39 comments on “To host Miss Universe in 2017: Sooner or Later?

  1. Miss Universe 2017 – COLOMBIA
    1st Runner Up – Montenegro
    2nd Runner Up – India

    Yan ang poetic justice

  2. Good deal from #MissUniverse @PiaWurtzbach & Philippines #PresidentDuterte after reach the finals points of hosting MissUniverse 2017 in #Philippines.Queen Pia & President Rodrigo Duterte & government bodies pls don’t be sober to us at private bodies because we’re fans to Queen Alonzo #MissUniverse2015 we went to know how the MissUniverse 2016 was going on, but we see that everything works for good in ur meet/care.. Thank in advance. Cheers #InGodWeTrust.#olipia #piamike #yes100mostbeautiful

  3. I hope the government doesn’t do this. The last time we hosted this pageant it was not even break even. It’s expensive. Let the private sector handle this if they want it here.

  4. Na read ko sa page ng MU. Naka cross fingered si Pia. They had a little chat with D30. Baka may deal na either 2016 or 2017

  5. No doubt that I would love to see Pia pass her crown in her home and for the Philippines to host for the the third time for our third queen and possibly ushering a fourth Filipina Queen. I just hate to see that the Philippines is prolonging the date. There won’t be a Miss Universe this year and it would certainly suck if the pageant is held in May. That really doesn’t seem like a pleasing date for the organization.

  6. I think what needs to be considered is if this can be beneficial to the country. If indeed there is any truth that there was minimal return in the government’s investment during the Miss Universe 1994 pageant, then that should be seriously considered. Come to think of it, not many countries are keen in hosting the pageant anymore because they see that there is really little benefit coming out from it. Don’t get me wrong, I love pageants, especially Miss Universe. But the government can spend this money on other more important things. If there is a guarantee that the private sector will be shouldering all the amount, then by all means do it here. The truth is, not many nations are watching pageants anymore so if you are talking about the multiplier effect of advertising the Philippines to the world through the pageant, there is really not so much reach. Kaya malulugi ang gobyerno kahit pa 50% lang sa total cost ang i-shoulder natin.

  7. I knew it… Waley din si Ajdani… mas malala pa pala kay Spainhour… Madame Cory, ipaubaya na sa Gentlemen of the Phil ang franchise… please lang!!!

  8. No. The return on investment (either in the form of tourism revenue or charitable donations) does not outweigh the cost of hosting MU. Nor would hosting a multi million dollar pageant help the public’s perception of the government after years of scandal and financial mismanagement. There is no gain to the Philippines by hosting Miss Universe, the only gain goes to the fans who selfishly want to see the pageant and to the MUO, who will try to capitalize on ticket sales.

    Now is not the time.

    • IMO, we do have something to gain in hosting MU. It would be a huge platform to promote tourism and our new fast-rising industries. On top of that, it would also be a great opportunity to convince and rally the international viewers to support us in our fight against our sovereign opressors.

  9. sana kung matuloy dito sa pinas by december o january na lng kasi kung sa May pa sobrang tagal naman. kung wlang enough budget then bring back to america pra wlang problema baka magka back to back pa tayo doon.

  10. To Hold Miss Universe in Philippines and not Miss World makes our girls have less chances of winning Miss World. Alam niyo naman si Mama Julia.. tignan niyo.. kulelat na naman tayo sa Mr. World. lol

    • Hindi ko ma take ang pageant ni Julia. Mr China winner ng Style & Fashion award?!? Mas madaming deserving na candidates like Mr South Africa, etc.

  11. The MUO might just get tired of the Pinas red tape and default back to Vegas in December. The infrastructure is already there, and nothing beats Vegas for pure glitz on camera.

    • Yes. So true…

      MUO and other potential hosts have walked away from deals at the eleventh hour.

      Hello Vegas in December! Hello cold (shoulder to MUPs in the near future).

      If the organizing committee wants this, wag pa arte arte pa.

  12. Hold it if and only if it really benefits the Philippines. That’s the bottom line. If they can find enough sponsors to shoulder the cost then good. People’s tax money should be into restructuring public infrastructures and restoring peace and order which are the two main issues right now.

  13. Naku. ..negative comments are expected ☺
    To held MU 2016 in our land is like running a business 😄:
    Saan ka kukuha ng capital.
    Anong company/institution/organization ang tutulong.
    Sinong mga tao ang dapat kausapin.
    Kapag ok na ang budget ay tuloy na ang negosyo 😊
    Ang gobyerno nman ay Di papayag na gamitin ang pera ng bayan sa hindi nararapat na proyekto at ibibigay lang ang puwedeng mabigay sa MU2016 event😁
    Kaya kilos na Queen Pia, DeCastro, Teo at Paula para makuha ang target na pera 😂
    C Ka Paula nman eh mukhang nag-eenjoy na sa bansa at parang may binabalik-balikan na parang Durian ang kamandag😊hi hi hi hi
    Tuloy ang MU2016 sa Pinas ☺
    Ipagbunyi ang Kagandahang Pilipina at Turismo ng bayang Pilipinas😃
    Mabuhay c Fabian.
    Mabuhay c Basil.
    Mabuhay c C2F.
    Mabuhay c Laila.
    Mabuhay c Queen Norman😃
    Mabuhay tayong lahat.
    Mabuhay ang Pilupinas👍

  14. No just no. How can this new govt prioritize this over other pressing issues? We’ve done it twice before and each time it didn’t help our economy or tourism even a tiny bit. Tourists will come whether MU is held in the Philippines or not. Hosting this event is just a cosmetic gloss that our country doesn’t need at this time. If Duterte wants change, hosting MU isn’t the answer, in my opinion.

