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  1. Seems harsh G but I kinda get you.
    Must be that military commanding thing…

  2. Well, I’m looking forward to MU16.
    All I know is PIA nailed both her top 5 and final 3 Q&A.
    The common denominator at MU15 and M-USA16 is both Pia and DeShauna exhibited confidence, authority and clarity when expressing their thoughts.

    I’m wondering now if the usage of an interpreter is now a disadvantage.

    • I think the substance of the answer is more important than the language that was used. Both Pia and DeShauna had very good answers that they personalized (like Shandi and Susie said).

      • Indeed BEE.

        I guess I’m biased because Filipinos, in general, are fluent in English.
        An interpreter, at times, disrupts the flow of the moment not to mention how the Latina candidates -many of whom were fluent in English- used an interpreter to buy more time.

        Excited for Maxine Medina.
        I know she can make it into the to 5 and 3.
        The rest is overcoming nerves.

        You can do it, Maxine! 🙂

      • I have the same thoughts with fluent English speakers using an interpreter like Monica Spear, Miss Venezuela 2005. she was an American resident and. University of Central Florida graduate, yet she used an interpreter.

    • actually, medyo weird ang ibang gumagamit ng interpreter. remember, Paulina vega? may interpreter siya pero right after the crowning, pak! English ang interviews!

      Si Ariadna, interpreter din, pero pak! ang mga interview niya English lalo na dun kay steve harvey show.

    • I absolutely agree with you, Saluda. Both Pia and DeShauna exhibited a stellar performance in the final round of MU and MUSA, respectively, hence the crown. Truly, this new MU format makes a woman of substance and total package win the pageant. Gone are the days where a beautiful candidate is just a beautiful candidate.

      I am also excited for Maxine. I know Maxine can bring the best out of her during QnA. I trust AnQ. I trust her.

      Sana tayong mga fans ni Maxine can also engage with her on an online conversation because I believe marami tayong alam. Haha! Marami tayong pwedeng itanong, Magagaling kaya tayo, lalo na ‘yung mga maraming hanash dito, fans-alike, bashers-alike. Hihihi!

  3. Natatawa ako sa mga comments sa lahat ng mga pageant chubs . In reality shongit naman talaga yung bagong nanalo. Yung sagot naman Nya di naman impressive. The new face of beauty Ika nga. Pero sa mga pageant forum eh ang common denominator eh Hindi sya makakapasok sa top ten.

  4. damo guid warfreaks. ipa-DC kaya ang tanan? Duterte Cleansing hihihi!

  5. Talaga naman bilib ako sa mga kandidata kung papaano nila sagutin ang mga matitinding tanong sa patimpalak. Sariling wika (English) nga nila sumablay pa sa sagot si Miss California. Sa akin lang ang tunay na nanalo si Miss Hawaii. Mas matindi at may saysayang kanyang sagot sa huling tanong ” How do you define confidently beautiful? “.

    • Ate papaano mo naman sagutin ang tanong kay Miss California. Heto ang tanong ” One of the biggest challenges facing the United States is social and economic inequality. How do we narrow the gap between the rich and poor? “

      • IMO, 1. Create infrastructures that would provide low-cost sustainable energy specially for transportation. 2. The government should own all public utilities to prevent them from being monopolized. 3. Allow the government to buy shares at almost all major corporations so that the income could add to the budget for free housing, healthcare and education.

      • I think California actually had a relatively easier question than the other girls. She wasn’t put on the spot like Hawaii, asked an incredibly specific question like Alabama or even talked about a very new law like Georgia. California’s question was about a general issue. There are so many possible answers to her question. It wasn’t a yes/no question. Possible answers:

        1. Create more employment for American people by preventing companies to outsource jobs in foreign lands. (This might be a big hit for the American audience).

        2. Raise the minimum wage to $X.

        3. Develop more (or strengthen) social safety nets like unemployment insurance.

        4. Invest in human capital by providing more education and educational opportunities.

        Now, I don’t think California was “stupid” by any means. I think the pressure just got to her. She clearly looked rattled even before she had to answer her interview question. The eventual winner looked unfazed the whole time! I think that’s the key to winning now. Both Pia and DeShauna stayed poised and performed well even under immense pressure (and of course had personalized answers).

