21 comments on “How do you like Nicole Cordoves in swimwear?

  1. With a few squats qnd deadlifts, only a powerful divine interventon could prevent her from winning the title…


    Nicole Cordoves should be Miss Grand 2016!!!

  2. There’s no problem with her look.. with her body..and excellent communication.. good speaker.

    how is her walk? .. please polish the pasarela.. especially she’s competing in the Grand.

  3. I have said it before and I will say it again, she looks tranny-ish.
    I hope her stylist would find a way to soften her looks but I doubt.
    The problem with her is her bone structure; it’s of a male besides the facial muscles.
    There were far more beautiful ladies than her in the top 10.

      • 72 na at may dagdag pa yan😄
        Sayang, dapat kc c Miss Gigantic Teeth ang MGI para all praises ang peg ni ateng jeremipasolatidodotilasopamireje😂hihihi

    • Well 2nd MGI WInner and 3rd MGI winner mas tranny pa kay nicole yet they’ve won. Ang MGI gagaya na yan sa MU naghahanap na din ng ala MU ang mukha. Or matapang na mukha pero maganda. She fits there. Yung gigante mo hinde talaga na feel. Bet ko sya sa MGI b4. But when she came out of the stage. Anyare?

  4. Looking great & fab, Nicole ! I’m loving your transformation so far regardless of what others have to say against you ! I believe you will rock Vegas in December.
    Nicole Cordoves – Miss Grand International 2016 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Not to be mean, but I just find her as trying too hard. Too pageant patty. Maybe it’s me.

    Anyway, I think if there is an international pageant suited for her it is MGI. That pageant seems to reward in your face pageant pattyness a la Latina Glamazons. It too tries too hard (to be MUO and kiss up to Latin standards just like Miss Earth).

    I think she’ll do just find and make us proud in Pinoy-centric Vegas.

  6. I super love this girl. Sana talaga hindi masayang smarts nya sa MGI. Mas nagtratransform pa si Cordoves kesa sa ibang girls. I mean paiba iba sya ng itchura. The other are gorgeous pero easily recognizable.

    • Paano magta-transform sina Maxine physically kung iyon na talaga yung peak nila? Siguro mahirap na talaga maging a more glamorous version of yourself kapag ripe na ripe ka na like Megan Young. Anyway burden na ng camps iyon. Charot! Basta, I think ang kailangan madevelop sa Queens natin ay media exposure, personality development at a sneakpeak of their walks. Tapos more on sa body toning na lang sila for maintenance. Hihihi

      • Sa transformation, naisip ko yung makeup looks ba. Si Cordoves kase ang hirap hulihin ng totoong itsura kase kaya nya mag morph into somone very oriental, or Pinoy or lumalatina. Sila Kylie and Max, kahit fierce or pa sweet styling, alam mong sila pa rin yun. gets? Pero need na nila sa palagay ko ng super media exposure. Hindi ko na pinost dito kase ang off topic noon pero may recent interview si Max, kahit love na love ko sya, tinatanggap ko na kulang talaga sa tikas ng comm skills.

  7. Maganda lah at, Di lng bagay sa kanya yung white…cguro dahil sa angle ng pagkakuha☺
    Gusto ko lng makita ang video nya na naglalakad at nagsasalita like a Queen 😊
    Sanayin na ang 6 inches heels araw-araw mas lalo pa syang sesexy👍

  8. Very tranny.
    But who knows, MGI is a Thai-made pageant, they might be looking for a tranny-like candidate since they have the most beuatiful trannies in the universe.
    Fabbie is one of them, hihihihi.

  9. I think she needs to tone her body, in particular her thighs to highlight the swimsuit she wears. Jyst a tad more, with a bit of muscles..more sit ups, more lunges….if that happens then she would be unbeatable!!!

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