8 comments on “Mr. World Philippines 2015 Sam Ajdani: His Hideo Muraoka shots and Home Abs workouts

  1. Mister Pacific World 2016 was held in Puerto de Ilo, Peru from May 4 to May 8, 2016.

    Mister Pacific World 2016: Daniel Gomez (Mexico)
    Mister Sea World 2016 – 1st Runner Up: Raul Rogs (Spain)
    Mister Copper World 2016 – 2nd Runner Up: Limuel Hayag Vilela (Philippines)

    Special Awards:
    Mister Popularity: Limuel Hayag Vilela (Philippines)

  2. Ano ba yan, wala manlang akong nasipat na ibong mandaragit sa video.
    Ipit na ipit, nakakadismasya.

    • Being the expert of penises, basil, u know very well there are growers too. So don’t raise your white flag on Sam yet hihihi

      • I maybe an expert but you are my guru, so definitely you should be the one Imust consult regarding this matter.

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