  6. Sir Norman you were able to predict 3 of the 15 semifinalists. Talk about suprising Top 15. Di na uso sa Miss Universe ang ganda lang at sash factor. Bago makapasok sa Top 15 kelangan may substance, personal/ back story at higit sa lahat X Factor. #AllTeaNoShade #Truth

    Maxine matutulungan ka namin pag pasok mo sa Top 15, 10 at 5 pero sariling kayod mo ang pumasok sa Top 3 at higit sa lahat ang korona.

  7. @gringo… yes!
    The five judges included two former Miss USA’s, an editor in chief fashion for Yahoo, a renowned photographer for The Face, and an executive director for an Harpers Bazaar magazine.
    They definitely were looking for something fresh with internal substance.
    In terms of beauty, they chose a unique top 5.
    Once in the top 5, the Q&A decided the outcome as it always should have been!

    This is exciting stuff! Good for IMG!!

  8. Also I can’t believe the question asked to Miss Hawaii. That was very inappropriate to use the pageant as a political platform! Good job Hawaii for that diplomatic answer. That was a very tough one.

  9. I think we all know by now that IMG is looking for someone that would create buzz at the moment. Her background is definitely going to be talked about for weeks. We’ll see how she does in the actual Miss U competition.

  10. DC was not even in my top 15 list. As the saying goes, Dark horses comes unexpectably. I was just wondering whats the downfall of Wisconsin, Colorado and Miss 52?

  11. Parang pinagbiyak na bibingka itong si Deshauna at Bokang Montjane.

    • Parang kamag-anak ni Mommy “wre-eek me” D 🙂
      Pero yan na ang uso ngayon… Change is really coming 🙂 lol

  12. Congrats!! She’s beautiful! Wisconsin was my bet. I mean i really like her beauty.. but i think they’re looking for something new. and they saw it with Deshauna!

  13. I think this era might have been the best time to have sent the “brainy” and “accomplished” beauties that BBP favoured in the 2000s. Licaros would ace the interview rounds, and her being a lawyer? Bonus.

  14. I was amazed how this lovely ladies manage to answer with confidence all the difficult questions. I can see that this how Miss Universe Philippines 2016 Maxine Medina will answer all the difficult question.

    • Licaros didn’t make it becoz of low score in interview, ss and eg.

  15. It’s obvious that the Trump era is quickly becoming a distant past.
    There is much more emphasis on the Q&A, from IMG, to crown the winner.
    Those questions for the top 5 and the final question for the final 3 were very challenging.

    Can’t wait for MU.
    Good luck Maxine!

  16. Intelligence pala ang hinahanap nila ngayon..
    Naalala ko tuloy c Nicole Cordoves.
    Maraming buwan pa para mapaghandaan ang mga interviews and Q&A…
    Good luck Maxine.

    • @ Bong – Nicole C. can talk about everything under the sun at wala siyang inuurungan 🙂 She is pretty, witty and smart and can be a talking microphone lol 🙂

  17. jumbled my list when I watched the pageant. I got the top 3 correct with Georgia being the 2nd runner up. Hawaii was my Miss USA while DC was my first runner up. Super ganda ni hawaii shet. Diyosa na diyosa but she didn’t do as well as DC sa QA. I really think IMG is looking for a confident and powerful woman. Someone who can be a great spokesperson. and DC was the right fit for that. Congratulations to her! She was amazing tonight!!!

    Can miss usa contestants join again? Nasasayangan ako kay Hawaii, Texas and Virginia lol

    • also just want to point out. DC’s hands were on top of Hawaii’s. Usually ang mga nanalo, their hands are on top. watch other Miss USA and MU crownings. Almost lahat ganon. Except MU2012. lool. Janine’s hands were on top of Olivia’s pero Olivia won. but I think it’s safe to say Janine really killed it that night 😉

    • My understanding is yes, they can join again but they have to rep a different state.


    • Bakit ganun, Pia speaks differently na, para s’yang laging may jet lag when she utters her words? Ako lang ba ang nakakapansin?