    • I see and appreciate your point, Dawn. Especially about a new administration and commitment to change.

      That being said, if government funds do not go to MU 2016/17, do we have any guarantee they will go to those who need it most?

      Call me cynical, but I’m not confident that they will.

      The rumored $6 mil government share is not going to eradicate the problems in the Philippines. In a way, I’d rather it be spent on something “transparent” albeit cosmetic like MU than on other things of potentially equal or lesser value to the country (even if that value is de minimus).

      I’m not convinced we should we continue to wait with baited breath for that “one day” when there is an opportunity to celebrate one of Philippines’ biggest passions here today. How many new administrations have promised the Philippines the world, or Universe, rather but have fallen short of delivery?

      • So how do you think the Philippines will benefit from this? Is it really purely out of passion that we have to host the pageant?

      • @Luke, for what it’s worth:

        The Philippines doesn’t have to host a frivolous entertainment event like Miss Universe.

        However, it seems there at organized forces (both private and public) that seem to want to host this particular frivolous, entertainment event in 2016 and 2017.

        What value will it bring? There is value in celebrating and showcasing our country’s pride – one of which our fanaticism towards Miss Universe. I mean as long as I have been alive so much significance was given by relatives and no relatives alike to the fact that Diaz and Moran won the crowns even before I was born.

        Is hosting necessary to have pride? No. Is hosting going to distract the government from other priorities? Possibly. Is hosting going to bring tangible economic benefits to the country? Also possibly. Is hosting simply to satisfy a curious passion that’s very much Filipino? Yes.

        Sometimes, though, passion inspires. I heard it in the voices that they talked about 1969 and 1973. It made them proud to be Filipino. Why do we congregate in our communities (including schools) to watch the live broadcast of Miss Universe year after year? To me, if a Filipino shines on the Universe stage we all do. There is plenty in Filipino life and mentality to bring us down. Life should have celebrations of the good things and dreams that have been realized despite the many bad things Filipinos experience on a national and individual level. It’s healthy for the human psyche. That’s why we admire personnas like Wurtzbach and Pacquiao.

        Besides, it’s not like Duterte is dropping all of his priorities all of sudden and personally minding the details meeting with Shugart & Co. Seems like he is picking up from an undertaking already in motion prior to his administration and which has been delegated to the arm of his administration dedicated to promoting tourism. A fair amount of the money being considered is likely going to go to another tourism/business development project anyway as the Department of Tourism likely has funds earmarked for these specific purposes. That’s how government budgets work. It may be good to have this money spent on something more than just “It’s More Fun In The Philippines” videos seen by who knows anyway. The businesses and individuals involved may also learn how to successfully produce an international-caliber undertaking and apply it in their future endeavors.

        I think there is value in these non-economic motiviations. The Phillippines has been “Not Ready” for centuries. Let’s give Duterte and the country the benefit of the doubt and not think hosting this pageant is going to completely derail the country’s progress beyond repair.

      • @justgrc

        “Is hosting going to distract the government from other priorities?”

        YES (as there is a need to reallocate the approved budget to a program that was not approved). Mind you the DOT initiative in promoting the Philippines through “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” campaign had minimal spending. It was done through crowd sourcing,which by the way was very effective. Hindi napaglaananang Miss Universe para sa taong ito, kaya kung sakali man may pagkukunan ng perang gugugulin para dito, may mga kailangang isakripisyong programa ang pamahalaan para lang sa Miss Universe. Sa usaping komersiyo, dapat siguraduhin na hindi malulugi ang bansa sa puhunan na ilalabas natin. Isa pa, ilang minuto ba ang inalalaan ng Miss Universe para ipakita ang magagandang tanawin sa bansa? Ilan bang dayuhan ang pupunta ng bansa para manood sa patimpalak? Kakaunti. Minimal. If you are to spend so much for one endeavor that does not guarantee any substantial returns, why bother?

        Tanong ko lang, bakit ba kailangan madaliin? Ano ba ang kailangan ipagmadali?

        “Let’s give Duterte and the country the benefit of the doubt and not think hosting this pageant is going to completely derail the country’s progress beyond repair.”

