20 comments on “Off to Southport, UK: Mr World Philippines 2015 Sam Ajdani

  1. TOP 3
    MEXICO, Aldo Esparza
    INDIA, Rohit Khandelwal
    KENYA, Kevin Owiti

  2. TOP 10

    SCOTLAND (Extreme Challenge)
    ENGLAND (Sports)
    INDIA (Multimedia)
    CHINA (Fashion) =;))
    POLAND (Talent)


    Miss England 2014 Carina Tyrell (Top 5 Miss World 2014) – Mr World 2007 Juan Garcia Postigo – Julia Morley – Mr World 2012 Francisco Escobar

  4. Fast Tract Winners:

    Scotland- Extreme Challenge
    England- Sports Challenge
    India – Multi-Media
    Poland – Talent
    The BLUE Team – Mr World team challenge!

    Fashion and Style is Next..

  5. Mabuti pa si Daniel Matsunaga alam nya ang kantang Tatlong Bibe, kalokah wala siyang alam tagalog songs!

    • Hay naku!… 2 years from now na tayo umasa sa Mr. World… hohummmm…

  6. Ang gwapo!
    He should take care of his eyes. They tend to look tired, yung parang puyat o kakatapos lang umiyak.

  7. Mister Universe 2016 Philippines (Men Universe Model) National Costume
    A Lapu Lapu and Pintados inspired costume…

  8. Mister World Philippines 2016 National Costume
    It’s an Ethnic hand painted embroidered Barong Tagalog by Frederick Peralta.

    • Ang simple naman…. How about a Maranao Prince wedding costume para guy version of Megan Young?… I also agree with the Lapu-Lapu pintados inspired costume pero hindi bagay dun chicken legs… Pwede din pre-colonial maharlika costume… ang daming options!

  9. Mr world Philippines 2015 SamAjdani I wishes u best luck in ur travels to Southport #UK

  10. Do your best. Best of luck. I’m proud of you. I believe in you!!!

  11. Good thing they fixed his snaggle tooth… I really do hope that you do your best to win. We all wish you the best of luck.

  12. Good luck Sam! You have a big chance of winning this one. You had a loooong preparation. That’s your advantage.

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