11 comments on “A wealth of followers is a powerful thing

    • Naku, madam i-spluk na iyan! Jusme bakit kaya nawala sila sa ere at madame may chika ka rin ba kung bakit nagbreak si Kylie at Laurens? Huhuhu ang yummy ni Laurens pero hiniwalayan lang ni Kylie, bagay pa naman sila. #bakaThirdParty

  1. And I believe a big number of Miss Universe followers on Twitter would’ve been for Pia’s personal Twitter account if not for the confusion of two floating verified Pia Wurtzbach or if only she didn’t deactivate after winning Miss Universe. Oh my,it was even hacked for a little while,right?

    The good thing is it’s fixed especially now that Pia has less than 6 months to complete her reign and she’ll definitely be going back to using her @PiaWurtzbach as a Filipino celebrity and a rising star in the US.

    Good job,Pia! Love,love and more love!

  2. That 2.5 million probably also includes fake accounts and haters. Nevertheless 2.5 is a big thing.

    • Ganda nga eh. It takes commitment and discipline to achieve that shape. Besides mowdel yang si Pia, at yan ang international standard na dapat nyang sundin kung gusto nyang magmowdelmowdel fulltime after her stint. Matalino yang si Pia. She knows what to do to achieve her future goals. Investment nya yan for her next move kaya chill lang mare.😉

      • Truth!

        Sometimes Pinoys confuse me. They want a Universal beauty queen but insist on barangay festival standards. They want confidently beautiful but revert to dalagang Pinay modesty.

        They want development and progress but think the (sometimes broken) Pinoy same ole same ole mentality that has gotten them anywhere but…

        Yes Pia knows exactly what she is doing and why she is doing it. That’s how she earned her title.

        Even corny “Pia eat more rice, Pia you need more fats (fats plural?), Pia is there no Filipinon restaurants in NYC” posts on her IG.


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