      • Ganyan na sya dati pa. Understandable kc Endlish is her 3rd language(cebuano, tagalog at english). Kaya may parinig pa si Nia Sanchez na mabilisang sagot lang sa isang question sa negra kc inubos ni Queen P ang oras sa mabagal na pagsagot.
        Magagaling pa nga mag english ang nilalait nating mga latina na winners, mayayabang lang talaga ang mga Pinoy…Thumbs down na mga lukaloka 🙂

      • @ana, I have been a little disappointed with her English since she won MU. Idk , she was a lot more confident before … to the point that I thought English was her first language . In fact , I was surprised during MU 2015 hearing all those grammatical tienes Hihihi

      • I think ibang-iba s’ya nung Miss Universe pageant, spontaneous at parang hindi nakalaylay ang dila niya nung sumasagot s’ya sa questions. Pero ngayon parang pagod na s’ya magsalita at, sorry for the word, parang groggy s’ya. Ewan lang ha? I am bothered lang kase. Baka naman kelangan ng ating reyna ng pahinga paminsan-minsan.

      • @Fabian
        Matalino naman si Pia kahit hindi perfect ang english nya.
        Hindi porke magaling at mabilis kang magsalita sa english ay matalino kana.
        Maraming medyo bobo na ang galinggaling mag-english. lol
        Hindi nasusukat ang katalinuhan sa pananalita at galing sa salitang english.

      • @ana, i think pia needs to get over that hollywood stagefright bullshit.

        @bong, oo naman. but it helps if you speak good english well. you will get ahead faster hihihhi

      • I noticed that too. I had to squirm a little bit since she should be used to talking in English A LOT by now… She wasn’t as quick in answering simple questions. I honestly feel that she loosened up a lot after winning.

      • @Laila – natawa ako sa iyo. Lou is intimidating on the runway, not in conversations. ‘Yun siguro. Haha!

        @Bong – I totally agree with you. It’s not how you talk fast in that vernacular for you to be called witty. It’s how you clearly convey your thoughts to others in a manner that your receivers are not annoyed the way you talk.

        @Fabbie – nakaka-high siguro if you are in a Hollywood scene kaya ganun. Haha!

        @Gringo – same two scents with me. ☺

  19. ugliest might be too harsh, but i agree, the least attractive miss usa. iyong ilong niya di papasa sa mga expert lalo na kay osmel, ilong nga ni pia pinag piyestahan ng mga latino eh

  20. Okay Miss USA is not a threat in Miss Universe. Uhugin ang babaeta.

    • lol depende na lang yan sa kung sino magjudge this year sa MU, marami ngang ayaw sa kanya pati mga colombians at kinumpara ang nangyari kay Pia at Ariadna, pero di nila alam na part pinay si Miss Hawaii kaya natameme na naman ang mga coloches

      • 5% pinoy…may dugo ding indonesian, irish, spanish, chinese, portuguese, dutch, english, french, scandinavian descent.

    • i have a feeling na ito na ang pagbabalik ng mga pana, dahil bumalik na naman ang pagfefavor sa q&a gaya nong 90s. so we’ll see. the last time na mas magaling si janine sumagot kaysa kay olivia pero talo parin siya but that was under trump, this time iba na… hala!!!!

      • Depende pa rin yan. Kung magaling ang mga pana sa rampahan at prelim eh baka makalusot sila sa Top 15 at baka manlamon na naman ng mic sa Q and A. Eh kung matalino nga pero waley pa rin sa aurahan at rampahan eh baka matulad lang sila sa mga pinapadala natin dati na matatalino nga pero laglag dahil sa prelim performance.

    • anything can happen mars. She may not be the most stunning candidate but did you see how well she performed tonight. She was werkin’ it during SS and EG. QA was a piece of cake for her. Matalino si DC.

  21. Ugliest Miss America?
    I think you are the one who has been smoking pot.
    It was Miss USA pageant dahlinnn
    She is ugly for you of course and as a pinoy who usually go for the mestizas
    And to tell you the truth, your statement is so full of contradictions.
    So yeah go and f***k yourself.

