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    • thanks, Joy!
      awww, now here a could see Maxine being good at expressing herself, she does have a very humble, sweet personality. Nicole brings out her chatty side for sure. these two complement each other. i heard them saying that they would help each other out with their “weaknesses”

      • Grabe sya no? Maxine I mean. Ang hinahon ng pagkaka kwento nya na awwwww she expected a runner up position. Minor crown lang ineexpect talaga nya. Kakatuwa na naka alalay si Nicole sa kanya. Pati yung energy ni Nicole made the atmosphere lighter for Maxine. Aliw din nung walang bahid ng bitterness nyang sinabi I expected more. Sila pa lang napapanuod ko and I just want to squeeeze these girls. They’re not yet fierce…they’re soooo cute. This is their baby stage. I can’t wait to see them in the next couple of months.

      • @ Laila i know, right? how could you not root for her? so basically bbp saw that something in her.
        now they will tell her this is why we chose you and this what we have planned for you and once that sinks in with her then i think she’ll be ready.

        — i am glad that they are more or less oblivious with the actual bashings, i hope they never get to see or read any of them

        from how Nicole explained it, it’s clear how the decision was made: who fits which pageant the best
        i sincerely hope that Nicole could come up with a great Stop the War speech, now that is a huuuge task and she could do it. i think that she should make a catchy stop the war song.

        they should bring back the tagline: all crowns are of equal importance… the only problem is truthfully
        miss universe translates to more international recognition and lucrative careers after the reign
        i hope that changes though

        i saw Jennifer’s and Kylie’s, very enjoyable, too! Jennifer is down to earth and Kylie!
        Kylie seriously even this early in the game, i am convinced that MI crown will be hers.

      • Laila, i think Nicole was referring to Max’s expectation na runner-up lang. Tas sumabat sya na “I was expecting more.” Yun intindi ko.

        Tsaka tawang-tawa ako sa “May laban tayo. May laban tayo.” 😀 Hahaha These girls are very endearing.

    • A gazillion thanks Joy for sharing these vids. Love how at ease and comfortable they are in their respective interviews. I think they all are deserving of their crowns. Maxine is so sweet and humble you cannot discount the fact that she indeed is very likeable despite her communication skill which she herself admitted she needs to work on more. Nicole as always is such a riot ! Lol. I just love her to death – I am really looking forward to preparing her speech and doing very well in claiming our very 1st Miss Grand International title. The best of luck to the reigning BBP queens – go Philippines ♥♥♥ -:)

    • I like Huelar, mababasa mo talaga na matalino sya at Pinay na pinay.
      Sana madagdagan pa height nya with miraculous growth pills 🙂 lol

    • I like maxine na…relax na sya ngayon and i saw lahat ng pictures ni maxine posted by Boree and i love it.
      Kung may dethronemen/resignationt sa MUP na mangyayari sa mga susunod na taon, sana si Nicole C. ang ipalit. May RU pero c SMA naman nagdedecide at saka usually yung RU’s are not ready. Hopefully, masabak c Nicole sa MU nxt time(asa ka pa C2F) 🙂 lol

    • Maxine sounds much better here naman. Tagalog even becomes her, parang mas nagiging endearing pa nga eh. I really wanna see her in person one of these days. Looks like Maxine and Nicole are very good friends. I love it! Excited for Miss Universe already!! Top 5 for sure! When oh when will it be?!

    • Love this video showing the funny and the natural side of Jennifer and Kylie 🙂
      No pressure … just them being their normal selves. Good luck girls 🙂

    • 4 palang nurse sa BbPilipinas 2016: Tobias , Bona, Manalo and Hammond 🙂
      2012 School/Batchmate pala sila Manalo and Hammond sa Manila Doctor’s College of Nursing…Cum Laude c Hammond and a Board Top Notcher pero diko makita name nya sa Top 10…Baka nasa Top 20 cya.
      Pero di pa huli ang lahat if Jennifer wants to practice her profession.
      Puede cyang magwork sa Private hospital that fits her schedule as a model, special treatment ang mangyayari (work 3-4x a week at palabasing full time worker ka sa certificate of employment).
      Review again and take NCLEX 🙂
      If NCLEX passer ka, process your papers to work in the USA(wait for 7-8 yrs while working as a Nurse and model).
      After 8 yrs ay OK na papers mo for USA, mag-isip ka na kung mag-nurse ka sa US or stay sa Pinas as celebrity…Kung maganda takbo ng Career mo sa Pinas ay U decide anong maganda para sa yo.
      I’m sure may family ka na kc early 30’s ka na that time…
      Pero kung di masyado maganda career mo at ng husband mo sa Pinas, best option is you work in the US as Nurse at may mas magandang future pa ang mga anak mo sa USA{opinyon ko lang, sayang kasi nursing career mo Jennifer} 🙂

