31 comments on “Miss Universe 2016 hosting in Manila: Slowly vanishing into thin air?

  1. Vegas only… if manila is not able to host mu 2016 .at least there will be lots of Filipinos to console her pia if ever they ignore her again.
    NYC would be my second choice because it is very easy to navigate.

  2. This is a good news actually. Anywhere else but the Philippines. I mean not just yet, please.

  3. Norman, it would be better if you would go to the venue yourself, kaya this year sana mag book ka na kung saan man ang venue!!!

  4. What happened to Belize’ possible hosting? Weren’t there some news about Miss U taking place there this year?

  5. Sana sa Vegas ulit or sa LA na lang para malapit. Di na gagastos sa hotel at tska mapanood ko uli. Ayaw ko ang Pinas mag host kasi. Also, parang hindi interesado ang gobyerno natin dahil magchichange ng president na. #changeiscoming nga pala… Anyway, mukhang bloody itong election na ito. Sa mata ng tao si #duterte ang panalo pero alam na natin ang mangyayari. Tapos an daming threats pa, mga pastor, mnlf, npa etc pag dinaya si duterte lagot at meron pang mga hackers na nagbanta.. juicekoh! mas malala pa ito keysa edsa revolution. Isipin mo, we fought against the marcoses then for the aquinos, now, the table has turned. The majority is against the aquinos et al. And i think Bongbong M is going to win as vice (not my vp tho). So going back to hosting MU, i think the government cannot decide this early. Wait and see muna kung ano mangyayari this monday. #changeiscoming and be ready. #Du30

  6. I wish in Las Vegas again. Para mas malapit lang at mas maganda pa yung venue . Magnadang mga hotels pati madaming pasyalan. Exciting sa Las Vegas kaysa sa Pinas mahal pag uuwi pa ng Pinas. Hayssssss.

  7. mas maganda sana sa ecuador nalang or in a country na hinde pa member ng MU. para maipakita sa kanila how MU pageant is. ng sa ganon magka roon sila ng plan na magpadala na din ng candidate sa MU. pwede din sa bulgaria since naging impact ang pag support ni Joy kay pia and those bulgarian will surely welcome MUO and Pia with A good heart.

  8. Before I die, i wanted to watch MU (be it live or live streaming) hosted by a European country, Australia, India, Japan, Korea. Unlike the past decades, bet na bet ko talaga na nag aagawan ang mga country to host MU. With the new management of MUO, under IMG, I wanted to see the roster of winners made up of different ladies of different color, sizes and beauty. Sorry to say, the last decade under Trump’s reign, puro latina ang nananalo. Mas masaya pag maiuwi ulit ng Europe ang crown ng MU, ang Africa din tapos yung mga kapitbahay nating asyano. Mas masaya pag ganun. United lahat ang mga merlie dahil walang superiority. Latinas are undeniably superior sa mga pageants. Kaya ayaw kong nambabash tayo ng latina at ayaw ko rin na binabasg tayo ng mga latina, thinking na mas superior sila. “Diverse beuty, diverse culture, one voice, one universe.”

    • labo at OA ng post na to. kailan ka ba pinanganak? 2013 sa Russia (europe) kaya ang pageant. Kakapanalo din naman ng non-latina ladies like Angola (2011), USA (2012) and Philippines (2015). Ayaw ng latina pero latinas are “undeniably superior” “thinking na mas superior sila”. Wrong spelling pa — B-E-A-U-T-Y. At may one voice, one universe ka pang nalalaman? hmmm magicip ka nga. ang gulo mo!

      • @ ObservingYou, Did u have to take everything Mae said too literally ? U know exactly what she was trying to say . OA ka namang maka-react hahaha

      • @ fabian, matalino ka alam ko pero yan si Mae hindi kaya pinatulan ko. Basta lang makacomment hahaha echos. pagbigyan mo na ako. mabait naman ako. its the time of the month lang talaga 😦

      • @Observing You , wrong number. graduate land ang abang lingcod nyo sa Mababang paaralan ng Sapang kawayan hihihi

      • Jeremi do not underestimate the power of beauty pageants on people . look at us hihihi

  9. My very first MU experience was at the then (garbage) Aladdin Theater 1996. What a dump. The gorgeous and deserving Aileen Leng Damiles clapped.

