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  1. sa totoo lang she has the IT. Modeling or a beauty pageants. i know there are some discoverer na gagamitin lang ang isang tao. merong ganyan. but meron din namang wala lang. masaya lang talaga tumulong. But im sure good or bad ang discoverer ang unang maitutulong sa kanya for sure is to pursue her study ng sa ganon if dumating yung time eh alam nya kung sya eh lalamangan o hinde. kung gagamitin or hinde. kung lolokohin o hinde. malaking tulong din for her ung naka discover sa kanya, wag muna mag judge for her discoverer.

  2. With regards to the trend in discovering these people via social media. Let us be just happy for these people. If we think this is a good idea in making people famous to get attention for help then so be it. At least these days we could actually make it easy for these people to get into the limelight even if they are not influential or wealthy. During my time, it’s only the rich and the sons or daughters only who gets to be discovered because of their connections even if they’re even not as talented. While the poor needs to go to manila, or either talk to someone who has connections or if they’re lucky they should fall under the hands of people who have good hearts. Now a days, it’s just a click and post away.. You know, let us just be happy for these people who gets help. Let’s just be happy that it’s just easy for them and us who wants to do the same if we come across one. Because we may not have the cash or financial means to give major help to these people whatever their needs are but at least in a little way we can find it for them. Cheers!

  3. If she was not a Badjao native and is just a typical beggar roaming the streets of Manila, I wonder if those who cross her path would take a second look. I know I won’t. Just being truthful!

    As a beauty pageant powerhouse… Are we that desperate in finding another Pia, Megan, Jamie, Angelia and/or Bea Rose? Come on.

    • Resorting to maligning and degrading an innocent lass, I see. Even comparing admiration for her as desperation…what disgusting behaviour.

      Par for the course for your kind though. Your finally showing your true colours.

  4. This trend of looking for diamond in the rough needs to stop. Yes we are helping these people but are we really helping her? I’m pretty sure these promoters discovers are going to try to abuse her by paying her lower than what she deserves if she ever gets help. What would be the more appropriate thing to do is help her with education and wait for the right time.

    Also this is a really sad reminder the fascination towards beauty in general and the way we perceive people. Sad that help seems more available to those with good looks while the others are being neglected.

    • Couldn’t agree more, please stop exploiting these innocent people, if you really want to help to better their lives, there are other ways to do it.like sending them to school to educate them, give their parents livelihood so they can support their family. Give them proper assistance to be more productive individuals But to post their pictures on social media to get the attention is wrong and invasion of privacy yes they would get their 15 minute of fame or more but what happens after the hype dies down?

    • I wouldn’t be too quick to judge the attention directed at these ordinary people. They seem like they could use whatever help the publicity will heap on them, so more power to social media for making that happen. It’s nice to see some people catch a break; hopefully, some long-term good will come out of this.

  5. From carrot man to badjao girl… hmm ang dami naman talagang gwapo at magaganda kahit saang sulok ng Pilipinas. Mayaman, mahirap, illustrados, indios o nitibos. Sa akin lang parang may superiority complex itong so-called ‘discoverers’. Kunwari nagmagandang loob but they seem to crave for adoration (worse gusto lang nila pagkakitaan) These people are really clueless of the different cultures in our country. Anyway…

  6. Stunningly beautiful..may she proper and highlight the plight of her people. She is destined to be GREAT!!!

  7. It’s a pity that here in PH, there are still gypsies or Badjaos. The government should help them thru DSWD.

  8. This effortlessly and naturally beautiful Badjao girl has already invaded Tito Norm’s blog page. Yay!

    I watched her interview on a news program and I was in tears. Hopefully, a modelling agency would invest on this girl and make her the Philippines’ Diva Davanna or a beauty queen someday.

  9. sana hindi maging biktima itong batang ito ng mga skeletor style veneers.

  10. ang ganda din ng profile niya. pang-model talaga. pero sana may magpa-aral muna sa kanya because i think that’s the best naman for her. pwde ding habang nag-aaral siya ngwowork din siya as a model. bagay tlaga din kasi sa kanya.

  11. now that’s what you call natural beauty, kabog ang mga professonal models.

    walang kayos ayos, walang suklay suklay, halos binalabal lang na damit, walang photo photo shop at ni lipstick wala, natural na ganda lang. Natural beauty shines through, so effortless. KUmpara naman sa mga desperada dyan na retoke dito retoke doon di pa rin sumikat. Ito naglakad lang sa kalye buhat buhat ang bata viral na! kaya mamatay sila sa ingit!

    wish you the best girl!

  12. She look taller, long neck and slender body 13 year pa lang siya ,may potential maging beauty queen or print ad model! Photogenic ung bata effortless kahit walang kaayos ayos lutang ung ganda. May gumawa na rin ng Facebook sa kanya sa mga gustong tumulong even baste duterte admired her beauty and offer to help her..

  13. Ang haba ng leeg pang model talaga ang peg. Im glad madami tumulong sa kanya ayun sa balita sa gma kagabi.

  14. I believe sending her to school is the best way to help the Badjao Girl. According to Ariella Arida , Miss Universe Philippines 2013, if every one of us is educated and we‘re well aware of what we are doing, we could land into jobs and could land good careers in the future. So, education is a primary source and it is a ticket for a better future,”

  15. Wonder how tall the girl is.. I can see her on the pages of Vogue. Cheekbones and quarter profile are stunning.

  16. She looks like the future daughter of Will Devaughn and Roxane Barcelo…

  17. Yun oh….thanks Norman for featuring this girl. Alagaan nyo na rin. Sayang naman mapariwara. Hehehe…. reminds me so much of Sam Pinto + Yvethe Santiago + Bianca Gonzales. :}

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