16 comments on “Mutya ng Pilipinas 2016 | In Focus: Michelle Thorlund

  1. Ha ha ha😃
    Akala ko winner na dahil sa dami ng comments pero puro Adjani nman ang laman😂
    Pero maganda sya at kasama cya sa Top 5 ko😁
    Mabuti pa c Kangkong girl aka Leni Robredo look-alike at madami rin ng comments kayak lng feeling beautiful ang nagcocomments hihihi😉

  2. #HappySunday Michelle Thorlund I congrat u in ur nomination to mutya ng pilipinas

  3. “Another interesting fact about myself is that I am vegan, so I do my best to not contribute to animal cruelty. I believe in helping animals while preserving our earth and also improving people’s health through veganism, which is something I love to advocate.”

    Being “Carnivorous ” doesn’t really equate to cruelty on animals!

    Just saying 🙂

  4. Tita Norms, bakit ka nga ba tahimik sa Mr. World? Noong si Spainhour 2yrs ago ang rep mas updated tayo May pangyayari bang di ka nais-nais?

    On Adjani, i thought he is better version of Spainhour although I think hindi nga Mr.World material ito. Pero we never know kasi wala naman tayong update hehe

  5. Mukhang tahimik si Norman sa rep natin sa Mr World wala syang update puro nalang feature ng mga matatabang candidates ng pageant. According sa source ko sa UK Medyo malayo ang rep natin makamit yung trono Kasi mahiyain daw. Dnt know Kung true ito.

    • I agree, mukha ngang mahiyain parang Spainhour… Kailangan natin talaga magpadala ng galing sa pageant.

      • Poland has claimed the first stage of the Multimedia Award after storming to the top of the leader board in the Mobstar ratings!
        With over a million views and nearly 150,000 likes, Poland took top spot despite arriving several days later than the rest of the contestants, mobilising his fanbase and impressing the MobStar audience. With the deadline for the second stage of the Multimedia award passing earlier today, it’s over to the judges to assess their social media pages.
        And with their team video deadline extended until the end of the weekend, it’s still all to play for in the Multimedia Award, with no guarantees for Poland that he will take the top stop.

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