6 comments on “Sunday Specials: Scene-Zoned Bianca Guidotti

  1. With all due respect, while in Japan her praying to BUDDHA left me a bit cynical about her. It was little bit over the top in her futile attempt impress the Japanese.

    Not only did she NOT place at MI International, she’s the only BBP winner – since 2013 – that failed to even place at her international competetion. OUCH!

    Nice pics anyways. I’m glad she’s doing something.

    • P.s. Bianca,

      People can detect if an individual’s actions are genuine or if they’re “brown nosing.”
      Leave it at that…

    • Bawal magdasak kay Buddha? You obviously don’t know him or what he teaches. Many Christians practice Buddhis principles in their lives.

  2. I was extremely disappointed with her look and overall performance at BP 2016. But pics above are good

  3. Oh, hello there, Bianca 🙂 Looking beautiful and statuesque as ever 🙂 Great pics 🙂

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