunit anong klaseng inspirasyon at impluwensya ang mahihita nila kung ang mas nahahighlight kay Queen P ay ang kanyang buhay pagibig lamang and everything superficial about being a Miss Universe. Sad that you took my comment negatively.

      • I have a few theories:

        1. Ayaw ni Pia I post sa acct nya kase ayaw nya mag mukang mayabang.

        2. Lazy si Renata na nag hahandle ng social media acct ng Pia

        3. You’d have to be a die hard follower para hindi lang Norman ang basis mo ng ganap.

        4. Baka mas bet ng mga tao mag focus sa awayang Pia at Ary kase halos araw araw ganyan drama sa social media.

        5.Pia is still a beauty queen, not a politician, not a superhero. She can only do so much. Meron syang isang linggo last month ata na puro charity work lang yung week na skeletal na sya. Nag focus mga tao sa weight nya Hindi sa lagare na trabaho nya sa AIDS awareness.

      • Ok Laila. That’s how i see it from my perspective. My apologies if i offended people’s sensibilities. I rest my case.

      • @Laila seriously Mars? May issue pa ang Pia and Ary? I thought nka move on na si Ariadna. May greeting pa nga sya kay Pia na napanood ko somewhere.

      • Yes Basil V. ,

        Umuwi last week sa Colombia after 8 months. She had an interview recently that was about the MU hoopla and made some damaging statements na na pick up ng netizens.

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