  22. Smoking on crack? Bakla this woman comes from a respectable military background. Not from a poor neighbourhood. Funny how you want to dismiss the need for diversity yet show the up most racism towards a deserving winner. Also go preach that “shouldn’t even talk about diversity” “beauty is universal” kumbaya bullsh*t towards the black models actresses and artists that aren’t exposed by the media. Miss hawaii is not robbed. She failed to stand out at the last crucial moments. It’s not the judges fault that she was generic at best once she opened her mouth. Don’t mistake confidence and intelligence for arrogance. But it’s understandable coming from you; prejudiced individuals tend to be idiots

  23. A little surprised that TEXAS, (the Venezuela of Miss USA) did not even place!
    Hawaii looked spectacular.

    Great show.

  24. Congratulations DeShauna Barber, of DC.
    Last African American crowned Miss USA?
    2008, Crystal Stewart from Texas (also a judge tonight).

    My only critique was too many “blondes” in general, “bleached blondes” to be specific. 😉
    Great top 5- DC, Hawaii, Georgia, California and Alabama.

  25. She’s actually the 3rd from DC to win Miss USA. Bobbi Johnson (1964) and Shauntay Hinton (2002) were the first two.

  26. See IMG does not only favor Caucasian or Latina beauties… The finalists were all so diverse just like Miss Universe… and the most well-rounded beauty won the title… Asan na ang ganda ng Texas, Wisconsin at Nevada?! Wala!

    Pageants are platforms in breaking barriers and setting new standards of beauty.

    • Pls c2f
      U made it sound like miss DC became the first human to have walked on planet Mars hihihi
      And really, you sounded very racist . Why does it have to be about color ? Why can’t u take the race out of the equation and realize she won because she performed the best in the ss eg and q&a?

      • Exactly, she did win because she performed the best in the ss eg and q&a…

        I was comparing IMG’s diverse selection of finalist compaired to Donuld Trump’s time where MU and MUSA semi-finalists are dominated by Caucasians and Latinas.

        Fabian, could you please stop putting malice to everything I say?

  27. I think they will be bff’s with pia! Parang may attitude tong miss DC! Shes an army girl she thinks she’s better than anyone!

    • How can an army girl be arrogant? I didn’t know that the discipline enforced in their programme results to arrogance.

  28. Hawaii was my top choice after the top 15 were announced 🙂
    Pia looked ravishing in black as she pinned the sash on the new Miss USA 🙂

  29. angela basset will not make it in miss universe 2016 in her own merit

    • And you will not make it anywhere in the world with your ignorant racism attention whore

      • stupid! shauntay hinton is prettier than her yet she did not place but don’t ya worry, she’s miss USA and the country will be hosting miss universe this year. she will likely to place. donald trump already mentioned that whenever miss usa dont place in the semi or top 5 the ratings go down.. so there u go. tanga! sana lumipat sa yo ang ilong niya teh para sumaya ang buhay mo.

      • oh by the way, i happened to admire black beauties. stick racism issue in your arse.

    • Stick racism up your arse? Oh please you bitter c*nt! You wouldn’t have compared her to angela Bassett if you weren’t a racist troll. Funny how your using real words now and writing long passages once people are calling you out on your trolling bs. People aren’t stupid asswipe. Also liking black beauties doesn’t correlate to being a non racist. The fact that you had to mention that with quick dismissal once you got caught speaks volumes retard.

    • Shauna hinton is prettier than her? Guess what idiot, the exterior ain’t the only thing they were looking for. If you actually watched the whole thing you would know. “I’m not a racist” then says “sana lumipat sa yo ang ilong nya teh”. Be a bitter gay somewhere else. You’re just another sore loser homosexual who’s stuck talking crap to deserving beauties when you probably look like a slapped arse in real life. Stay bitter homo. You act arrogant and tough here yet you’re probably a pushover p*ssy if you say those words to her; someone in the army that can shoot your dumbass head right off

      • @G rich coming from another racist troll. Don’t state that I have a palengkera attitude or I’m bitter when you were the first insulting the winner and you’re standards are as shallow as your mediocre life. Keep trying assfart

      • Clap clap clap @G and @KK ang gagaling nyo mag English. Dapat talaga nirerekumemda ko tong Norman’s blog sa mga studyante ko. Hindi nga seryoso kahit nag aaway kayo. I love it!

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