7 comments on “Mutya ng Pilipinas 2016 | In Focus: Kristen Karla dela Cruz

  1. I can’t believe this dumb broad compared women empowerment in pageantry to Esther who was basically an object competing to be a man’s property “Queen Vashti, for refusing to publicly flaunt her body before his drunken friends. Or that, as the sexual property of the Empire and under the direction of the royal Eunuchs, Esther and the women of the king’s harem each took a turn in the king’s bed to see who would please him best. Or that the women received just one night with the king, after which they were transferred to the eunuchs in charge of the concubines with the instruction not to return to the king’s chamber unless summoned by name, under the penalty of death. Or that Esther was likely a child of twelve or thirteen when all of this happened. Or that the text never mentions her wishes or desires because, in this culture and under these circumstances, they were inconsequential”
    I know you don’t really need exceptional intelligence to be a beauty queen but damn; looks like church has taught her very little.

    • use your damn intellect…how dare you to say you know better than she, if you are indeed blessed keep your mouth shut and be holy..because I am afraid the holiness in your comments doesn’t show at all that you do really read and understand the bible. technically or literary you might get your point about the history of Esther the only comparison is the preparation to compete to be the most beautiful woman for the entire kingdom, but spiritually you are far from God taught people. ans well as your church too, because you are so arrogant boastful to let us know that you do really know the story of Esther. Fine why bitter?????
      Shame on you too, to insult the church she came from….sure you are not a Good Christian…. Repent and tame your tongue, your wisdom comes from the black side am pretty sure of that….
      God Bless you anti-Christ…..

      • Oh piss off you desperate fan and stop bouncing on her d*ck. I simply pointed out what was true. It takes common sense and historical facts to know that Esther and the girls she was competing with was treated like a prostitute in front of the king. Not to mention she was 13 and the king an adult; and you use that as a comparison for women empowerment? Kung hindi ka ba tanga. Use my damn intellect? Rich coming from the guy who’s only reply is that I’m unholy for using my common sense. Don’t go mentioning your church background in pageantry if you’re not going to use it properly and end up looking stupid. She’s already average in visuals compared to the other girls; her lack of common sense will not help her.

      • But my bitterness aside. Good luck and best wishes to her and I hope she proves me wrong when she goes far in this competition.

  2. Congrat Kristen karla dele Cruz ur profile & ur works & ur part in the church is good because in Holy Bible said seek the Kingdom of God first & search for God u will have peace. Kristen kept it up ur dreams & from ur blessing & ur dreams is ur bless.

  3. You are so amazing, brilliant girl, continue to make the Philippines know that Zamboanga has so many things to show and you are the mirror of it all….

  4. Indeed very proud of you… Very well said! I can sense the true meaning of Beauty in your Gesture, in your Faith and in your Intelectual capabiiities. Fully aware of tourism aspect of Zamboanga.
    Truly you are a Pride and Joy of Zamboanga City.
    God bless your quest my child.

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