        No one said so, and please don’t assume that questions to any efforts to host the pageant are tantamount to saying that we fear it will derail the country’s progress beyond repair. Ang punto ko lang, hindi ka dapat basta basta maglalagay ng pera sa isang bagay na alam mong walang masyadong magandang naidulot sa bansa sa usapang pang-ekonomiya. Nangyari na sa dalawang Miss Universe ito, at hindi lang kuru-kuro yun. Hindi kami kontra sa pag ganap ng naturang patimpalak sa bansa basta ba’t ang pribadong sektor ang maglalabas ng kahigtan sa perang gugugulin.

    • “How can this new government prioritize” teh wala pa pong sinabing official. Kalurks. At di naman sa umeekek ha pero panigurado na may mga tao “de wag dito wag yan” tas pag dating ng dulo “wow ganda sana dito ulit” parang kay Pia “eeeh dapat si lubina yan” tas nung nanalo “aaaay love ko si pia” maaaay gudnessss

    • Omg, dawn, this is not abt changing anything . This is just abt holding miss u In the Philippines . And it’s pure business. Pls do not make it any bigger than it really is.
      How can you possibly make the assumption that the past 2 MIss U events in the Philippines did Not
      Help the economy at all? Where’s your proof?
      Excuse me for not applying ‘cosmetic gloss’ as u put it . It’s BS.

  15. For me January/February as it coincides with family members already in the Philippines and surrounding ASEAN neighbors. Only reason I would consider making the trip.

    Selfish reasons aside, maybe more time to prepare is better. If Philippines is hosting, I want them to do it right. Don’t need to have a Rio-level debacle on our hands.

    That being said, knowing government, the difference between January/winter and May/summer is negligible in the big scheme of things. Most fans, however, would be highly critical of a summer pageant. Especially in the U.S.

    A summer pageant would postpone Miss USA 2017 as well and I think that Is a disruption MUO will prefer to avoid. Teen USA is rumored to be ending this year, but if that is not true, a summer pageant would potentially impact that system as well.

    I think MUO will have to work with both the expectations of the international pageant scene, the American $$$ pageant scene, and Fox’s broadcasting agenda. May sweeps is not an ideal time lineup what is already a sagging ratings dump. My guess is that “Filipino time” may have to be nipped in the bud on this one.

    In any event you know I will be supportive and so excited to watch the event unfold!

  16. Agree ako kay laila. No use stresing over it. Di ko bet dito ganapin for economical reasons but whats the point of kontra pa? Pag dito gahanapin eh di manunuod ako ng live! Suportahan ko:)

  17. Bahala na sila. Antay nalang ako ng final word. If dito, sige ok na din lang. Pia and co. had dinner with Chavit Singson and Manny Pangilinan ata if I’m not mistaken. Tamad lang ako mag post ng photo. The daughter posted on her IG saying: Sealing the deal.

    If hindi naman dito, ok pa rin. Manunuod at manunuod pa rin naman ako.

    • P.S. Esther Swan, Pia’s manager liked MOA Arena’s IG page. I dunno if that’s an implication. She dined with the crew at the Conrad Hilton Manila and a few hours she was at the Okada opening event at Tiger Resorts Manila. Connect the dots nalang tayo.

      • Hahaha @justgrc all I know is that … that part of Manila now looks Instagram ready. I just feel like they were doing an unofficial ocular.

      • Hi Laila, it’s in the news today that the US$ 2.5 Billion casino resort hotel (the biggest in the country so far) will open in NOvember 2016.

        I’m excited that you mentioned this place as it could be probably one of the venues. Another great year for the Philippines.

        Hi Norman, pls. allow me to post the related article from Inquirer:

        “A GROUP led by Japanese gaming tycoon Kazuo Okada has invested $2.4 billion to complete before the year’s end Okada Manila, the newest and biggest integrated resort in Pagcor Entertainment City.

        Okada Manila – which is targeted to have a soft opening by November – is seen to become the largest casino resort in the country occupying a gaming space of 26,410.77 square meters (sqm) and housing over 500 table games and over 3,000 electronic gaming machines.

        The estate will also have a 90,000 square-feet entertainment venue enclosed in a glass dome which will feature 33 cabanas and bungalows equipped with amenities such as private jacuzzis, dining rooms and media and karaoke rooms. This is claimed to be the most luxurious indoor night club/beach club complex in Southeast Asia which will be called The Cove.”

  18. The money could really go to better causes. It’s sad that they keep on pushing for this to happen in the Philippines.

    • True. In my opinion, the government should not really be prioritizing this. Promoting the Philippines, yes. But not through Miss Universe. You can do so much with half a billion pesos other than hosting a show.

  19. Kung di pwede this year. Mas ok na lang kung sa 2017 na lang tayo mag host. Para mas mapaghandaan. And please NO May 2017 pageant. Unfair naman dun sa mananalong MU 2016, 5 months lang magre-reign??? Also magugulo na namn ang schedule ng Miss Universe, i dont think papayag ang MUO. So mas safe kung sa December 2017 na lang tayo mag host.

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