6 comments on “Gazini Ganados for Miss Pearl of the Philippines 2016

  1. A CHANCE to represent the Philippines in an international pageant, year-long salaries, luxury accommodations in premier hotels, full-tuition undergraduate scholarships, year’s supply of cosmetics, collection of clothes and shoes, modeling portfolio by an upcoming fashion photographer, dermatology and skincare services, extensive travel representing sponsors and charitable partners, access to casting opportunities, health card and even a home security system.

  2. She is a bb pilipinas material. I think she joined here for the prize which she is almost assured of and not for the title.

  3. Miss Pearl of the Philippines in what particular international pageant the winner will represent the Miss Pearl of the Orient ( only few countries will take part since only number of countries were located in the Orient ) why not Miss Pearl of the Universe World International a very prestigious and worldwide pageant since all the nations has it’s own local Pearl.

    • Itanong natin yan sa KF-Cebu head. Paging Jonas Borces, Jonas Borces?

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