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  1. Pahiwatig na ito ng tuluyang pagtatampo sa Pilipinas ni Madam Julia Morley. Kasi bakit ang Miss Universe magaganap sa Pilipinas pero bakit ang hiling nga naman noon ni Madam Julia na dito ganapin ang Miss World 2014 ay hindi na natuloy. Kaya mga guys, mag expect na kayo ng deka-dekadang pagkatalo na naman natin hindi lang sa Mr. World, pati na rin sa Miss World!!! (Hwag naman sana, knock on wood). . .

  2. I’m just wondering… Sam seemed so eloquent and with a profound perspective of things in his social media accounts prior to the pageant as featured in articles by Sir Norman. But videos featuring him here and elsewhere seem to say otherwise which is just so disappointing. Does that mean he has a ghost writer? Hmmm… Di nga.

  3. Panalo ulit ang India sa Mister United Continents 2016

    Mister United Continents 2016: India
    Master United Continents 2016: Vietnam
    1st runner-up: UK
    2nd runner-up: Vietnam
    3rd runner-up: Myanmar
    4th runner-up: Thailand
    5th runner-up: Borneo

  4. Well, ito yung comment ni Andrew Wolf sa post in Vince Canizares sa FB page nya:

    “I said I would help, but there are certain people in power that are, in all honesty, f**king useless, and do not give the support required” – Andrew Wolf

    Sino kaya ang tinutukoy nya?

    • He was reffering to Arnold Vegafria who was indeed useless in managing Sam’s competion… no publicity, no maketing, no assistance, nothing!

  5. Guys may video sa FB na kumakalat kung bakit di nakapasok si Sam. Umaatittude ata. He was asked to sign a Filipino song for fun. He said he didn’t know any Filipino songs he only speaks English. So parang negative reflection sa kanya yun nag rerepresent sya ng Pinas ni isang linya ng kahit bahaynkubo na napaka basic di nya kaya? Ayun pinag pyenpyestahan na sya. Maraming na disappoint na rin kase katawan at fez pasok pero puso hindi talaga.

  6. Dissapointed ako kay Sam!
    2 years ang preparation nya for this contest, sana man lang kahit runner up Bakit nga ba sya na-late? 2 years nga ang preparation nya.
    Sino ba talaga ang nagkulang? Si Sam mismo? Yung handlers nya o si CQ?

  7. What? Tapos na pala? Ni wala man lang niho niha i sir norms sa Mr. World ahahhaa 😂😂

  8. Kabogera din pala kc tong c India at magaling sa politika☺
    Ito nmang c Sam at MWPhils. sa hinabahaba ng 2 yrs para magprepare ay WaLa as in magbakasyon lng sa UK ang peg😂
    Late na ngang dumating at parang ginawang bakasyon lng ang pageant.
    Pero c Panadol na Kabogera din sa MU ay Di umubra kay Queen Pia☺hihihi

  9. It just occurred to me that had Sam won, it would have made Philippines the only Asian country that got the male pageant Grand Slam, consisting of the Big Three – International, courtesy of Neil Perez, Manhunt, courtesy of June Macasaet, and World by way of Sam Ajdani. ITULOY ANG FIGHT.

  10. The winner looks a little bit like a younger version of Tom Hardy.
    Congrats to the winners.

      • Fabby, paminta yan 😄
        Echosera ang peg at expert sa social graces ang aktor aktorang seareyna😁
        Kung puede lng humada ay ginawa na nya sa mga ibang contestant😂
        Naaamoy na sya ng mga organizer pero mas gusto nga nila ang paminta at may pera din kasi silang makukuha sa India 😂
        Puede cyang gawing host nxt time just like former Mr este Ms World-Canada Frank Cena, problem lng yung halatang accent ni India pero magaling sya😉

  11. Poland was wise to capitalize on his acrobatic skills and win the Talent competition and so fast-tracking him into the first cut. I felt he was overlooked at last year’s Mister International tilt. Rafal had eyes as blue as a clear summer sky!

    Puerto Rico reportedly shed tears when he failed to make the final cut at the same tilt last year. 2015 was a productive year for male pageantry in Puerto Rico, as their beauty “kings” won a number of not-so-well-known pageants. Fernando felt the pressure and came to Manila to wage war, and many would agree he was even more fierce than the eventual Swiss winner. This time at Southport, victory evades him yet again, as he ends only as the “second most desirable man” in the world. He must be exhausted on all fronts – physically, emotionally, mentally. But at least we Filipinos were kind enough to give him some modelling jobs. Who knows? Perhaps like his “kababayan” Dayanara Torres before him, he might consider taking residence in Las Islas Filipinas for a while..

    Am also glad that El Salvador made the first cut in Southport. Like Puerto Rico, he was already a pageant veteran going into Mister World, and was actually a runner-up in an earlier pageant (I forgot which one. My apologies). He is an English teacher by profession, and in his Mister World video exuded a cool charm. Love his squinty, Clint Eastwood eyes!

