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  1. GO GO GO for it Maxine! Just be Spontanious! Bd positive in ur first greet! Dont be defensve n ur opening Statement! Charm dem much! U hev a LOT f dat! U CAN do it! For d PHILS! GB

  2. Her “asian” features most definitely has international appeal!
    Look how she transforms from one awesome look to another.
    I’m looking forward to seeing some samples of her communication skills on videos really soon.

    Go Maxine!
    You can do it,
    you can do it,
    We know you can…
    All you have to do,
    is put your mind to it,
    Buckle down,
    buckle down
    And just do it, do it, do it!

  3. I’d like Maxine to wear an off-shoulder immaculate white flowy gown with rhinestones. Suprisingly, the “pageant-betty” hair suits her the best. Pero sana mas toned down yung style and wag matakpan yung face. The make up should look natural na maglalabas talaga ng real and filipina beauty niya. And yung heels, pls naman no more platforms. Keber na kung mas maliit siya tignan kesa sa iba. Strappy silver heels will do na. What Maxine needs is more personality. Engage natin siya sa outdoor and fun activities, charity events, balls and gala. And yes com skills, I believe she knows how to speak straight english sadyang kinakabahan lang siya. Other than that, okay na. I want Maxine to be her full self. Gusto ko yung aura niyang sweet, demure and “mahiyain” I think that will set her apart sa ibang kandidata na talagang gigil sa korona.

  4. Her face looks like Gloria Diaz, Desiree Verdadero and Kurara Chibana combined…

  5. Red gown for 4M on the final night, to complete the Filipino flag colours lol.
    Ariella – Yellow
    MJ – White
    Pia – Blue
    Maxine – Red

  6. I love 4M. Iban ganda ang iseserve ng Philippines in December. I think her soft features will really stand out. Basta wag sila magtabi ni Indonesia.

  7. She needs to be fresh and free. When in pageant mode she looks “heavy” and “forced” when its clear she is in her element being eazy breezy. Fortunately IMG seems to not want a typical pageant girl (at least this year) so this may be a chance to capitalize on Maxine’s best look.

    I also think her color could very well be ***tangerine***

    Essentially, I want her to be like Miss California USA this year — who happened to go very far in large part because she was “different”

  8. Juskopo bakit kailangan nyang sumagot ng tagalog kung english ang tinatanong? Kapag ganyan pa din ang communication skills nya, siguradong lagapak sya sa closed door panel interview ng mga MU judges.

    Hindi ba sya maka straight english kapag iniinterview?

    Ilan buwan na ang nagdaan, bakit parang walang nangyayari sa poor communication skills nya? She could hardly express her thoughts even in tagalog!

    • Beastmode ka te,, essay writing ang mode of question and answer this year, kaya nothing to worry about.
      Best in Essay Writing si maxine nun 3rd year high school. kaya I’m sure she willa ce this department.

  9. Maxine wardrobe Styles should elongate her legs given her long torso.

  10. People on IG are happy about Maxine’s new set of photos. The Latinos are quiet or generally positive about her face pero hindi pa sila kumbinsido sa b2b. The Indonesians are on attack mode, it’s crazy how desperate they are. I just saw an interview conducted by her boyfriend. Super good looking brown people. Maxine sounds super sweet pa rin but not so commanding. Yun pa rin dapat nila i develop. medyo mahaba habang inuman pa pero may time pa naman siguro. I love her to bits but the comm skills need more work. When asked in English, Tagalog pa rin yung responses nya. Nothing wrong pero kung Tagalog, mas ok yung may tikas. Baka naman baraha nila yan na hindi pa nilalabas. So far so good naman.

    P.S. Kung kamukha ni Maxine si Coco Martin, Angel locsin, Lovi Poe,Tetchi, Riyo Mori, Honey Lee, Kristen Kreuk…embrace natin yan. Hindi naman mga chaka mga taong to. Nakuha ni Maxine magagandang features nila so keri lang.