  1. Now, I’m just amazed how much negative comments, from posters whose comments I enjoy reading and respect, still linger in critique over Maxine Medina’s final q&a.

    Of course I’m one to talk. I had my season of sarcasm towards Nichole Manalo. I’m so proud of her winning BbP Globe the equivalent of being awarded 6th place and or 5th runner-up. She’s so picture perfect beautiful that it would be a pageant tragedy if she DID NOT win back to back Globes.

    Miss Globe has very passionate and endearing fans. In the parade last year, the happy fans were cheering and chanting support for Ann Colis. All SEVEN of them had a wonderful time! 😀

    Reign-on and game on Maxine Medina, MUP 2016. Keep it going Mika…keep it going!

    • Ugh Laura Spoya..f_cking fake c_nt….it takes a lot of courage to be civil, and even more so to breathe positivity when you have to be with people who- away from the cameras, with their fingers on the social media button- back-stab and pummel you like a birthday pinata..

      Pia may have the best job in the world, but it’s certainly really challenging! Good on her for probably gritting her teeth and getting on with it as best as she can

    • Laura Spoya’s fiance Brian Rullan made his Instagram private again. LOL. Laura is so fake. Keep doing what you do best, Pia. Let them wither and die of envy. You have the crown, the awesome opportunities, and countless fans who love you. You also have your values that make you a class act. And what does Laura have? No MU crown, a bitchy attitude, and a dubious and filthy-looking nightclub owner fiance who openly does recreational drugs.

      I agree with what Andrew said about Pia having the best job albeit a really challenging one! Someone in her position would really need nerves of steel to survive the daily onslaught of the Internet trolls.

    • Pano may isang anggulontong video na to na nag aalangan si Laura ilagay kamay nya sa likod ni Pia! Yiykes! Mga Venezuelans naka amoy ng dugo. Nag halungkat ng !GA videos ni Laura. Ayun galit na galit mga Colombiano sa kanya. Hipocrita daw sya. Ang sakin naman…ano naman magagawa ni Laura? Aala nga naman sabunutan nya si Pia edi kinurot sya ng national director nila hehehe

      • For one thing, if you’re a decent person to begin with, you shouldn’t have said the things that those contestants said, more so say it publicly in social media. Frankly, these girls- Miss Peru, Miss f_cking India (god I loathe her!!!!), Germany etc- who else?- deserved the backlash they got and more.

        So hell NO- zero sympathy for Laura Spoya.

        The only person who had the right to mouth her head off was Colombia and even she knew when to shut it.

    • Admit it, Bong. This edition was much more entertaining and more alive than the previous episode. Seeing truly beautiful and real down-to-earth queens was such a delight.

  2. Maxine needs to sit up and think , not sit back and relax. we already know she does not have the gift of gab . all she has to do is make her answer short and sweet.
    I do not understand why people say kylie is pia 2.0. while most candidates behave a la Olivia j. on stage, kylie struts like I have never seen before– modern but classy. she is probably the most original among the candidates.
    surprisingly, there are not a lot of pia clones. (Ria !)
    im not impressed with nichole’s beauty at all. but she seems nice so im happy she got miss globe.
    Nicole is articulate. I wish she had a cute face like Maxine or Kylie. Maybe she needs to go back to her Chinese roots and look more Asian. Her eye bags are very prominent and honestly I have seen better looking trannies.
    Eden has lots of potentials and she deserved the Best in Swimsuit award. will those potentials turn into something positive ? MJ’s did not. So i dont know. here we go again with the question – A&Q vs KF hahaha

