13 comments on “A Jolly Miss Universe in Queens, NYC

  1. Nakakastress naman yung mga nagsasabing walang plano img kay pia. Kesyo not travelled, no projects. Lets not compare her to the time of molly isler. Si molly pumunta dito dahil nagkayolanda. There was a big big disaster na internationally talked about for days to weeks pa. Si pia pumunta rin naman ng ecuador nung lumindol although not sure if she visited the damaged areas. Pero di masyado sensationalized yung tragedy or at least i wasnt able to see a lot of it on cnn. Tsaka ibang management itong img. Nangangapa pa. So bottomline lets just be happy that pia won the crown.

  2. jolibee is way overrated. to pay more than 2 dollars for a small piece of chicken is abusive. the sauce is not even that good. I do not miss jolibee at all.

  3. #queenP I see ur fast food is declious, enjoy my ur self my love

  4. Parang napariwara si Piayaya sa part na yan.
    Daming time para maglibot.
    Magtinda ka na lang ng lutong bahay dyan Pia!

  5. Tagal ng ipinagsisigawan ni Piaya ang chickenjoy, pero keber at dedma to the nth power ang Jollibee na kunan syang endorser.
    Jollibee, hey hey hey, kay kunat kunat, gusto lagi e free endorsement.
    Mamuhunan naman kayo.

  6. The endorsements will set her up for life after her reign. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer girl.

  7. Goodness, just when I thought I couldn’t love this woman any more.

    I would be happy if MUO couldn’t find a host just to have her reign longer.

  8. I can always relate to Pia’ craving for Jollibee 🙂 we’d always frequent Seafood City in Vegas (a good 8 hr drive from Salt Lake City, Utah) just to have a bite of my favorite Chicken Joy and palabok 🙂
    Burp burp burp 🙂

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