11 comments on “Falling for the beauty and charm of Joanna Eden

  1. But is it true that there is no interview competition in Supranational?

    Anyway, I agree with the earlier comments. She is GUAPA ! If she wins, Filipinas should plant a Garden of Eden in her honor.

    • There is a closed door interview and whoever excells over the others will win Miss Supra Personality which was won by our Mutya Datul.

  2. Prior to the BP Finals night, I did not see Joanna as a contender for the crown. But during the coronation night, I finally saw her distinct beauty. She was one of the prettiest among the candidates. She deserved her win. But she is no Mutya Datul. Her chances at Miss Supranational is not as strong for now. I hope she does well though.

    • You’ve been downvoted heavily, but I think this is a real concern with Joanna. I’ve seen her personally in an event and she comes off as mataray or standoffish, but from interviews I know that it’s just because she’s shy. The snapchats of the other girls also make fun (jokingly) of her because she’s “always mad” in candids. I think she has a resting bitch face. That + she’s shy = baka hindi mapansin sa Supra!!

  3. Uma-Amelia Vega ang peg ng merlat na to.
    A very expensive beauty.
    A beauty that needs no explanation.
    If Supra is her destiny, I have no problem with that at all.

  4. Her sweet & beautiful face will be a “sure” hit in Supranational just like Mutya.
    Good luck Joanna 🙂

  5. Yung nanalo ng Best in Swimsuit dahil dinaan sa ganda. Haha love you Eden. 😍
    Sayang, pang MU sana dapat to sa mga susunod na taon eh. Anyways, sana manalo sya sa Supra. Wag sana maging hadlang na kakapanalo lang natin nung 2013. Hays

  6. Tito Norms, sana ibahin mo na yung format ng photo collage mo kasi medyo natatakpan or faded ang faces. Dapat yung kita ang buong face. Salamat.

  7. Joanna Eden beauty exudes innocence and her accent is charming. She can play an instrument. Wont be surprised if guys are crushing on her. What I like about her is that even though she is half Aussie she doesnt try to look western. Instead embrace her natural beauty.

  8. di ko get ang beauty nya before pero ngayon Top 5 material sya sa supra…sana gaganda pang lalo

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