      • Malakas makahatak ang personality ni Maxine no wonder kahit hindi makapag-English panalo hahaha.

      • Someone needs to tell her no dark lipstick. Parang mall girl and dating nya sa interview.. like Lai noted, she needs more personality/communication development. #eleganceplease

      • That distinct Ateneo twang, Maxine, lakas maka-cosmo. Sosyal na sosyal! Pero, girl, isantabi mo muna that twang because I understand malakas maka-distract ‘yan to utter a complete sentence. ‘Yan exactly ang advise ko sa protege ko na Ateneo grad. Magaling s’ya, pero may threshold s’ya in speaking straight English, as in nagta-taglish na s’ya after five paragraphs. If I could only handle you in speech department, proper breathing technique, tongue exercise, enunciation, etc. Nevertheless, I suggest you undergo training with Valerie Cruz Tapalla. Try mo, girl.

        At any rate, gandang-ganda ako sa ‘yo. ‘Yan ang gandang kakabog sa mga Latinas. ‘Di ka nakakasawang tingnan. Naniniwala ako na effortlessly pasok ka sa Top 15 come Miss Universe 2016.

      • @Laila Tama ka… pasabog lang yan ng Aces for sure… yan naman style nila every year, laging may transformation… sa accent lang talaga ni Ariela nahirapan before…

      • @ Ana Winter – Is that what it is, Ateneo twang? Salamat, I learned something new 😉

        Yes, that will definitely need to change. Locally, it may be cute and a sign of social elevation, pero outside it’ll come across as pa-kewt, affected, contrived. In a Miss U stage our candidate will need to project sophistication and gravitas both in words chosen and in delivery. I hope the handlers will immerse her deeper in critical and progressive thinking. She’s obviously a smart girl, just needs some focused direction.

      • You must not have gone to Ateneo if you think this is the Ateneo Twang. If you want to hear the Ateneo twang, listen to Nicole Cordoves. Nicole’s is even more apparent in real life, while Kylie’s is more subtle.

      • @DanDan – that’s how I categorize it based on my observations – Ateneo twang. Bianca Guidotti, Bianca Gonzales, Maxine, and a few of my friends, officemates and relatives, they have it! Yeah, they sound so sosyal talaga. However, whenever they are surrounded by English native speakers, naa-outtalk sila, and they have become so tameme.

        @Urban Decay – it’s irrelevant to say that one would not notice that twang if he/she had not been to Ateneo. Hello! As I have said above, I have been acquainted with a lot of Ateneans. Anyway, been to UP.

      • @ana, I don’t think u can call Maxine’s twang as specifically Atenean. I hAd classmates from Poveda Mary Knoll San Agustin etc and they sounded the same. I hated them for that until I found out that they could actually speak perfect English
        So This issue is mainly Maxine’s . And it’s not gonna change before the contest . I’m not saying it’s bad. Venus MJ and Ara had the same problem but they came out Ust fine.she has great personality ( sweet friendly sort of shy) and her still pics are great. She just needs to learn how to stand out in the crowd ( I really did not notice her during the coronation night, not at all) .
        I think she will make the final 5…. But I have to wait for the final product

  11. Undoubtedly, 4M has that very pretty face that can catch everyone’s attention !
    I’m liking her shot in that catchy green gown reminding me of how Isabel Lopez stole the show at the Cannes red carpet. I would like her to show a bit more of her fierceness while not losing that sweet vibe at the same time. I trust A&Q is working on all the possibilities for her to stand out in Vegas – pasarela, Q&A, styling, make up, gowns etc.
    All the best to you, Max as you prepare for that MU journey ahead 🙂

  12. Definitely minimize the lip mole. I know it’s natural, but the location is not enhancing the shape of her lips.

  13. Kulang sa height, mukhang malapad, pls prove me wrong dear Max.

  14. Unang tingin dun sa pic na naka green dress si Maxine, akala ko talaga si Coco Martin. Seryoso!

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