52 comments on “Facebook Live Chat with Miss Universe Tonight!

  1. Guys ang layo naman ng thread wala akong mapag kabitan. These photos were from yesterday when Pia attended the Cafe Society film premiere. Ang ganda lang ng styling nya dito kaya gusto ko sana ipost para makita nyo. One of her prettiest looks so far.

      • @Bong

        I actually think you are right! The top pic looks like an old picture… Dr. MIKE IS A USER AND A FAMEWHORE! He better have returned that watch!

      • @C2F, do not call him a user and a famewhore. he is a doctor and has been in the limelight even before pia came along.
        remember, no one cares about miss u in the us.

  2. Natawa ako sa mga tanong sa boobs… Ayan kalat na sa buong mundo na walang boobs mga Filipina… Why senyora why?!!!

    Oo nga naman, sa lahat ng pinadala natin since Mirriam, Si Venus lang ang malusog…. Ngayon sa mga winners…si Nichole Manalo lang ang tunay malusog, hindi pa kapanipaniwala… Pano na yan si 4M pa universe?!…

    PS. Basil, this is your fault… Joke. 😉

  3. Siguro sabi ni manash rataouli mess inja, “sabi ko na sa inyo eh sa pelepens ang next miss u, pinagdudahan niya pa koh” lol

  4. i want to go home in jan 2016 to watch miss u. but it will be very hard to explain it to my family… just like making excuses in high school just to be able to watch miss u on tv

    • Anong kinekeber mong uuwi ka ng Pinas e samantalang taga Tondo ka lang!
      In your dreams, malantod!

      • Kaloka si Rey pumaloy, este, basil pala. Di baleng taga-tondo basta Torres HS graduate, ok na. Kaya Lang mga classmate ko, Taga San Agustin Poveda La Salle GH at Ateneo , tanong mo pa kina Kris at Lea S. AY hihihi
        Sayang Pa naman , yung best friend ni Basil Valdes best friend Ng teacher ko . Kumanta pa nga sa wedding Nya.
        I hope I hAve given u enough clue. Hihihi

      • @basil, just read b/w the lines.
        all I was saying was. there’s nothing wrong with being from tondo. I’m just not from tondo.
        taga esteban abad ka ba, basil? hihihi

      • Potrero River te, just under the bridge, we were once neighbors. R,emember ,tinuhog mo yung dalawang batang hamog way back 2014?

      • Hihihi Kung Taga under the bridge ako , e di sana ako nakapag-Aral nang mabuti . Baka kahit St Jude college di ako makapasok hihihi
        Ikaw, Panay Yata and rampa mo sa Quiapo at Cubao , aminin Hihihi

      • Sorry basil.
        I’m happy with what I own in life having fulfilled all my dreams . It’s time for me to move on and help my family achieve their dreams
        Ha pas.upang Basil Hihihi

      • @fabiola, let others compliment you.
        Complimenting yourself and enumerating your achievements without others asking for it, is a sign of middle age crisis.

      • @basil, Where in my entry did I compliment myself? You need to go back to school so your reading comprehension can improve Hihihi

  5. People are obviously never realize that hosting a Miss Universe pageant needs time to prepare, lots of money and of course sponsors to supplement the expenses. Is the government willing to shoulder millions of pesos and sacrifice the welfare of hundreds of less fortune Filipinos just to please some pageant fanatics? I guess that is a wrong message because Miss Universe Organization is all about helping to other people.

    • Joshkuh😲 Maraming PERA ang Pinas. ..
      Di pa ba ninyo nababasa or napanood sa TV na billion kung tutuusin ang nawala sa kaban ng bayan😃
      Kausapin mo lng c Aling Laila of 5 ay maproduce yan ng mga friends nya😲

    • You got it wrong! For the record, PH can well afford to host this major event. Our country is awash with cash and there is economic boom. Yes, I admit that there is inequality and poverty but that should not deter this beautiful and great country to celebrate the beauty and show the world how pageantry is a big business here.

      It’s about tourism and business. There is another department that is tasked to address hunger or poverty.

  6. Uggh, my parents bought tickets to the Phils for that timeframe during PAL’s Independence Day promotion. If I had known.

    Anyway, MUO is notorious for pushing everything until the last minute. Some of that delay I understand was NBC not assigning a broadcast date and time in its lineup, so Fox’s more limited programming should alleviate some of the uncertainty. Still, I’m not expecting any official announcement until Fall.

    Can’t imagine what a Phils-based pageant will be like. Don’t know if I’m ready for one!

  7. Medyo nadulas si Pia kanina. Sabi nya: When I pass on my crown NEXT YEAR….
    wonk wonk…hala mag si plano na kayong umuwi.

  8. Walang projects ang bruha, dami time mag FB live.
    That’s all IMG can give her, lots of vacation and nothingness.

    • tse, inggit kalang. Who the hell cares about her projects for MU? She has done the most impt job which is winning the crown. Who the f–k follows what happens after that

      • @Eustaquia, very true.
        IMG and MUO were turned off about the sofa scandal.
        Not a very good role model to the youth, especially to the virgin young women like me, charot!

      • Not true. Paulina was very busy taking photos with fans and selfies in the MUO office. How quickly we forget!

        Sana naman ingrained in our memories the visions of Pia and her Jollibee visits.

        Who knows, it might be another 42 years before a Pinay takes Manhattan again.

      • Miss Russia 2014 Yulia Alipova organized a reunion with her Miss Universe 2014 batchmates to attend her birthday in Italy. Some of the candidates including Miss Philippines MJ Lastimosa flew to Italy to attend the get-together occasion.

        But lot of pageant fanatics are asking why their batch’s winner didn’t attend the event.

        Miss Universe Serbia 2014 Andjelka Tomasevic responds to people asking why Paulina Vega, Miss Universe 2014 of Colombia, was not part of Miss Universe 2014 Reunion in Milan, Italy and Switzerland.

        And this was her shocking statement :

  9. I’m not sure if I got it right. The DOT Secretary mentioned a date for the Miss Universe in PH : January 29, 2017.

  10. I’m excited about PH hosting of Miss Universe. According to our DOT Secretary Wanda Teo (recent interview on TV), the funding is a done deal and they are just awaiting for the approval from the President. The Secretary and Miss Universe Pia will have a courtesy call in Malacanang Palace on July 18. There is a high probability that the President will approve the event.

    PH needs to spend at least US$12 Million to host the Miss Universe according to Sec. Teo. She said that there are so many corporate sponsors and a TV network that have committed to foot the bills. The government will shoulder the hotel expenses, transportation, etc. Venue is in Manila with Cebu, Palawan and Davao as complementing locations! Nice!

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