12 comments on “Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach and Maria Gabriela Isler for CordAid

  1. I love Molly. She still looks gorgeous.

    Just a hindsight…so sad that Venezuela’s economic crisis is still ravaging the country. People queue for 5 hours just to buy the basic goods! 2 day workweek for public servants, medicine shortage, etc. etc. I hope their suffering ends….so humiliating to watch….

  2. Pia looks fresh and uberly gorgeous as always ! Love Molly with less and lighter make up on !
    Confidently beautiful ladies 🙂

  3. Love seeing their paths’ cross again. Who knew it would be two years later as the most recent Miss Universes from the two powerhouse countries in pageantry??? Destiny talaga nila. Destiny talaga ni Pia. What a story… and we got to witness it unfold.

    On another note, Osmel sure knows how to pick them. Even before the trainings, he has an eye for the raw goods that will make an impact on the biggest international stage.

    Even if they are clones of each other, the Isler/Esser/Jonaitis/Fernandez prototype is Venezuela’s best product. Classic. Tried and true at Miss Universe.

    Next is the sassy Machado/Mendoza/Migbelis look but takes a girl with HUGE personality to pull off. Professionals only. Do not try this at home!!!


  4. I miss the Molly that is so classy glam! Nice to see her still being active with CordAid. She probably migrated to the States already.

  5. Pia is just getting ready for summer. with the pressure of the yamamay campaign. Note that Gabriela Isler is the last Miss Universe who wear the Nexus Crown, Because Paulina Vega is the first one who wear the DIC and Pia is the second one.

  6. Eto ung sinasabi ko na 2013 will be my favorite year. Ang gaganda ng alpha winners that time. Gandang di lang superficial.

    Molly Isler- sobrang bait nya. Lalo na nung nagpunta sya sa philippines, alam kong genuine yung tulong nya
    Megan Young- best MW ever talaga. She uplifted the core values of humanity talaga
    Alyz Henrich- ang babaeng pinagpala sa ME dahil travel ng travel sya para sa environmental awareness
    Bea Santiago- gustong tumulong pero dapat may patnubay from MI

  7. super ang payat ni pia, malayong malayo noong nananlo cya ng bb pilipinas… grabe ang determination ng babaeing eto magandang ehimplo….

  8. Malakas talagang makapayat ang mga maaksyong gabi sa piling ng isang imortal.

    • Ano ba… It could be the other way around. He could be the trophy boyfriend! haha

  9. Grabe. ang nipis ni Pia! nakakaloka. ang fresh niya talaga. LOL with Molly, mas maganda siya ngayon ! naalala ko nung nag cocompete pa lang siya, medyo draggish ung makeup/styling niya. pero after niya manalo, nag tone down. love it!

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