16 comments on “Pia and Deshauna: The New Housemates

  1. Dugay na c Pia sa USA Pero bisaya gihapon ang tingog😃
    Fight lng bisaya👍

  2. Wow, housemate na ni Pia si Wilma?
    Riot tyak to, lam na, si Doc Mike na ang susunod na ama ng ipagbubuntis ni Wilmalu!

  3. So what if Deshauna has a very strong personality? Being a woman in the army means she knows how to respect hierarchy. In that Manhattan apartment, there’s only one Queen and that is none other than Pia. And knowing Pia, I don’t think she has anything to prove to her new housemate but simply enjoy living together in peace and harmony and help each other in promoting the advocacies and projects of IMG. Viva Queen Pia and Deshauna!

  4. I think they’ll get along splendidly!
    Pia’s MU reign has reached its half-way mark and December will be here before we know it.

    Off topic somewhat.
    I think it would benefit the Miss USA organization if, in the near future, it were to send it’s two runners-up to MW and MI.
    Miss Hawaii would have been a nice fit to compete at Miss World.
    Miss Georgia would been a great rep at Miss International.
    Just saying…
    I’m growing to really appreciate BPCI’s awarding multiple winners.

    • Julia Morley wont allow it coz she demanded other countries to have separate national pageants for Miss World reps (that’s why napilitan si Osmel to hold a separate MV-Munddo pageant and also why Cory Quirino got the franchise for MWP). Ayaw ni Mama Julia na second bests lang ang pinapadala sa kanya. Gusto niya winners din

      • That makes sense Unorthodox.

        Then perhaps International and Earth for M-USA’s 1st and 2nd runners-up.
        It would be nice for them to compete in a major Big 4 international pageant.
        Even in the Olympics and World Games there are three medals given.

  5. I love the new Miss USA! She looks lovely and really pretty. Cheers.

  6. Mark my word. There will be a cat fight. Mukhang maldita itong bago. Lalu na may military background , superior yung tingin Nya sa sarili . Sana naman Hindi bura rara lol
    Mukhang dugyut Kasi. At yung balita eh suplada ang babaeta. karamihan sa kanila Pag May kulay yung ugali eh malakas Kasi ayaw nilang naapi sila Kaya Ganun yung lakas ng
    Personality Nila. War Kung war.

    • you shouldn’t base your judgements about african-americans from the reality t.v. caricatures.
      some of them may be outspoken, some may have big personalities, but if you have been
      around them a lot, they have the biggest heart and are very warm caring people,
      not to mention soul food, cajun/creole food is among the best in the world.

    • Presi dent
      Where are you pulling up all of these bullshits? From the gutter’s tank?
      Go and educate yourself!

      • I don’t want to stoop down into your level. You can’t nullify what I have lamented. I have a condo in Newyork and a house in California so I know what I am saying. Unlike you poor creature you just happen to know things from your computer you don’t have the first hand experience .

    • President’s comment sounds racist, but there is some truth to it. Blacks tend to be loud. I lived in the US for awhile and worked with them. The ones I worked with are nice though. Just loud.

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