14 comments on “Sunday Specials: Goodbye, Miss Wilson. Hello Mrs. Burnand!

  1. I liked her despedida de soltera overall look than her wedding look. You should see the girls. Fur, high slits and all.

  2. Maputi lang pero chakadal ang jowa ni Giorgina…. mukhang dugyot english man makikita sa london street. hehehehehe

  3. Never understand the hype with this girl. Mapa pageant man or modelling.

  4. In all fairness, the guy’s family had been a family friends of the Wilsons way back and G+A were were properly introduced to each other 8 years ago and were actually being matched by friends/family. Unfortunately, she was dating at that time. I think she was with the Australian guy during that time. He did try to reach out through social media but as we all know, Georgina had pretty much busy social media and career and things was left hanging. It was only around March 2015, after her last bf break-up, that they met again when she was visiting her brother in Sydney. Everything clicked from there apparently. I think he’s not super rich as people try to make him or whatever but he seems grounded and really worked his way up (probably grew up in a comfy life but not crazy rich that he doesnt need to study or work… but his family has enough moneyI suppose. I dont think he’s an aristo or elitist in the UK). If you check the photos and videos from snapchat, everything was DIY and very grounded. It’s not super lavish but more intimate and grounded by family and friends. I’ve read G’s preview cover story and she said that her family had been helping our organize and there were no wedding planner/coordinator. Like one cousin is tasked to handle the dress, and even her in-laws were hands-on. I think the mother-in-law and her friends decorated the church. It’s very english I think. It’s quite surprising and it’s something I wouldn’t have expected from Georgina who I always thought as worldly. I mean come on, if we compare this to Marian Rivera’s wedding, Georgina’s wedding is not contrived and is very much subdued.

    Ps. got the info from her Preview Mag Cover story. 🙂 And I never really liked her exes. This one seems grounded. It’ll be good for her.

    Congrats Georgina and Athur!

    • This guy over the ancient royal lineage of Borgy Marcos Manotoc?!…. Hmmmm Why?

      • @c2f , now they are the Royal Family of the Philippines. Thanks for the great history lesson Hihihi

    • Very well said. A gem of a response – in this day and age, where people are more inclined to be crass and mocking, rather than kind and sensible.

  5. I’ve always thought she was still dating Borgy Manotoc. Where have I been ? Lol

    • better for her her than that Borgy guy whose only claim to “fame” are his dirty looks and his dirty roots..

      • @Andy

        Dirty roots, seriously? If we go back 400 years… those same roots produced our country’s current national heroes and Georgina herself… I suggest learning some real history before commenting.

      • Again , u r trying to avoid the elephant in the room. Look at Pnoy and see how he has lived his life. If u think he is corrupt, then every one else is . .. Except the Godalmighty Marcos.

      • @Fabian

        You criticized BBM for the sins of his father and yet you praise PNoy without even mentioning the fact that he comes from a long line of traitors on both sides. Obviously you guys are not aware of it so there is no use beating a dead horse… Cory’s spending on international PR black propaganda indeed is very effective. History is written by the winers.. They maybe on top for now but that would change soon!..

        Thumbs down ahead!!! 😀

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