16 comments on “Queen P and President D

  1. I heard from the grapevine that Philippines are planning to host Miss World 2016.

    • Totoo ba yan Ate? Bigla na yata yumaman ang Pilipinas. Ate, pakitingin nga rin kung balak din nila idaos ang Winter and Summer Olympic Games sa Pilipinas.

      • Actually nabalitaan ko din na ng decide and Miss International na hinde sa Japan ganapin ang pageant, they are seriously considering the Philippines kaya may trip si Edymar dito next month.

        Also ng back out daw ang Sri Lanka sa Miss Intercon since against daw ang bansa nila sa mga nka bikini na babae kaya instread of ibalik sa Europe yung pageant ng decide daw ang org na sa Asia na muna this year and Philippines is on top of their list.

    • Ang nakakapagtaka nga sa pinag usapan nila Digong at Paula ay sa Pinas na daw gaganapin ang Miss Teen USA 2016 😂
      Ang MU2016 ay approved na rin dahil madali lng nman daw idispose yung nakumpiskang druga worth billion pesoses para panggastos sa event 😄😃😁😀😊

    • I understand Pia’s Latina friends at Miss U, with the help of the reigning Nuestra Belleza VIP Clarissa Molina and Mexico’s Wendy Esparza, want to bring the next Nuestra Belleza Latina to the Philippines today.

      Man, it’s More Fun in the Philippines!!!

  2. Paula Shugart: Mr. President, can your country host the most prestigious pageant in the Universe?
    Digong: Put…..!! Tut…Tut……..

  3. Approved na po yan noon pa kc ibebenta sa mga druglord yung nakompeska na worth billion of pesos na shabu kc wala na silang laboratory na magproduce. Kaya tuloy ang hulihan sa mga user at pusher at bahala na c batman sa mga galamay ng mga druglord at baka mag-iiba na ng pagkakakitaan kc paubos na ang supply ng illegal drugs😂
    By Jan. 2017 ay medyo hilo na ang drug syndicate kasi napunta na sa MU2016 ang pera galing sa druga😃hihihi
    Next target: Online gambling, susurender na sila Fabian, basil at C2F nyan😲😃hihihihi

  4. Hopeful for what? That the Philippines will spend millions of dollars to host Miss Universe when there are plenty of other countries that could host it? Why not just keep it in Vegas?

    Someone needs to do a real cost benefit analysis of this because news flash, the economy will NOT gain THAT much from hosting Miss Universe.

    Now is not the time. People are still trying to rebuild their trust in the government, especially after these past few years of scandal. Hosting a multi million dollar pageant just because the reigning queen is from the Philippines is not the way to do it.

    • I totally agree with you. In fact, the good President looks bored and unimpressed with Ms. Wurtzbach.. I dare say, he even looks irritated.

    • I disagree for 2 reasons…..

      1) After such a big impact of the mix-up with crowning last year, a lot of people from all over the world will be intrigued and tune in to the Miss Universe pageant this year. That means a lot more positive exposure for our country, so long we play our cards right and really play it up in a simple but elegant manner.

      2) We all know that beauty pageants in the Philippines is a vehicle for our country to get excited, be proud and hopefully unite to have a successful showing. This is a great opportunity for us filipinos to be proud of our heritage, our culture, and our country and showcase it to the world..i mean, the Universe rather! ; )

      So….be positive and think about ideas on how this opportunity can benefit us instead of having a negative outlook.
      Magtulungan tayong lahat to help make this endeavor a successful one. Only then we can prove to the Universe that we filipinos are confidently beautiful with a heart! : )

      • I think we need to unite on other more pressing matters first. Parang bibili ma ng bagong damit at makeup pero wala naman palang makain. Or magpapaparty ka at aayusin ang bakuran mo pero ang messy messy ng loob ng bahay. Juicecoloured.

      • Sorry, I have to vehemently disagree with you. Maybe this is a topic where we must agree to disagree, but I have to point out your extremely flawed logic.

        1. Do not equate people tuning into Miss Universe with positive exposure for our country, especially after the mix up last year. What does that exposure translate to? Tourism revenue? Charitable donations? Maybe in small amounts, but nothing compared to the huge cost of hosting the pageant. Here’s a question for you, what did Vietnam and Brazil gain from MU when they hosted it a few years back? Their economies were more stable than the Philippines back then and the return on investment for them was close to zero. Do some research or talk to insiders.

        2. Does this change regardless of where the pageant is held? Filipino fans are already unabashedly harsh to their candidates, especially Maxine this year. BUT YET, we are still known as the “best fans” around the world. We can show pride for our culture in stronger, more financially responsible ways than hosting MU.

        Lastly, I hope we can all check our own privilege before asking people to “focus on the positive.” Many Filipinos in the Philippines and abroad do not even have the privilege of getting online to debate this topic on a pageantry blog. Addressing poverty and job creation are more important than pageants, regardless of which government department this falls under. We’re better than this.

      • True @Victoriano. The government and the society as a whole need to prioritise prudently. And to those people who think the world will look for the Philippines in the world map bexause of the pageant, sorry to burst your balloons but many have already done so albeit for unpleasant reasons: beheading of tourists, organs for sale, cybersex dens, south china sea controversy, election of an arrogant president, arbitrary killing of suspected drug lords, corruption, etc etc. The same problems that we need to settle first before we dare talk about beauty. Just saying.

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