33 comments on “Wayback Wednesday with Bb. Pilipinas Grand International 2016 Nicole Cordoves

  1. May aurang Bianca G. si Nicole. While I like her dahil very nice ang personality and intellectual siya, I think ang styling niya ay hit or miss. Minsan gusto ko styling niya, pero minsan naman hindi. I must agree na bagay sa kanya ang light make up lang. Yung photo by Dookie Ducay, perfect styling for her, I think.

  2. Unfortunately BPCI no longer has jurisdiction to send a delegate to Miss World. She’s got the look and the vibe for MU or MW. I think if there were a BbP World this year Nicole would have been a shoe-in.

    I would be so disappointed if she did not win MGI. It’s like a no brainer. May politics not raise it’s ugly head in Thailand.

    Go Nicole, Go!

  3. speaking of makeup. Pia’s look for a new endorsement by the fab Gery Penaso:

  4. Sorry but there were more deserving girls than her beauty wise and if I were to consider how she looked during the finals. I mean just look at that pic… I can’t explain parang nasobrahan sa dimsum napunta sa pisngi

  5. Off topic: bakit may warning na Suspected phishing site daw ang norman’s blog?

    • Kasi meron dalawa dito na wala ng ginawa kundi mag locate ng IP address ng commenters

    • akala ko ako lang. di pa naman ako techie kaya natakot ako mag click ng kung ano ano.

  6. Mas maganda si Nicole with light make up. I have to admit during coronation night mukha syang transgender buti na lang magaling sya sa q and a. And with that q and a, I thought she will be crowned MUP.
    Nicole Cordoves Miss Grand International 2016!

  7. Would Thais support our MGI Nicole Cordoves?

    Nicole is definitely a strong a contender in MGI coronation night at LV. πŸ™‚

  8. Nicole looks better in her grad photo than in her crowning photo. That’s the make-up that suits her. Mukha siyang dugyot sa make-up at styling niya during her coronation.

    She also looks better in her natural skin color. Please stop tanning her.

  9. Nicole has actually a trait and a background that could be a good spokesperson for MGI. It would definitely be a bargain for the org if they give her the crown and a bonus for the Philippines as a powerhouse. The best of luck, Nicole! η₯δ½ ε₯½θΏ !

  10. Wala ng kawala ang Miss Grand crown na yan! Wala ng future ang pageant na yan pag hindi pa nanalo si Nicole Cordoves!!!!… Magugunaw ang pageant na yan pag pinaandaran ng politika ang pambato ng Pilipinas! Basta ang masasabi ko lang….


    • It’s stupid to assume that the Philippines has the automatic God-given right to the crown not knowing who the competitions are and without making herwork hard for it.
      At pag natalo napulitika na?

      • @Fabian

        Yes! Because based on credentials, the caliber of our candidate is way above the majority of the all the past frontrunners of MGI pageant ever since it began… I doubt if they would find anyone else with the perfect balance of beauty and brains plus credentials who’s more than eligible to win MGI regardless of her sashfactor and loyal fanbase. πŸ™‚

        Just like Megan Young, Nicole Cordoves is the kind of bet I am willing to put all my money on.


    • Nicole will claim it whether some people like it or not. Stay positive people (it’s all we need nowadays).
      Bawal ang kontrabida. Ok thumbs down na ulit kayo – yay πŸ™‚ like I care ha ha πŸ™‚

      • I agree… daming contravida kasi baka si Nicole Cordoves lang ang makauwi ng crown tapos mga bet nila waley…

  11. i did not know what a bad walk was until i saw her on stage. she needs to get training from vina o or venus r. asap. i also hope someone turns her into a pleasant beauty. once she achieves a softer image and a better stage presentation, it will not be hard to imagine her winning the crown.

    she has great personality and good communication skills but these are useless if she does not pass the beauty test.

    • Fabian naman, hindi naman kamukha ni nicole c. si Cristy Fermin na kamukha ng isang binibini para di pumasa sa beauty test.
      Mas maganda nga sya kapag walang make-up, ewan ko yung ibang winners baka kailanganin nila ang blusang itim kapag wala na silang make-up πŸ™‚ lol

      • @bong, ibang level naman si crusty permit minute . I prefer Nicole without make up on . If they were able to transform shamcey into a stunner, I’m sure they can do the same for Nicole. She is smart and driven and A&q are good at what they do. So I’m hopeful

  12. Kukuda pa lang si Nicole ma aachieve na ang “Stop the War” na pinaglalaban ng MGI.
    Sino ba nag comment noon na parang energizer bunny ni Nicole that keeps on yapping and yapping but in a really good way? True nga.

    • Stop the war talaga laila.
      Anong war na ba ang na-stop ng MGI πŸ™‚ lol
      Kung Stop the war, mas may boses ang MU/MW kung maging isa yan sa program nila πŸ™‚
      Kaya nga gusto ko sana si Nicole sa MU para magspeaking engagement sya sa lahat ng chinese communities around the world at pumunta ang MU sa china at gamitin ni Nicole ang kanyang influential voice to lessen the tension bet. China & Philippines πŸ™‚
      Kung totoo yang stop the war ng MGI, umpisahan na nila kay Queen Nicole kapag nanalo sya sa Vegas at magstart ang stop the war nila sa Fil-Chinese and Chinese Americans at ang Fil-chinese sa Pinas hanggang mapunta sila sa Mainland China… but i think only MUO/MW has the power to do that with the support of the international press and social media πŸ™‚

      • MUO now sa mga interviews ni Pia very neutral. Palagay ko kahit ho-hum sa mga pageant purists ang MGI, mas maigi na rin kay Nicole na mapunta doon kase yung issue ng tension with China very regional, timely and relevant hahaha. I doubt kung gugustuhin ng MUO makisawsaw dun. Nicole, if she gets the chance to speak up or even take part in the “causes” of MGI just in case she gets a runner up position or win, will do a really good job. She can ease the tension by being a Fil-Chinese poster child for MGI’s mantra “Stop the War”. Diba with her motormouth and sunny disposition para kang may cheerleader sa gitna ng China at Pilipinas. Perfect na perfect hindi yung maiyak na beauty queen na ma sentimento sa mga hopeless na lugar. Mas nakakalungkot sundan.

  13. A highly potential winner for Grand International title with strong personality, intelligence, pretty face and figure and X-factor would give Philippines another international recognition. Let’s wish and pray for her luck.

  14. My MUP 2016 πŸ™‚ ok pagbigyan ninyo nako please kahit wishful thinking lang ha ha ha πŸ™‚

    • Ayan na thumbsdown ka kaagad tuloy Jen. ha ha ha…
      Magpakaplastik ka kasi na kunwari ganito, ganyan, napakabuti mo, mabait ka para marami kang likes at nauto-uto na kagaya ng mga botante sa Pinas…. Ayaw nila na sasabihin mo ang totoong nararamdaman mo… he he he…Dapat maganda lahat sasabihin mo Jen, OK πŸ™‚ lol

      • I already expected all the thumbs down Bong coming from those who simply do not like Nicole. I’m just being me so I don’t really care and I don’t give a crap ! Basta ako life goes on even with a gazillion thumbs down for being a Nicole fan. Love love love lang ang peg β™‘β™‘β™‘ πŸ™‚

    • After q and a during the coronation night I was hoping Nicole C to win the MUP. But when she was called as MGI I thought it could be Kylie.
      Well ganun talaga, siguro that is her destiny to win the first MGI crown for the country.

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