20 comments on “Q&A Training with A&Q

  1. So this early the battle of MWP 2016 is between A&Q and A&Q… Just wondering who KF are fielding to break the predictability of this contest?

    Gray for height and De Leon for facial beauty! 😇😇😇

  2. Where is Maxine Medina? She needs SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much of these communication trainings.

    • Exactly! Now with the new format of Miss Universe and then also the new Miss USA is so strong in this area. Miss California bombed in the top 5 Q&Answer portion and was immediately bumped off from top 3. But I really have high hopes for Maxine as I know she is an intelligent lady, too and would do great with the right training… Good luck, Maxine!

  3. KF!!!!!!! Sino ipapadala nyo sa MWP? A&QQQQQ!!!! Sino sa mga candidates ng MEP ang sa inyo? Sabagay alam nyo nmn yung mga timpla na hinahanap ng mga pageants na to. Tanong lang, what if the MWP franchise e malipat sa ABS? Mas magiging excitibg kaya ang presentation or will it be a downgrade?

  4. Si Catriona na nga ang panalo! She just needs a little bit of fine tuning 🙂

  5. In fairness kay Mariel De Leon. Her aura is an MWP worthy crown! I wouldn’t mind if she wins this year. para maiba naman ang beauty ng ipapadala natin.

    But I am moooore excited with Charmaine Elima being trained for BBP2017. IS THIS SUUUURE NA??? omg lol she’s my bet last bbp 2013 because her beauty is like an exotic filipina barbie doll..

  6. I’m rooting for Charmaine next year.. her three years of working for PAL and being exposed to the world will give her an advantage.

  7. I like Maria Angelica De Leon! She is stage ready to compete for MWP or BbP!
    Looks like another batch of fertile potential for Q&A that includes Charmaine Elima and Catriona Gray.

    The rich get richer as they say!

    • that’s not a surprise. she has improved a lot. i think she looks better than gray

  8. Btw mariel de leon is a clear standout here maybe because shes the curviest but she looks like a star. Catriona though might win miss world. Pls dont field charmaine for ms world phils shes a bb material for mup!!!

    • Charmaine is being groomed for mup according to sir norms! Yay! I like the fact that she’s being trained this early!!!

  9. Omg so true ang chismis charmaine elima is now under aces!!! She was my mup choice last 2013 and i wished then that she transfers to aces for a better chance, and now it has happened! Go charmaine!!!

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