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  1. Parang kamukha nya yung taga-Dominican Republic na nag-1st runner up dati. Si Ada Aimee Dela Cruz.

  2. Sana hindi ito madagdag sa estadistika ng mga PALAKOL veneer casualties. Fingers crossed.


  3. I honestly believe that public speaking (hindi kelangan pang competition level) is a skill and you either have it or you don’t. Training can only improve delivery but substance is something you develop over time and it starts early on in life.

  4. I’ve been waiting for her return. Physically she is what I want to see wearing The Philippines’ sash in MU. She is stunning and has matured beautifully. Now comes the “if” part. With the new MUO, they have been doling out questions that require a muti-tiered answer within 30 seconds. The questions are non-pageanty and can throw one for a loop if they are not prepared for the depth of the possible question. I pray her three years of international experience has given her the ability to think outside the box and be quick witted. If she indeed has gained this required knowledge and ability, I truly see a fourth MU crown for The Philippines!😘

    • hate to crush your dream of a crown no.4 phillip. this is not gonna happen with elima. the closest girl to the crown for me is laura lehman,

      • Laura Lehman is beautiful and witty. May konting issue lang ako sa upper lip niya when she smiles. Kung sasali si Patch Magtanong next year, then…

        Patch Magtanong – MUP
        Laura Lehman – BbP – International
        Charmaine Elima – BbP – Supranational
        Dindi Pajares – BbP Grand International


      • laura lehman is too good to be bpi.
        your line up is otherwise good. I tried to look up patricia magtanong . theres nothing much abt her. so I will reserve my judgment until I get more info

      • Fabbie, mag-stalk ka sa FB niya. Hihihi! By the way, here’s what I know…

        She is currently in her second year in UP Law, and is an Economics grad from UP as well. She used to be a ramp model and has been a Mercator talent. Her beauty is comparable to Ruffa Gutierrez bordering Lara Quigaman. She stands is 5’9″.

      • @fabian and Ana

        I was very impressed with Laura Lehman when she competed at BbP two years ago.
        She is a great example of beauty and brains.
        With IMG steering MU into a new direction, advancing to the top 5 now requires the lucky contestant to exhibit “brains” as an exclamation mark to their “beauty.”
        Laura would be an excellent rep.

      • I agree with you, Saluda. But, what do you think was her downfall during that time? The 2014 batch was not as strong as 2012, 2013, or 2015.

    • @Philip
      I just viewed her Q&A from 2013…ouch!
      However, after 3 years, I’m sure her communication skills has improved since then.
      Pia and Janine set the bar for MUP’s.

    • Wag ismolin ang candidates from cebu; steffi rose abirasturi and patalinghog plus smith again

  5. she deserves no less than miss universe philippines title in bb

  6. I love her gandang Pinay. Effortless beauty, she just needs to practice, practice, practice on media interaction and public speaking.

  7. Sana tumangkad pa sya from 5’6″ in 2013 to 5’8″ in 2018. I love this girl, she’s one of my bet during BbP 2013.

  8. Ayayayyyy!!! Jusko sana Bb Pilipinas 2017 n pra bumalik ang interes ko s Bb and miss u….d k kkbkba kung cya Philippine bet,alam mo nmn may psnlaban tayo….na malakas at ppangas tlg! Go miss Elima!!😃 Finally

  9. Wow, if she Aces the Q&A at binibini… We might have a new Miss Universe…

    • @c2f, I do not see that path happening for elima. even if she wins mup (which I doubt) , she will not be miss universe. she is pretty and all. but not every good singer can be an American Idol. We need somone who is as smart as Shamey and Janine or someone who gew up speaking in English.

  10. I am a fan of hers eversince.
    A beauty without ifs, buts, because, and whys

    • Bulag ka ate? Nichole “Fake” Manalo? That’s a big insult to Charmaine . Please get your eyes checked

      • Hoyyyy! Kahit pa anong ginawa sa face ni Nicole Manalo talaga naman maganda sya ngayon!
        Inggit ka na nman teh?

      • I agree with Tissa here.
        Nichole Manalo is actually very pretty now, whatever people say.
        She is for me the prettiest queen this year.

  11. Tamang tama lang that she took some time off. She’s gorgeous! Mabuti nalang as early as now prepare na sya for Bbp 2017! Can’t wait for her and Dindi to battle it out.

  12. absolutely gorgeous; facial and body proportions are flawless; but needs to enhance personality and projection.

  13. Maganda ang styling niya dito. Sana ganiyan din ang styling ng mga Binibini kapag Finals Night. Fresh at Glamorous tignan.

  14. i don’t understand the hype on elima. but I only have 2 eyes

    • Lol… that’s just wrong Fabian. Funny though 😀
      What can you possibly see wrong with her?
      I think Ms. Elima is very beautiful!

      • @wrong, I think she is pretty. but she is not going to win mup hihihi

  15. Bakit ba nagiging trend lately ang camp switching?
    I would’nt be surprised if other girls will switch to Camp Aguinaldo or Camp Bagong Diwa.
    But kidding aside, this girl is the one to beat next year.
    Charmaine E5 for BBP-Universe 2017.

  16. Her beauty can surpass any revalida, dissertation or thesis. At par communications skills will seal her deal. Good luck, Charmaine Elima!

  17. Duguan na naman pala ang batch 2017. Wishlist lang to. Elima, ganados, aberasturi, thomalla, pajares, smith, camu, malinao, marquez, penchon, de leon, openiano and many more. Charaught. With A&Q on elima’s side, she can definitely represent philippines sa international stage.

  18. I’m a faaaan! I have been waiting for her to join again. I guess she’s up for MUP or nothing, since ang aga niya mag train. but go girl! I know you can do it.

    BTW, ang ganda niya sa whole body photo niya, lakas maka exotic – morenang donna cruz.

  19. I believe it was in 2013 when Charmaine joined Bb. I was rooting for her during that time too! There were 50 girls competing that year. It was Bb Pilipinas’ Golden Year. Ariella got the Miss Universe Philippines title, Bea the Bb Pilipinas International, and Muyta for Bb Pilipinas Supranational. I’ve been hoping that she joins again! This is great news, Sir Norman! Love this girl! 😉

  20. I’m a fan! I want her natural skin color back yung parang kulay ni Ariella Arida when she competed in MU, that was close to her skin tone. I’m excited to see her comiong back in pageant world once again!

  21. 2017 Bb. Pilipinas is the perfect year for you…. from Miss Generation East 3 years ago to Bb. Pilipinas, go girl grab the coveted title. God bless you.

  22. She’s beautiful. When she first joined in 2013, I thought it was going to be between her and Pia for MU. Neither of them one (Ara was still gorgeous), but I always knew Charmaine would be back. I think KF styled her too dusky, so I’m glad she made the switch to Aces. She is definitely MU material. Could be a great successor to Maxine.

  23. No doubt gorgeous. I hope that they don’t style her too heavily. Please please let her natural beauty shine. Go easy on the make up. Let the hair be soft and natural. In these photos she looks beautiful but the styling is baduy. Makes her look older and pageant patty.
    I hope she has more substance to her personality since MU IMG is going for brains and personality now, not just beauty.

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