9 comments on “A Fulfilling Workshop in Gensan

  1. Good job tito norms.. tayo ka na ng school mala John Robert Power and Dale Carnegy… I’m sure ang dami nyo enrolees!

  2. It’s admirable that Uncle Norman is training these kids how to talk in public . But to teach them how to strut on stage like a grown up beauty queen is inappropriate to say the least . Pasarela is easier to teach than public speaking so I think this can wait until they are 16 or 17.

  3. Thank you very much Sir Norman! I’ve made the right choice of asking you to mentor them. Everyone is happy and contented! You didn’t just help mold them to be the best version of themselves but you have fueled their hopes and heart’s desire… I am very pleased to hear nothing but positive comments from both the parents and the models. They’re so amazed! Your superb knowledge and skills is indeed phenominal!
    We are looking forward to have U again in our next perdev and modeling workshop😍

    God Bless and more power!❤️🙏

  4. Way to go Sir Norman ! Well done ! What else do you NOT do ? Amazing how you handle your own time management ! Congratulations ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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