    My heart goes out to Japan. Although I generally do not favor “hafu” (Japanese term for people of mixed race. He was apparently the son of a Japanese father and a Middle-Eastern mother), I admire him for his modesty during the competition and life-long passion for basketball. I think they should have at least squirmed him into the first cut as a gesture of goodwill.

    For me, the one that got away was Malaysia. Yes! IMHO, he had the best physique in this group. Blessed with Mr. Atlas proportions (wide shoulders tapering to narrow hips) and the most insane muscle tone (you could actually see the individual muscle fibers on his chest!), he completed his package with delicious brown skin and sartorial savvy.

    Best smile goes to Korea. It helped that he had a mischievous streak. He was endearing.

    I can’t wait for the next edition!

  12. At least the Mister World Crown has finally come to Asia.

    The Miss World organization probably recognized the popularity of and therefore wants to capitalize upon male pageantry in India. Was Rohit a product of the Rubaru Group?

    Our local male pageant organizers should study how India does it, as India is a consistent placer like Czech Republic, Lebanon, Brazil, and Spain. Also, look at countries with good-looking men like Sweden, Argentina, Australia, and Puerto Rico.

    Ms. Julia Morley probably also took into consideration the large Indian expatriate community in the United Kingdom, which has profoundly influenced some aspects of daily life in the British Isles.

    Before being granted independence after World War II, India was the “Crown Jewel of the British Empire”. So in my opinion this victory is only appropriate. Congratulations to India!

  13. ipaubaya na sa Gentlemen of the Phil ang franchise… please lang!!!

  14. It is unfair that Sam worked hard whilst his backer just didn’t care at all.

    Anyway, congrats, Rohit. Have a great reign!

      • Hands down Sam looks so much hunkier and more drool-worthy than India when he was approached by the then would-be winner in this video. The operative word though is LOOKS – because when he started opening his mouth, the personality and charisma just didn’t come through unlike the eloquent Indian rep. No wonder our bet didn’t make the semifinals. And he had 2 years to prepare for this? So disappointing. What a shame. Di nga.

  15. Am a bit disappointed with the top 10 esp the last 5 that were called… It will be a good fight if they included Malta , Ireland and Phils instead of Kenya,Brazil and El Salvador… Haysss daming nasayang.. Lalo na Malta na very charming tsk

  16. OMG nganga ang ating unang pambato sa pageant. Sana hindi ito sign ng pagpalakpak ng ating delegates sa international pageants. Remember the none i clusion oh Spainhour sa 2014 at ang simula ng 2014? #AllTeaNoShade

    • Ang una po nating pambato ay yung nanalo sa mIss Grandma International. Huwag mabahala kalma lang! Charot!

  17. I have nothing against him or any sexual identity a. Curious lng talaga ako. Ano ba sexual identity ni Frankie Cena?

  18. Congratulations to winner of Mister World! Instead of blaming the handsome Sam, the drama behind the traveling visa , the Mister World Organizers and etc., let us all take a deep breath and relax. It is not end of the universe, the world rather. Who knows Philippines might interested to host the next Mister World competition and hopefully that is our chance to get the title. Let me cross all my fingers including my toes except my eyes.

  19. di bale na mga vhaks….pogi pa rin naman si Sam at saka macho..hindi lang sya siguro ang hinahanap ng organization..

    • Hindi naman talaga from the very start… We need someone inspiring…. hindi pwedeng Gwapo lang!… Sana manalo si Paul sa Gentleman of the Phil tapos sya ipadala dyan sa 2018!

      • we need someone who has the looks…na artista, na pwdng maging spokesperson…kung makita nyo yung kagaya ni Meagan…she won because she’s a total package…ganun din sa Mr. World!

  20. i was afraid for sam .. but not because of these 3. anyway mexico looks good.

  21. I knew it… Waley din si Ajdani… mas malala pa pala kay Spainhour… Madame Cory, ipaubaya na sa Gentlemen of the Phil ang franchise… please lang!!!

    • Dapat si Sam ang ipinadala sa Men Universe model at si Hermes ang sa Mr. World. Parehas mahiyain pero mas bagay si Sam don kasi may swimwear at maganda katawan nya.

      Mag pa pageant na lang si Madam Cory sa 2018.

      • Yeah, pang modeling contest itong si Sam… si Hermes… pang pbb nalang..

    • how was sam any worse than john? neither made it into the semi-final round

      • John was whisked right away to the Mr. World 2014 tilt just after being proclaimed in Manila with little time if any to man up for battle. On the other hand, Sam had 2 years to prepare for Mr. World 2016. You do the math. Di nga.

  22. Mas desirable pa bb ko kesa tatlo lol..but i find former winner nicklas as charming..

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