  3. I can’t believe the negativity toward’s one flunked Q&A by Maxine. It’s just beginning guys. Kalma muna kayo at wag masyadong uber critical. Kakapanalo pa lang nya. Who knows baka magbigay si Cory Vidanes ng free ABS-CBN workshop yan for Maxine. A&Q is not going to stop honing their candidates until they are ready for the competition and I’m sure that Max is up for the challenge. May nakikita kong pattern dito kung sino mahilig mag throw ng shade kay Max. I won’t mention names pero parang ang bitter lagi. Hahahah

  4. Hindi talaga sukatan ang pagiging bihasa sa salitang ingles ang katalinuhan ng isang tao…Tingnan nyo ang Japan at South Korea, sariling wika ang gamit nila at pupunta pa ng Pinas at ibang bansa para mag-aral paano sumulat at magsalita ng ingles. Pero mayaman ang bansa nila pati na ang karamihan ng citizens nila PERO ang mga Pinoy, juskoDU30, ang yayabang at akala mo kung sinong magagaling sa inglesan pero mga hampaslupa naman 🙂
    Ibash pa ang mga latina na hindi marunong mag-english eh siyempre dahil espanyol ang primary language nila. Mayayabang lng talaga ang ma Pinoy…Mga pasosyal pero ang daming mga utang 🙂 ha ha ha

  5. just checked an online article, may isang finalist in Miss Peru 2016 who is a plus size woman, very interesting because it was first in their pageant history that a plus size woman made it to the finals. if sya mananalo open na ba ang MUO for plus size women?

    • I think so kase sa Ms.USA nag open sila ng bagong rule – may 52nd candidate and all shapes and sizes welcome na nila.

  6. Off-Topic sort of. Suki rin ako sa Bride and Breakfast, pag check ko may feature sila Max, bf nya and Josh Cordoves.

  7. Inyo sanang ibigay ang buong tiwala sa ating mga Binibini at sa BPCI… Ang aking palagay, lahat ng ito ay ubod ng palabas lamang upang hindi pagkaisahan ang ating pambato ng mga banyagang manonood… I suggest that we all unite in showing tolerance towards the short-comings of our current candidates regardless of how high the bars were set by our previous winners.

  8. I would always oppose to the use of translator but this time, opposing is being unkind to our MU2016. So go, use a translator, please!!!

    • Miss Laila, do you think Mama J or even the BPCI Will be open for the possibility of using an interpreter? Medina’s answer wasn’t really bad but you can really feel that she’s having difficulty of expressing her thoughts that night. At napansin ko, the past winners like her. I watched it live, so when i reviewed the video, nakita ko past queens lagi nakafocus ang cam whenever they call maxine

      • Jonel,

        I don’t think interpreter need ni Maxine. Even in Tagalog medyo hirap sya mag articulate. Kahit may option mag interpreter palaging gagamitin ng mga Pinoy English pa rin. Matter of pride na nakakapagsalita tayo ng English sa international arena. I think Maxine is more comfortable in expressing herself in English. In general baka Hindi lang talaga sya comfortable magsalita in public at all. Regular q and a drills need nya and nakakatulong naman siguro tong mga interviews nila sa TV.

        Kung pagiging idealistic pag uusapan aba bakit ba Hindi gumamit ng interpreter? Pero dahil realistic ako – walang kakagat dyan unless maka kita tayo ng candidate na talagang advocate ng Filipino heritage. Ala grace nono type na talagang may tribal roots. That would have been soooo interesting.

    • Yes to translator services! For me naman, gusto ko din marinig ng buong world, the universe rather ang wikang Pilipino. Or in Maxine’s case, Tagalog. Ibang atake naman.

      • Ang problem ko sa pag gamit ng Tagalog is that…these days Hindi na tayo ganun ka eloquent magsalita nito. Medyo delikado at sa day in day out mga beki kasama mo….napakalaking possibility na mag slip up at kumuda using some beki words. Ang colloquial ng usage natin ng Filipino Hindi na ganun ka lalim, medyo cringy kung pakikinggan natin sila tapos Hindi rin ganun ka laman o tagos sa buto statements nila kase the sad truth is….even in our own language Hindi na rin tayo ganun ka galing 😢. Our girls will either sound coño or weird like say Chiz escudero.

