16 comments on “The Gentlemen of the Philippines Official Candidates are ready!

  1. IMO, Some of the current candidates are facialy superior without any enhancements compared to the past winners. I can also single out a few individuals who are a total package physicaly… *wink*

  2. In my humble opinion, I think none of them is at par with Neil Perez’s good looks and physique. Neil sets the bar soooo high.

    • Agreed. But let us take the offerings as they are. There is nothing Gentlemen Charities, Incorporated can do about the good policeman, as he is connected with another organization.

      • You prematurely conclude, Andrew. Hihihi! I am referring to male pageants in general. Neil seems hard to beat even by this batch of gentlemen. Anyway correct me if I am wrong, are a few or some of the organizers of this pageant from the breakaway group who also organized the Misters of the Philippines of which Neil was a winner?

  3. Pasensya na pero mostly ng mga candidates natin kung ikumpara sa mga non-asian na bansa ay totoy na totoy parang magpapatuli pa lang.

  4. Very good crop of Pinoy gentlemen. Amazing! Kudos to you Norman and the group behind this male beauty pageant.

  5. Congratulations, Mr. Tinio. As Closer2Fame has said, we are spoiled for choice.

    But please, no more shaved-armpit shots (in reference to Nos. 3 and 10). They are men; their pits must be hirsute.

    Lucky number 13 : he looks very Filipino and has smoldering eyes. A good rep for an international pageant.

    Number 15 : exotic look worthy of a high-fashion editorial spread. Send him to Milano or New York.

    Number 21 : boyish charm; the ladies will like him.

  6. It is worth noting that A few bbp aspirants made it as oc of gop – numbers 9, 12 and 14. Do i hear some disqualifications in the next few days? Hihihi.

    • @Unicahijo

      I don’t see anybody violating the rules of the competition. The title itself says “Gentleman” and I believe any man can be one regardless of his SOGIE (sexual orientation, gender identity and expression). Since you singled out these guys then we might as well give our unbigoted support. #loveourown

      • C2f, i just noted that those i mentioned were made up like bbp oc’s in their mugshots. they grab your attention because they stood out and appeared to be out of place in the collage. They could have put on a more approriate make up for the pageant they are competing in. yes, even you could have easily made it as an oc if you so desire to chase your beauty pageant dreams.

      • @UnicoHija

        There is no need for you to elaborate your malicious sarcasm. I initialy understood the point of your “humor”. No matter how you justify your opinion, it is without a doubt offensive.

    • Ano ka ba nman hija, kaya nga gentleman ang tawag kc Gentle – means Soft. .Di ba😂hihihi

  7. Very diverse selection…

    My prediction for the Top 3 would be Paul R, Johanes and Dr. Jay-Vee… this is so easy….

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