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    • Ang gwapo mo papa sam. Sana manalo ka sa patimpalak na yan para sabay kayo magtravel ni catriona sa mga activities ng mr and ms world. (Yes mga baklang people, kiniclaim kona , catriona is miss world 2016. May kokontra?

  1. I don’t know where to post this pero I just wanna share this clip. Nakita ko lang sa youtube.

    Seems like Maxine is a lot more comfortable doing interviews. Hindi na masyadong shy and she’s able to communicate her message a lot better than before. IMO, kung mas comfortable si Max magsalita ng Tagalog, magtagalog na lang siya. Mas nasasabi nya ng maayos yung mga thoughts nya.

    • Maxine’s got flawless skin but face is not impressive , at least based on the above. This makes me nervous even though the Philippiines is likely to host 2016-2017.
      I cannot blame her for the way she talks. Taglish is how most Filipinos talk especially the young ones.
      Her main problem is her lack of clarity ( of thoughts) . She’s so vague , I cannot understand what she is trying to say

      • She definitely looks different compared to her predecessors. She has a long way to go. I can’t wait to see her fully transform. I just commend her for not sounding too nervous in this interview (Compared sa previous interviews nya). I wouldn’t say she’s that hard to understand. I get what she’s saying pero personally, I think it’s the substance of her message that’s lacking. Hindi masyadong malaman. But then again, hindi pa naguumpisa ang official training nya.

  2. Any word yet about Sam’s arrival? It’s a bit worrisome.

  3. I dunno, but I feel like he has been reigning for 5 years now.

    Maybe he is just tired of it all and doesn’t care anymore, wants an easy out.

    It happened to Migbelis, the girl from Mexico during Ara’s year, etc. etc. It’s hard being beautiful 24/7 for years on end.

  4. Well doneSam Ajdani when u have finished sort out ur visa u will fly.And I wishes u best of goodluck in ur challenge

  5. This is not acceptable. Two years of preparation … and then at the last minute there’s a problem. Another opportunity thrown out in the air. I will not be surprise if the next news that will shake our senses says: Sam Ajdani returned to Philippines … unable to compete because he did not arrive on time! I am really disappointed Madam!

  6. Finally Rafal is on his way to Southport!! Habol ka na lang Sam.

    Men Universe Model Super Hero Costume

    • Robin, Flash, Punisher , and Captain America remind me of gay cosplayers in the U.S. with very tight fitting suits emphasizing the crotch area.
      And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that 😉

  7. I don’t buy that excuse. You don’t have to be a traveler or genius to know that you must have a proper documents before you travel abroad. Two years of waiting and preparations is enough to secure a travel visa. I hate not to see Sam to compete in Mister World 2016.

  8. @c2f, Underwhelm Pa more. Asian men are not known for their sex appeal . Good luck to u finding someone to overwhelm you , yum! Hihihi

    • Hello, Fabian Reyes. I could not help but comment as well. On the Mister World website, Korea said in his profile that he joined Mister World to show to all that Korean men can be hot/sexy.

      Regardless of Sam’s performance, I think the day will come when Asia-Pacific men can be deemed just as desirable as their counterparts in Europe or the Americas (or Africa for that matter).

      Bruce Lee, Chow Yun-Fat, Jet Li, and Jeremy Lin are examples of this effortless Eastern masculinity. Team Asia in this edition of Mister World – Philippines (whose transformation from skinny to beefy merited a feature in Men’s Health magazine), Japan (who left college to pursue his dream of playing professional basketball), Malaysia (a devout Moslem who discreetly chose to not post a bare-bodied image of himself on his Mister World profile but who nonetheless draws you in like a magnet with his manly nonchalance), Korea (is he a banker or a stockbroker? I am not so certain but his occupation/profession is in the financial field), China, India, and Nepal – would do well to study and get ideas from these Gentlemen of the Orient. Perhaps even from Tiger Woods, who is half-Thai (his marital infidelity notwithstanding).

      Hope to see Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Timor Leste (East Timor), and Papua New Guinea (a former British colony and a member of the Commonwealth if I am not mistaken and therefore has a rightful place in the UK-based pageant) in the next edition. Kampai!

  9. What’s with the thin side hair? I know Korean influence is pervasive in our modern culture . But my God , does it not make anyone look like a punk or A lesbian ? Hihihi

    • Na underwhelm ako kay Hermes…. Kung Pinoy ang peg, ipadala mga young version ni James Zablan or Garry Dulatas …

  10. Kaya naman pala. Panay check ko sa IG wala pa siya. Sana makahabol siya sa competition.

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