19 comments on “Sunday Specials: Jennifer Hammond heats up for Sri Lanka

  1. I don’t know where to post this pero I just wanna share this clip. Nakita ko lang sa youtube.

    Seems like Maxine is a lot more comfortable doing interviews. Hindi na masyadong shy and she’s able to communicate her message a lot better than before. IMO, kung mas comfortable si Max magsalita ng Tagalog, magtagalog na lang siya. Mas nasasabi nya ng maayos yung mga thoughts nya.

  2. Mga teh may tatanong ako. Mga pinoy designers pa din ba kinuha ni madam para mag damit sa mga queens natin o bumalik na sya sa Cumbia at Barazza gowns? Walang balita kase, walang pacontest sa mga designers.

  3. Just my ten cents. I do not think it helps our Binibinis to be publicizing their boyfriends. Look at what happened to Miriam Quiambao, Shamcey Supsup, and Janine Tugonon; they merely ended up as runners-ups. Beauty pageant organizers would probably consider these “pesky boys” as distractions and so be reluctant to give the crown to an “inspired” candidate. Pia Wurtzbach was spot-on when she declared in an interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer that she did not agree with the idea that a woman needed a boyfriend to accomplish things (something to that effect anyway). Then she went on to bag the 2015 Miss Universe crown. IMG must have been pleased..

    Certainly the people behind the Miss Intercontinental pageant are an entirely different organization from the Miss Universe organization. But it does not hurt to exercise some discretion; bear in mind that the judges are already scrutinizing the candidates even before they arrive at the pageant venue.

    Our Binibinis can parade their “inspirations” if and after they win. For now, advise the gents to blend into the woodwork. If they truly love our Binibinis, then it is a minor sacrifice on their part.

  4. I need to see to see the list of delegates before predicting her fate. Same with the rest of the BbP reps 🙂

  5. I believe in her. I think we will get only one crown this year and that is Miss Intercontinental.

  6. She’s a Hammond .
    Promise, she will slap u in the face with our Miss Intercontinental in October Hihihi

    • Lola ( di ba Reyes Ang name mo?) , you bet . Get your face (front and back) ready. Our first MIntercon crown will make it red Hihihi

  7. East Asians tend to prefer rounded features which is what we consider as ideal beauty because it is more feminine as oppose to the East Asian male but if we base it on international standards… Other races prefer the same but not as much… Check out the Asian supermodels or the current Asian Victoria’s secret models.. Their faces are not the most feminine based on Asian standards but they are far more feminine than the Europeans, Africans and Latinas…

    In the picture above, I like that Jen now has sharper features in comparison to her former round face. I suggest just a tiny bit more blending on the cheeks and a tad more symetry on the noseline. But, the lips, eyes and eyebrows from the color, shade and shape is perfection. I think this formula on her face is the perfect look for the competition and the South Asians would absolutely love her. 😀

  8. Maganda si Jen no doubt pero medyo mixed reaction ako. Her transformation is so androgynous. Actually, si Geraldine Roman ang naisip ko nung una ko siya nakita pero in a very good way naman. I guess that’s the beauty of Jen, kailangan laging kumuha ng risk sa styling to stand out (and it really brings wonders.) I hope she really works it on that runway para makuha na natin ang Miss Intercontinental crown masyado nang overdue sa Pinas iyon eh.

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