    I sat next to Miss India’s then fiancée. He commented how loud the Filipinos were back then.

    India was a powerhouse, yet Venezuela showed us who was the boss.

    Flash forward two decades later and Pia and the Pinoys owned the fabulous sparkling Axis Theater.

    Philippines is now unequivocally a powerhouse, winning every major title in the last 5 years and countless other ones. Even though Venezuela is still the creme de la creme , no one and nothing will tell me that Filipinos are not the best fans ever.

    Such a thrill to watch our delegates compete in Vegas. As Albert Andrade said himself, the unity of the Pinoy MU audience there is just unbelievable.

    Something every Pinoy fan should experience #vivalasvegas

    As for the Philippines hosting, I have never been a huge fan. I too would rather see that money (private or public) spent on so many who could use it in so many ways. Filipinos already give so much to MUO. Always have and always will. Let some other countries contribute and show their MUO love.

    • Fast forward NOT “flash” forward. Paki edit please.

      • I don’t see anything wrong with using flash forward dear. Where were you when your teacher taught your class synonyms and antonyms? 😉

      • It is wrong! Or baka nga magkaiba lang tayo ng henerasyon at sa panahon mo acceptable. Hmmm. Ok flash forward now.

  10. Bidding to host Miss Universe in the country is actually impossible. The government does not take a bite on it because transition to a new administration will come in June. If ever bidding pushes through, the next administration might not honor it or, worse, might question it. That would then put the MU pageant in peril considering the short period for preparation. MUO would not let its pageant roll at the hands of private investors alone. It would rather have the government’s support (for purposes of providing security, etc.), after all the pageant primarily promotes the host country’s tourism to the world, the universe rather. It’s bad timing. Given that premise, I hope that that would not cause our MU bet’s fate to the pageant at the losing end.

  11. Why is it so expensive? Pwede naman dun sa covered court ng barangay namin! Hehehe

  12. Wonderslist names Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach, as the 10th most beautiful woman of 2016. Liza Soberano, Filipino actress and model, ranks 2nd with Selena Gomez (US) leading the list.

    It is noteworthy that five awesomely beautiful and talented Asian women are in the top 10: two from the Philippines; two; and one, South Korea. Priyanka Chopra, former Miss World and now Hollywood actress ranks 7th. Deepika Padukone, highest Bollywood paid actress and iconic Indian beauty, is 4th. Former K-pop girl band member, Im Jin-Ah aka Nana, ranks 2nd.

    Completing the list are Emilia Clarke (UK), 9th; Adriana Lima (Brazil), 8th; Amber Heard (USA), 6th; and Pixie Lott (UK), 5th.

    Click hyperlinks for news article and You Tube video.

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    2) Video Links

    https://youtu.be/l8mDinX0_XI or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8mDinX0_XI

    • What is wonderslist? Hindi naman mukhang credible yung article at video, parang ordinary vlog and blog soliciting views. Kalirkey. Wag ka masyadong magpapaniwala jan dear. Pwedeng gawin yan ng kahit sino.

  13. Vegas would be the most practical choice to host the MU again – the casinos themselves are more than enough to shoulder the expenses associated in hosting the pageant. So thumbs up for Vegas 🙂

  14. Let us open our eyes and accept the reality that P750 million is enough to feed the hungry stomach of several Filipinos who are still living in poverty. Yes it is true that it will bring honor to host the Miss Universe pageant but it is more honorable to see the money to spend to a better cause.

  15. Ah Vegas. Lovely memories there.. wouldn’t mind if MU is hosted there again. The candidates are certainly happy to visit one of the most famous US cities.

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