7 comments on “Sunday Specials: Imelda Schweighart wins Miss Philippines Earth 2016

  1. I must say MPE queens this year are more beautiful than the BBP queens this year.

  2. Fantastic show – despite some less than appealing camera shots, the stage, presentation are sleek and simple.

    congratulations to imelda – despite i do not agree with her answer – she gave a confident answer.

    i love the hashtag questions. it like back in the early 2000 when the ladies were shown pictures and have the interpret the picture. very relevant and up to the times.

    I think Bb Pilipinas should learn now from Miss Philippines Earth on keeping up with times.

    Angelia looks stunning in that Almodal dress. Imelda should wear one of his creation for Miss Earth 2016.

    Cannot wait to know where will Miss Earth 2016

  3. I am very happy that the winners are gorgeous compare to Binibining Pilipinas winners. They have a unique presentation last night kudos something new. Hmmm I can smell another crown for the Philippines.

  4. Congrats n well deserved! Kagandahan at performance n d n kailngan i-explain, i-appreciate, ipagtanggol!!! Wala kn maipipintas! =)😃

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