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    • Sana di magka conflict sa date ng Miss Universe malamang my friends and I will be driving to DC from NY to watch the Miss World finals …at sana si Catriona Gray ang bet natin

      • Dawn, sa December 18 daw MU. ewan kung speculation pero T-Mobile Arena daw ewan kung tama basa ko Vegas or LA

  1. MWP lacks in publicity…I hope they could get more promotions with VAA. Im ok with TV5 as media partner, GMA last year didn’t air the MIss World 2015 finals.

  2. Maria Gigante for MWP 2017👍👍
    Ang sayasaya Di ba Laila at Baby Nica☺

  3. Well, the MWP organization has to take chances to further its growth. May they continue to flourish.
    Since becoming it’s own entity, in 2011, MWP and MUP have been extremely fruitf in competetion. The two most established crowns are 10-0 in placements over a five year span.

    2011 – 1st runner up
    2012 – top 15
    2013 – winner
    2014 – top 25
    2015 – top 10 (6th)

    2011 – 3rd runner up
    2012 – 1st runner up
    2013 – 3rd runner up
    2014 – top 10
    2015. – winner

    Much more success to the MWP Organization in the near future.

      • Actually C2F, the point I was emphasizing was the year 2011 when Cory Quirino and MWP became a separate entity from BPCI.
        It seems as if both MWP and MUP benefitted from the separation based on their results over the past five years at MW and MU respectively.

      • Ahhh Ok… Now I get your point…. I agree, It is the competition between the two pageants that invited more qualified girl to pursue pageantry and compete for these 2 prestigious titles… it also allows Runner-ups to compete again for the other pageant.. Ex. Janicel Lubina and Gwen Ruais

  4. I hope that this will be a wise decision. If Cory really want changes, focus on the Beauty With a Purpose project of the candidates, enough on the glamorous side. We want to see a beautiful candidate who are really dedicated and working to her chosen project, what are her preparation, her long term solutions and most important the outcome of her project, is it success or failure.

    • I agree! Kung mapapansin niyo ang mga BWAPs ng mga Miss Indonesia e parang tatakbo sa next elections ang peg. I still cannot believe na wala yung BWAP ni Hillarie Parungao sa Top Ten. Parang niraffle lang ni Julia Morley yung sa China, in contrast sa London nung ang laki talaga ng emphasis.

      • May niluto c Julia at Indonesia sa China last year kc malaki ang naitulong ng indonesian judge kay Julia noong 2013.
        Pero maganda at matalino c Miss World-Indonesia 2015 at deserving Sa 2nd princess title.

  5. Excited na ako malaman sino sino mga runners up ni MWP 2016 Catriona at 1st Princess Mariel deleon. #AllTeaNoShade

    • You have a point. It seems like under Cory Quirino, the winner of MWP has already been chosen early on, and the pageant is a mere formality. So unless Catriona falls down flat on her face during the evening gown segment or suffers a brain fart of Janina San Miguel proportions, then she’s the likely winner this year.

      • Tumpak Dogbert. Tignan mo nangyari noon 2014 wala pang patimpalak pero dahil sa kagustuhan ng madla nanalo si Valerie at binigyan pa ng regalo ni Cory si Valerie ibinigay lahat ng minor/sponsors award. Ano nagyari sa Miss World 2014, siyempre talunan. Ganoon din ang ginawa noong 2015. Habang may suporta ang kandidata susungaban naman ni madam Cory, pati nga TV network nag-iba din dahil alam niyang marami ang galit sa isang TV network. Sa maigsing salita kung saan marami ang suporta doon susungaban ni madam Cory dahil siguradong maraming perang papasok. Sa tingin mo ba, kahit siya na dapat ang manalo kung walang suporta mananalo ba siya. Hinde? Hanggang ngayon ba naman wala pang Beauty with Purpose project ang mga kalahok, pero yung isa mayroon nang project. Talagang naluto na ang patimpalak sa 2016.

  6. Thanks for the update, Norman. So MWP has a new network partner. Whatever is the org’s reason for any new partnership, just wishing it’s for their own good, win-win to put it simply.

  7. The truth is, there is no problem with the system of MWP Org.
    It is just the blogger who is raising certain issues which are non-existent.
    The exclusivity and the independence of MWP Org is the turning point of the Philippines returning to its powerhouse status.

    • Agree. I think breaking MW and MUP has been more positive than negative. It also make the competition fiercer as the women fight for one crown. I do agree that MW is still second when it comes to prestige. But I am pretty sure that with more sponsorships and visibility the pageant will continue to rise on its own.

  8. Uh! Well, I understand that this is CQGQ’s business or management decision. After all, Miss World Philippines (MWP) has already established its base. MWP’s fans would just then, aaahh, feel disappointed that the pageant has now settled to the free TV’s third best thing.

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