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  1. I am the one who organized the outreach in Smokey Mountain with Nicole Cordoves. Shes a dear sister of mine who volunteers with me in Iris Philippines. Helping the kids and women in the community is her heart’s desire way before the Binibining Pageant. I love all the queens!!! Maxine deserves the MIss Universe crown. Shes humble and genuine and her heart is beautiful. To all the queens thank you again. Blessings to everyone.

    • Hi Laila! Yes I watched the prelims. Eto mga SUPER bet ko:


      Kaw mars? Sino bet mo?

      • Wisconsin
        South Carolina

    • Ako Hawaii, Virginia, Wisconsin. Colorado, South Dakota yung naka Tony ward na gown… Georgia, Texas … Oklahoma, Idaho even Illinois….I like Ohio and her red hair majonda lang styling sa kanya. Ohhhhhh and I didn’t like ms 52 at first pero maganda nakakahiya makeup nya nung Prelims….

  2. In the pictures appearing above, I could say that Maxine chooses no angle. She is gorgeous, regal, and outstanding even at a very low-key get up. I am just wondering how is her speech and communication training going on. Time is running and lest we know it it’s Miss Universe season again. I am afraid that if she will not improve in the speech and communication department by then, her critics will bash her to death.

    Physique wise, I think she has a lot to improve. I mean her body is already beautiful, but John Cuay can do more. Maxine’s body is already proportioned, yes. However, if she gets to be a bit thinner, she will look taller.

    I really see that the Philippines has a big chance to clinch a back-to-back win in MU through Maxine, and, if that happens, it’s another victory and history in our cap. I hope that the BPCI and her camp are seriously taking this real deal.

    • @ana, I think with her clean beauty , she has a very good chance of making it into the top 5. Winning the crown however is quite tricky . She is very Asian . The judges may go for someone who has more universal appeal like those from Europe or Latin America
      But then again she is sweet humble and very like able so the judges may see past her physical features

    • Hi, Fabbie! Yes, she can easily get to the top 5. I have this gutfeel that Maxine will be the top favorite come MU season because of her beautiful and exotic oriental look. Though I agree with you that a back-to-back can hardly be achieved, a great possibility holds true because of Maxine’s echanting look. At naniniwala ako na may igaganda pa s’ya. Ilalabas ng AnQ ang kanyang gandang sopistikada.

      • They’re doing the same voting ek ek sa miss USA. If that happens on MU again, possibleng pasok yang si Maxine. Di naman papabayaan ng aces yan. Pati tayo dito di natin papabayaan yan

  3. Natawa ako sa comments sa nichole/nicole 😃
    Pero miss ko na si Nichole Manalo.
    I love her sa guesting nila with Bianca (ganda nya) sa Magandang Bukas 😙

  4. Nice to see Nicole still being active in church activities despite her very hectic schedule with BPCI. She’s been quite active with such for quite some time already even before she became visible in the pageant scene.

    • Hi Sheena,
      Yes nicole is active in church especially when she still had a lot of time on her hands. We go to women to women bible study at CCF.

  5. Why MIA again Nichole?
    Kailangan ba bawiin sa ibang raket ang investment or she’s applying to become an FA somewhere?

    • Sister, hindi kaya clash sa work nya? BUT then again under contract cya ng BPCI so hindi ba pag ganun naka indefinite leave or resign na sa work coz at least 18mos ang contract with madam?

  6. The only one winner that I always see around is Kylie. If she is not with the group, she has honoured invitations to grace important activities of BPCI’s important partners and other respected institutions. 😂😂😂

  7. I think Nicole Cordoves has a wrong work out.
    Her face is also gaining muscles and I just noticed she is the smallest of them all.
    Sana iba na lang nanalo
    Typical Chinese girl Sorry

    • Nicole & Maxine are the only ones wearing “flats” that’s why they do not look tall alongside the others 🙂

    • I think Nicole looks uniquely spectacular… I just wish that she would always wear high heels even in this scenario. It did make her look more aproachable to kids…

      • Natawa banana ski sa ‘ uniquely spectacular’ .. C2f, what u mean by that? Hihihi

    • And so kung Chinese?

      Pupunta ng Tondo alanganing naka pageant shoes ateng?

      • Actually you are right since she is dressed for the occasion… but on the other hand… nagawa ng tatlo mag heels… siguro sa ibang pagkakataon.. heels na forever si Nicole based on her legs to torso ratio and proportion… since yun ang nakakaglamour habang wala pang International Title ..

  8. What is happening to Nichole Manalo? She’s always MIA. Para tuloy totoong too yung blind item sa fashionpulis. The girls are pretty but they need more oomph. So far si Kylie pa lang consistent na ayaw pasabog kahit casual wear. June na… dapat medyo umpisa na transformation nila.

      • Shemism medyo matagal na eh. Pero it was about someone na nanalo na di gaining happy sa nakuha nyang title because she spent so much money transforming herself. So sana lang may good reason sya bakit sya MIA medyo kase napapadalas

  9. Kylie and Nicole C. looks great. Jennifer is gaining a little bit of weight. Joanna looks plain. Maxine should get rid of that hair color. Dye it back to its natural color. The queens this year doesn’t appeal that much to the masses. Yes, they are beautiful but something is lacking. I hope their camps will make them strikingly beautiful. Watched UKG just now and I must say Maxine improved a lot (comm skills).

    • I don’t know but Jennifer Hammond doesn’t really strike me with the x-factor. baka tinatago pa lang.

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