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  1. Yesterday was another jam packed day for the Mr. World Contestants, as they completed their Extreme Challenge and continued the Sports and Fitness Competition.
    The morning began with a trip to Princes Park in Southport. Here the contestants met their instructor Gavin Daniels, a former Royal Navy PT trainer who put the men through their paces in a series of military-like, team training exercises.

    Extreme Challenge Top 12

    1. Scotland
    2. England
    3. Mexico
    4. Costa Rica
    5. Germany
    6. Japan
    7. Wales
    8. Denmark
    9. Northern Ireland
    10. Nicaragua
    11. Austria
    12. Sweden
    The 24 hour Extreme Challenge is now over and the guys gave it their all.

  2. I’ve seen the guy face-to-face and shoulder-to-shoulder and people really take at least a second look at him which only means that he is a standout and a looker. Obviously those that made negative statements have poor taste or no taste at all — that simple!

  3. Saw him in person at ang gwapo nya. Huwag kang ano dyan 😂😂😂

    • Ako rin yummy naman talaga siya at malaman kaso lang may pagka-chicken legs at kailangan ng lots of sleep and vitamin E para magmukhang fresh. Pero pak na pak si Sam, I really hope he wins.

  4. mongrel – a cross between types of persons or things. di naman siguro aso ang intention ni Marvin

    • mon·grel
      a dog of no definable type or breed.
      “a lovable mongrel puppy”
      synonyms: cross-bred, of mixed breed, half-breed, interbred, mixed
      “a mongrel bitch”
      any other animal resulting from the crossing of different breeds or types.
      synonyms: cross-breed, cross, mixed breed, half-breed; More
      a person of mixed descent.

      Regardless of it’s true meaning… using it to describe someone is highly insensitive and bordering on offensive.

      • @ c2f, a lot people use the word mongrel to mean something else. Please, do not be too literal about it.
        besides, he cannot be a racist if he is a Filipino. while everyone technically can be a racist, that term generally applies to Caucasians only.
        honestly, it only hurts if the Caucasians are on the offensive side.

      • @Fabian

        Why did I even read your comment?!… Such a waste of time…

      • @ Pete , tanga nga … Ikaw?
        My almighty and all-knowing c2f . Thanks for the honor of reading my entry and responding to it. Hihihi

  5. Did he undergo the military trainning as publicised after his apointment?

  6. Sya ang unang Filipino na sasabak sa international pageant this year so support nalang tayo mga sis! Hope he gets a placement like Andrew Wolfe and not the epic failure of Spainhour! #AllTeaNoShade

  7. I have to agree as well with the comments of Marvin1978 and Allanis Moreshit. I’ve always believed that the Kings and Queens we send to represent us should look Filipino. And I am ambivalent about Sam Ajdani in this regard. To me, his bloodline combination makes him look Chinese!

    Still, Cory Quirino appointed him to the mission of securing our country’s first Mr. World crown and he will need to find a way to graciously address his non-believers (myself included) if he is to convince the judges that he deserves to win.

    The competition this year is fierce, judging by the images and profiles of Sam’s adversaries posted on the Internet.

    But he seems to be a nice guy. Perhaps this will be enough. Good luck, Mr. Ajdani. Give it your 101%. Give the Philippines another reason to be proud, and prove us, your naysayers and skeptics, wrong. No need to be perfect. You just need to be “the world’s most desirable man”.

  8. gwapo siya pero biglang tumanda. mas bata siya nong nanalo sya sa local pageant, 2 or 3 years later parang laki ng itinanda nya

    • That is very racist and totally uncivilised comment. Shame on you. What if i call you a mongrel? Would you be happy. Shame on you!!!
      In this DNAge where a lot of world problems are caused by people’s intolerance and indifference to others and departure from what they perceived as their own territory, this comment should nipped in the bud. Shame on you again. I detest you. Whoever you are should study more about good manners😱😱😲

    • @Marvin

      How dare you describe someone as a mongrel?! Are you not Filipino?! Are not most Filipinos mixed-race to begin with?! Maybe you should study history and find out about your roots?!

    • @Marvin:
      Not only being insensitive but intolerant and bigot as well.
      That’s why hatred doesn’t cease – it’s because of such ignorant comment from some ignoramus.
      What’s wrong with being “Chinese looking?”
      Sam is very unique in his own ways. He wouldn’t be given the title, I guess if he looks like you.

      Those bashers who criticise the physical appearance of our candidates, do you have the appearance of God / Goddess of Beauty? If you don’t, then just shuddufakup!

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