13 comments on “A U.S. Rendezvous for Miss World 2016?

  1. and watch out if these two Phils halfies win their respective nationals and the last two standing in MW2016, there will be uprising… Attica ! Attica! 🙂

    Audri Mari- MW America 2016 candidate

  2. MW should hold it on a weekend. December 20 just doesn’t make sense.

  3. Great news for MW.
    However, I do agree with JUSTGRC.
    The MWO really needs to make the finals telecast/production a little more suspenseful.
    One thing that needs to go is the annoying and confusing Leader Board!

  4. OMG I’ve blow money on a lot of stupid things but paying a hard earned dollar to that snoozefest just makes no sense. Boring and totally predetermined. So sad because 2013 and 2014 had some phenomenal titleholders.

    No offense to Megan or Tita Cory, just saying 🙂

    • The pageant seems frozen in time.. it feels stuffy too. At least Miss U (the 2-hour version) has bits of tension and drama.

      • 3 hours is too long on TV but in person is just right.

        Time flies when you are enjoying yourself at a live Miss Universe pageant hahahahahaaa

      • @justgrc – I was in Vegas the last three times it was held there, went to rehearsals and live shows. My bladder complains when it’s the 3-hour format.. I still liked the 2-hour version, keeping fillers to a minimum. I do like the Top 15, 10, 5, 3 as it gives judges more view time with the girls.

      • Dandan, babe just get an aisle(ish) seat and run to the bathroom during the commercial and filler breaks. That’s what I do because the adrenaline and excitement just make me need to move around and/or pee!
        Ticketmaster (usually) lets you pick individual seats.

        Honestly during some of those longer breaks/fillers you could probably buy a drink and take a selfie with the stage in the background too 😂😂😂

    • So that means you’re not watching it live? I heard MU will be held two days later in Vegas. I’ve never watched MW live and i want to tick it off to my bucket list so maybe I’d drive to DC to watch MW and then fly to Vegas the next day to catch MU … And of course to party with you baby! Haha

      • I’m a West Coast gal so if what you say is true, then Dawn go for it. You can do both. If I go, I only want to be in the mix of the last minute rehearsals in Vegas. Arrive Wed for rehearsals, Thursday for the event, and depart Friday before hotels and airfares explode. I’ve seena Vegas a thousand times. It’s all about the venue nonstop for me, And for some r&r — blowing off steam with Jonas & crew at Pirahna…

  5. Thats Good. np sa venue wag lang sa china again. sa PH pwede or african poor countries mas maganda.

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