22 comments on “Sunday Specials: Andrea Tovar and how not to deal with the Press

  1. hay nako. ineexpect ko pa naman na after sa pagka immature (tama ba term ko?) or whatsoever ni Ariadna after the steve harvey mishap, eh babawi sila sa pagka humble or pagiging sports. nakakaloka.

    Need nila manuod ng mga interview ni Heart at ni Kim pag tinanong about their nose jobs. lalo na ung sagot ni Lani. direcho sumagot, kung bakit niya pinagawa ilong niya. or might as well sabihin niya, ibang topic na lang pag usapan.

    nakakaloka. beachmode ang baklang itey. She has what it takes to be colombia’s 3rd MU but if she continue doing this, palakpakan mode nalang po.

  2. Bitch naman talaga ang mga latina as if they were on top in the world of beauty pageant.
    Nasa Philippines history na yan diba C2F 🙂
    Buti wala pa c Duterte that time, pababalikin talaga sila sa pinanggalingan nilang bansa…lol

  3. Colombia. Don’t claim to be a pageant powerhouse if your organizers can’t even train your representative to handle a situation in a less bitchy way. Do that after her reign is over not when it’s starting and the whole world watching.

  4. Reporters can get pretty snarky with their questions cause they love controversies and drama. I understand kung naoffend si Andrea quasi it’s true naman, what she does to her face is her business BUT in my opinion, as a beauty queen she should’ve answered the reporter in a different way. She’s a public figure now, kaya she should be more cautious with what she says or how she acts. Wala akong pakels if retokada siya or not. The issue here is how she defended herself against the nosy reporter. You can stand up for yourself without being a biatch.

  5. Hindi nga sa kanya bagay ang
    bago nyang ilong. Pati yata lips nya nagpa-refill sya. Parang malapit na syang maging kamuka ni octomom. Dati gustong-gusto ko sya until Maxine came in.

  6. its really non of our business if she undergo nose job. pero hinde pa din maganda na yan ang isagot nya. i dont think MUC org will dethrone her. bcoz for them she has the IT that enough to win the crown but in terms of attitide she need to be carefull and show real good attitudes. nasa IMG nalang yan kung papansinin nila ang attitude nya. pero im sure IMG needs good attitude too. They will be looking for a model, not just a model physically but a role model inside and out. memories in MU2015 is the witness that IMG will not be Donald trump 2.0.

    • The question of the reporter was malicious. It was obviously meant to offend. She could have gotten the answer she wanted by bringing up the issue in a different way . Again , obviously , the reporter had every intention to attack and thank. God she met her match in the bitchy Andrea Hihihi

  7. I didn’t mind that she’s not a natural beauty but she could’ve handled the situation with more class and a hint of sass… It was a test of wit and she failed misserably…

  8. And the whole pageant world talks about her unbeoming attitude. Be it negative or whatever, it can work or not on her favour. Hmmm… Scripted?!? I guess so!

  9. You can’t blame. Andrea for responding that way to an offensive question. It may not be the most ideal approach but it is perfectly understandable none the less
    . Thank God the press got a dose of their own medicine Hihihi

  10. In this day and age, it’s powerful to be a bitch, but its good to know that however outdated it would seem, there are still places where a woman doesn’t have to be- like on a pageant stage- where a pageant queen is still gracious, compassionate and humble. Or aspires to be.

    Beauty is power in itself so why be nasty???

    Sorry to generalise but most Latinos seem to be (and I’ve met heaps of them) uneducated and backward..

  11. On the contrary she should be applauded for how she stood up for herself. It really is no ones business regarding her nose. It’s time for MU candidates to be fierce and strong. Women who stand up for themselves should be admired not bashed Norm.

    • I agree. Sometimes members of the press feel entitled to be able to ask offensive questions without any consequences.

  12. Kiss her MU chances goodbye.
    I really hope the new owners of MU see this in a negative light.

    Ariadna’s “catty” colors came after the MU15 crowning mishap. She was a woman scorned and understandably so.
    Paulina had an aura of arrogance during MU14, but showed integrity in handling the MU15 crowning mix up.

    Andrea offended THE PRESS and was filmed doing so! Lol

  13. Partida Hindi pa naka suot sash ng Colombia sa kanya. Umaatittude na. Who do they think they are? POWERHOUSE of 1st runner ups. I highly doubt this will be pleasing to the new management knowing that they have steered pia in the direction of public speaking more than modelling. She could have been more endearing had she been more “bakla” in answering questions or kahit pa mysterious effect lang. She’s sort of feisty common social media, sa personal IG acct nya – mukang wala syang remorse. The Venezuelans had a field day in reposting her booboo conditioning everyone’s minds that Andrea is not fit to be MU and that if she were in Puerto Rico – she would have gotten dethroned.

    @sophia I agree with you….the Latin girls are missing this ingredient… they’re trained everywhere else but humility and proper public conduct.

  14. They need to teach social graces to their queens (Andrea, Ariadna, Paulina)

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