      • true, marami nang colloquial words na iincorporate sa conversational tagalog natin, let alone those pesky beki words (no offense). i feel na madaling linisin yan especially if she goes for a finishing school or perhaps training. we don’t need to use deep tagalog terms to deliver and Chiz is another story. My stand on this is that, to me, gusto ko marinig ang wikang tagalog sa international stage. I’m not saying Maxine needs it, all I’m saying is wouldn’t it be nice to hear Tagalog for a change in Miss Universe? Pa-gulat effect din yun. Imagine the possibilities Lai.

      • Her English is okay. Kailangan lang talaga niya mag.practice. Kailangan din niya maging informed. Magbasa ng diyaryo at ano.ano pa. Parang hinde kasi siya yung klaseng tao na opinionated. Nothing wrong with that because it is probably her personality. Pero if she is informed, she can derived answers based on what she read. And even make her be an opinionated person.

        Just my 2 cents.

    • Ito na naman gawan natin ng paraan after the gown designer issues. I think it is good to give our queens the option to choose which language to use.

      Sana din, mahusay ang interpreter natin. Ala miriam ang lawak ng vocabulary haha

      This move can change the mindsets of ppl who bashes other countries for not using the english language. I’ve seen those acts of bashing all around the internet. They use that ‘no capability of speaking english’ as a measurement of intelligence. This isn’t right.

      Every language must be accepted and once and for all, there is no such thing as intelligence measured according to language spoken. All languages must be spoken with pride to where that certain came from. Nasaan na ba ang bayanihan spirit ng Pilipino?

      To clear out my point, I am not saying we are closing the chances of speaking english for our queens but at least give them the option. If they choose tagalog, so be it. Okay pa rin ang ingles dahil mas naiintindihan nito ng nakakarami world-wide.

      • Pageantlive, okay lang naman interpreter. But i think di tatayo makakapili kung sinong interpreter, kasi precision translating services ang affiliated sa muo.

    • Malayo pa kasi ang pageant so the idea of using a translator, I’ll put it aside muna. Personality development and vigorous QA training is what Maxine needs. Feeling ko kc, she’s very reserved naturally. Hindi siya madada like Nicole C (which I adore). Kaya feeling ko hindi siya makapag converse ng maayos. Like I said malayo pa ang MU. I believe na ipupush si Max sa communication department. She kinda reminds me of Ara in 2013. Are was very bland in interviews as well nung kakapanalo palang. BUT may laman yung answers nya as opposed to Maxine na kulang talaga. But closer to the pageant, Ara was able to speak with more personality. Kaya if she can do it, Max can as well. I have faith.

  9. Natatawa nalng ako habang nagbabasa sa iba’t ibang social media sites. Grabe talaga ung galit ng mga colombiano hayzzz indi parin nila tinitigilan si pia.

    Anyway, i just stumbled upon this video.

    Maxine actually can converse well in tagalog. If ever talaga if gusto niya talaga magtagalog sa MU, sana papayagan may magtratranslate.
    I don’t see why in every year i watch the MU pageant, kailangan talaga ingles. I know this could give good impressions but it is hard to translate what is really in ur mind if you are not using the language u are most comfortable in.

    Cebuana ako and I honestly feel more comfortable speaking in english compared to tagalog. It’s not like i don’t know to speak the language, i just normally converse either in visayan and english daily. I think it is the same to Maxine, mas ginagamit lang talaga nya ang pagtatagalog in daily conversations.

    In fact, it is really hard to convey ur message to people when you aren’t using the language you are most comfortable with. Plus, the pressure facing a lot of people. I also see her as quite a reserved individual.

    Oh well, i hope u guys understood my point. I’m just trying to understand her side.

    • Na popronounce ni 4M ang p’s and f’s nya sa mga not so commonly used English words pero ang isang popular na word “Priends” ang pronounce?!… In fairness, ang galing nyang artista… Sa inyo ko lang naman sinasabi to guys since alam ko namang iilan lang tayo na inaalmusal ang blog na ito… pero alam naman natin si Mama J… lagi syang may pasabog at I think parte ito ng plano nila this year… Ang hindi ko pa gets is what’s their expected outcome from my aleged well-hidden strategy…

      • Eto si mama J talaga, mahilig sa sorpresa. Anyways, let’s keep ourselves updated with her interviews. Sooner or later mas mahahalata natin ang tinatago talaga nila.

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