11 comments on “Thoughts from Mr. World Philippines 2015 Sam Ajdani 

  1. I think it is better to have a national pageant in the future for Mister World Philippines.

  2. And you are wondering why society looks down on gay people? It’s because of gay people like you who are ashamed of their own tribe.

  3. I hope he can top the sport challenge para automatic pasok sya although he is a strong contender when it comes to physical attribute. Goodluck Sam

    • I always thought Spainhour would just fly through that but all I got was disapointment… Sam better redeem himself…

    • It seems he is into writing.. he is maybe creative.. he maybe is good in Q&A… Multi-Media Award? Top 5 ata to or possibly a winner 🙂

  4. Very inspiring message . Unfortunately, I can’t let go of the money . I need security hahaha

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