6 comments on “Indonesia’s Sensational Male Teens

  1. Strangely but male pageants can outshine female pageants in Indobesia considering traditions and restrictions. Just saying…

  2. First time a guy with a unibrow ever won a pageant jk. I don’t get the exposure with indo pagaents. They are overrated and mediocre at best. They are a poor man’s Thailand. My humble opinion really. Though I don’t mind being proven wrong. In the end Whulandary is still my fav pageant girl

  3. OT: Congrats Aiza Faeldonia!

    World Next Top Model 2016 Winner – Malta
    1st Runner Up- Morocco
    2nd Runner Up- Hungary
    3rd Runner Up- Namibia
    4th Runner Up- Greece
    5th Runner Up- Philippines

    • Congratulations Aiza! World’s Top Model runner up is a great feat!

  4. Indo boys, especialy the indonesian chinese are so hot & adorable and the ones ive met in the workplace and in my trips are overseas educated and well-mannered.

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