8 comments on “Starting off with the last quarter of her reign as Miss International Queen 2015

  1. Goodjob Trixie! You are indeed a world class beauty inside and out! 🙂

  2. Ano ba nag napala nya nung nanalo sya sa pageant na yan?
    Nganga lang.
    Puro ka-cheapan.

    • eh ano bang napala mo sa kaka okray? me nagsabi na ba sayo na “we are proud of you basil for representing our country and won it”?

  3. I don’t like trannies, they have this foul odor coming out of their pores.
    I am really sorry…..

    • I am so sorry that you are feeling this way but men are all created equal, you may have your own opinion but if you opinion affects another person’s well being then it is better to keep it to yourself. Wishful thinking that discrimination will be gone in this world, but as we can see, we still have a person like you, but I will respect your decision.

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