37 comments on “It ain’t easy being Miss Universe Philippines, but Maxine Medina is game for the challenge

  1. Now I understand why Desiree Verdadero was rooting for her…. She looks like her… Maxine could pass as one of her daughters

    • Maxine is a cross between des and Miriam, both of whom were cheering her on .

  2. I just watched her overall performance at the finals on youtube and her walk and gestures are very generic to those of Korea and China candidates. I am not sure if this is a good thing.

  3. Gold gown for Maxine in MU pls. Hope someone will campaign for this come MU season. Maxine is so sweet in front of the camera; she’s such a darling. Although she’s not that articulate I believe in her and her team. Madami pa namang months to prepare. Bilib ako sa girl na to kasi dami niyang critics and bashers pero very composed siya. Talagang class act and may breeding. Can’t wait for her transformation! ❤ Go Team Philippines!

  4. Gold gown for Maxine in MU pls. Icacampaign ko na to. Chos! Anyway, idk if ako lang pero napaka sweet and very darling of the press ang dating ni Maxine. Oo kulang siguro, pero yung aura niya kasi and way ng pagsasalita, napakahinhin and she possess the qualities of an alta talaga. Parang naka inject na sa veins niya yung pagiging sosyal. I’m sure given na madami pang months to prepare and intense na training ni Mama J, mahahasa to. Go lang ng go sa interview Max, training grounds mo iyan. Imagine after 5-6 months mas articulate na siya tapos yung way niya ng pagsalita is retained pa din, ay bongga yan. Go Team Philippines!!! Tiwala ako sa lahat ng Binibini natin this year! 💙❤💛

    • I agree with gold gown… accented with metalic red… at least for the National Costume…

  5. Off topic.

    Something is wrong with Norman’s website. Nag-aapir ang redirected message na ito. Sana malaman nya ito at maayos/maireport narin.

    Deceptive site ahead
    Attackers on normannorman.com may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing software or revealing your personal information (for example, passwords, phone numbers, or credit cards).

    • Oo nga and I’m waiting for an official message from Admin😃
      Wala silang makukuha sa akin dahil Di nman ako politiko na pagagawan pa ng waiver kuning kuning ni Trillanes na isang bayaran 😃
      Ihack na nila lahat ng account ko na walang kuwenta hahaha😉

    • Use your iPad or iPhone .
      U will have a heart attack if u open norman2 with your laptop. U will be inundated with pop-ups.

      • Fabian, kaya pala malicious site ang lumalabas sa phone ko ang Norman’s blog kc Samsung S5 phone ko. Yung 2 iPhone 6+ ay binigay ko sa pamangkin ko as my gift for graduating college 😃
        Unpractical din na bibili ako ng iPad😉
        Cguro kung magiging politico ako kagaya ni Binay from rags to riches by being non-corrupt politician ay kahit kaluluwa mo ay puede Kong bilhin😃
        JuskoDU30ako, napunta n nman sa politika😲

      • Best way to access Norman is with your iPad. iPhones r too small. desk or laptops are irritating …. Unless u r using those at work . But then u r running the risk of getting fired because all they see are men and women in their swimsuits.
        Kuya Bong, Mura Lang naman ang iPad , kayang Kaya mo Hihihi

    • Feeling ko na download ko na.. Hindi ako maka connect sa wifi ng skycable… sa Globe lang.. weird..

  6. Basta lagi lang madidiligan, walang problema sa pamumukadkad.
    Ganda plus plus regular dilig equals alindog.
    Never mind about the q/a, yang ganda ni Max na yan, yang ang kanyang puhunan, at walang kalugi-lugi dyan.
    Daming matatalinong ipinadala ang Pinas sa MU pero paging ligwak.
    Kulang sila sa feslak department, kulang sa aura, kulang sa x-factor.
    Look at Licaros and Andam, mga abogada pa, yes, they aced the interview, but how about the overall impression, nganga na!
    Also Nina Ricci Alagao, kudaera at ramparadora rin ang babaitang ito, pero magtataka pa ba tayo kung san nagkulang?
    Feslak, feslak at feslak!
    Kaya naman Papa Marx, dilig lang, keep the soil moisturized.

    • Yuck , basil . Wala Syang sinabi sa papa ni Pia.
      I watched the pageant and saw Miriam , Des Verdadero , and other beauty queens rooting for Maxine. I do not see anything especial abt Maxine but I guess these BQs do. Support na Lang hahaha

      I agree on Licaros and Andam. But Nina was different . I think she had it all . She was just not lucky.

      • Fabbie, nagkatol ka na naman.
        Oh ano naman ang kinalaman ng Papa ni Pia sa Papa ni Max?
        Kaloka ka!
        Makakuda lang talga noh!
        At kung maka-yuck e wagas, e muka ka namang squirrel!

      • @ basil, Kung mag-post ka Ng pic kasi , Sana kaaya-aya . Yung papa ni Pia Piyaya kahit maglakad Ng walang saplot sa kanto, ok lang hahaha

    • Basil hindi ako nagagndahan kay Maxine but i support her sa MU para wagi sa December😃
      Ang daming kulang sa ganda na Winners sa MU, pero kung kumuda na sa Q&A ay Waley na Ang mga talunang magaganda 😂

      • Tita Bong, nun 2010, ang tanong kay Ximena ay about sa Bangladesh, pero ang sagot nya ay patungkol sa Bahamas.
        Pero wagi ang lola mo dahil sa diosang feslak.

      • Kaso hindi nman diyosa ang feslak ni maxine😃
        Mas diyosa pa c Kylie, remember sino ang nanalo na Feslak ng Binibini😃

    • I agree except Nina Ricci Alagao. I think she is one of our best representative to the Miss Universe pageant. Nina is beautiful, articulate and smart. I still remember the emcees saying on live tv how surprised they are vwhy Miss Philippines and Miss Germany didn’t make the cut.

      • King ina ng awa, kung malansa si fafamarx ay malansa na rin lahat ng otoko sa Pinas.
        Fishport na lahat ng nayon at pueblo sa Pinas kung malansa pa yan.
        Naloka ko sa pang-amoy mo te, ipa-suction mo yan te.
        Yung anak ni Duterte te, malansa rin ba?

  7. Now, our Maria-Mika-Maxine Medina’s boyfriend’s name is MARX?I

    I hope they are happy and I hope for “more major milestones in the millennium” for our Maxine. 😉

  8. Baby steps for 4M. Its been less than two weeks since her crowning and I believe all these exposures will help build her confidence. Intensive training has yet to begin and this early I’m excited to see the changes and improvement. 4M has the self-awareness of what her weaknesses and strengths are and with the guidance of her camp and BPCI, as well as fans and friends like Tito Norms, I have strong faith she will be more than ready when the MU pageant rolls along later this year. This is exciting time! #4M4MU2016

  9. I respect judges’ decision and I support Maxine all the way. I’m sure she will transform big time in all aspects. Let’s wait for this transformation before throwing out the towel and giving up hope on her.

    • True, medyo kalasin na natin ang training wheels aka Nicole C.

      I really want her to have her time to shine.

      • @ laila . I think she should be herself.
        she just needs to come out of her shell and speak up.

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