22 comments on “Sunday Specials: As short-haired as she gets

  1. I think Laura Dunlap was also short-haired when she won Miss Philippines Earth.

    • Sino gusto mo manalo, yung mga mestiza?.. Sa ibang bansa normal lang mga yan at hindi pansinin… dito lang naman sa Pinas sila maganda na akala mo Dyosa porque kakaiba sila…

      • Dont be too quick to judge na infavor ako sa mga mestiza. Beauty is beauty. Marami din namang pina na hindi mestiza na magaganda like Noella Evangelista. I just don’t find this girl a pageant winner but that’s just me. It’s true na exotic beauty ay papansinin dito sa US pero sa totoo lang, magpost ka ng mga dating ads, sa apps ng kung ano ano, mas angat parin ang mga puti at mestisohin, kahit mga latino pa, gusto nila mestisohin din. Eh pano iyan? ang Miss Global ay sa pinas gagawin, let’s hope na puro puti mga judges ganon na lang. i’m just basing this on this picture as i really don’t know the girl.

      • Well it’s about time that should change… Caucasians were on the top because they are the super power nations for the longest time. With great influence over other countries’ economies and politics, they also happen to dictate the standards of beauty… But time has changed and the world is now starting to be dominated by Asians and other ethnicities… it’s now time to reset those standards!

    • Pageants are platforms to raise the standards of beauty… They should indeed be judged not just on the outside but also on the inside… and beauty should never be based on what is conventional or what we are accustomed to… All pageants’ purpose are to break barriers and set new standards of beauty.

    • Si Bianca Manalo at yung miss Global winner last year, ganda ng mga yun ah… nanalo ba?

      • I never find the manalo sisters pretty enough to win an international crown and the last one has to prove me wrong. the miss global last year was pretty enough to land 4th runner-up it just happened that miss canada was better overall.

  2. Congratulations! Miss Global Philippines 2016, 28 years old, fresh and intelligent, you are truly inspiration to all desperate ladies who aspiring to be a title holder. You proved to us that there is no age limit to join and your alluring beauty is not guarantee to win but being intelligent is the key to achieve success in a beauty pageant. Keep up the good work!

  3. I have always admired individuals who march to the beat of a different drummer!!
    CJ sporting short hair defines a trendsetter and not a trend follower.
    All the best to this well rounded beauty!

    • Ganda mo nga wala ka naman utak… waley din… Dito nalang ako sa exotic.. matalino na, mabenta pa sa foreigners… Baka sya pa manalo ng international crown para sa Pilipinas this year!

      • I’ve watched and heard her speak. Her beauty actually grows on you especially when she starts opening her mouth. Very eloquent, confident, and charismatic. She truly deserved the Miss Global Philippines title and to represent us at Miss GLOBAL Pageant.

  4. I knew it!… Told you guys she is one smart cookie!.. Based on wit alone I know she could win the international title! Congrats CJ! 😀

  5. As mentioned by Norman in a previous article, it would be a battle of substances amongst the top three contenders and being a speech writer for some politicians was kind of her edge because she probably knows how to tackle any topic under the sun. Congratulations, Camille. Why do I feel that you’ll be claiming the international title in October?!? Cheers!!!

  6. I’m glad the international finals are going to be held in manila . Otherwise , we won t even have a top 15 finisher Hihihi

    • Parang mas hawig nya si Aicelle Santos…the Traffic Diva of Eat Bulaga!

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